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  1. than i was probably doing something wrong
  2. as far as i now logic in the beta isnt wierles you wud need a transmitter to operate deathatched parts while energy/fuel were wireless
  3. timstr

    mod suport

    o cool i didn’t know about that thanks for telling me
  4. i realy like this idea 😅😅😅
  5. timstr

    mod suport

    simply steam workshop mod suport
  6. i don’t now if you now owerwatch but the problem with that game is that they give you everything at the start you just need to unlock skins and there is no point in that (at least for me)
  7. i agre that there needs to be progresion i youst meant that i am not looking for another game where you need to farm resources becouse most of games with tree tipe progresion sistem come to a point where you need tons of stuf for tiny upgrades or you need the same resource for to many stuf
  8. timstr

    solar flares

    that wud also make bio weapons much more useful becouse you wud be able to build a shelter , right now there is now real purpose for them
  9. but developers need to be careful so you wud not make this into a game where you come to a point when you need to farm resources becouse that wud destroy the whole game
  10. ok maby not like a way to get resources but at least pvp to make the game more thriling becouse when you maoe a ship that is fast ,powerful ,has enough energy and fuel you just simply owerpower all curent enemies it just isn’t a chalenge anymore.
  11. i mean’t it like a bonus way to get resorces if you wud be low on rsorces and tierd of searching entire planets for small amount of resorces and it wud be a great way to test your vichle i didn’t mean it like it wud be the only way to get the special resources that you wud need for upgrading i meant it like another way to get them and i gave that idea becouse the game itself isn’t really chalenging and the most dangerous thing is the snake that is unkilable but slow so apart from the whole resource thing it wud be a great way to chalenge yourself and make the game more thriling P.S. i also didn’t mean massive multiplayer i meant it like 5 players or less (or more I don’t really know how much).
  12. timstr

    solar flares

    my idea is so there wud be solar flares that wud damage your drone if you don’t have shields or insulation and maby toxic rain or lava rain...
  13. there wud be special enemies with special powers like heat atacks so you wud need insulation ore shilders and mega enemies and maby even space pirates that wud have canons and some bugs that wud crawl on the ground and shoot you
  14. there could be an asteroid field where it wud be a lot of resoces but asteroids wud be constantly moving and smanhing into each other dealing tons of damege and there wud also be space ships with their own mining operations canons, shields ... so it wud be dangerous but it wud be worth going there and if you survive
  15. timstr

    shield perks

    uoy wod be able to coustomize your shield like laser reflect heat shield cold shield ... bout it wud need a more energy
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