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  1. Taduk

    I draw dragon :D

    I love SkyWings Also he was actually generated from a wof oc generator thing This is what it gave me: "This dragon is a skinny SkyWing with angular scales and fiery eyes. Their wings are average and markingless, and are the same colour on the inside and out. They have gold and raven scales with cloudy markings. They have long eland horns." cool
  2. Taduk

    I draw dragon :D

    It's a SkyWing boi I've never done backlighting before so I hope it's ok His name is Harrier and I love him ❤️
  3. basically just not liking the sandbox settings and trying different things until I found something that work. Also oops Melu isn't supposed to be there on the bottom.. I'll go fix it
  4. Also here's all the pictures I took of the pretty nichelings: I also actually had done a few tries before this one that failed, so here they are: Try 1 Try 2 Try 3 And then the try I was actually able to do it was try #4. pretty epic
  5. Also here's all the screenshots I took The beginning dudes, focused on Vimi, of course. The melanistic boy (Kupri) bred with Vimi and the other pink female with savannah horns (Isanako), the pink and white boy in the middle (Owpri) bred with the orange and gray duck (Ramy) and the bright red normal right next to her (Loai), and the yellow cracker jaw boy (Raiaw) bred with the other cracker jaws (Kalabur [toxic body] and Ispar [Heat body]). What's your favorite one :D? look at the family tree already! (Also gotta get Vimi in there lol) Occasionally the nichelings would come in lines like this Here's them piling up at the port Moved the blue gems and the red gems a little further out so I could use the permanent nests I piled some of the toxic bodies onto the other port because.. idk Woah, we're half way there! Meanwhile ttc - Karg got 10000 food.. But who cares about them, am I right? lmao We've reached the blue gems! We've reached the red gems! And we've reached the pink gems!! 500 nichelings (Also I just noticed I called them "nicheings" in the title.. ooops) Here's Revita, the last nicheling born. And here's the rest of the screenshots: Also I know what you're wondering: what did the family tree look like? Well, I forgot to take a picture before I deleted the save, but here's the last screenshot of the tree I took: so ye
  6. Taduk

    I draw cat lol

    Sorry Yeah that would be fine!
  7. Taduk

    I draw cat lol

    Sorry this took so long, I kind of,, uh,, forgot Sorry if I got any of the markings wrong !!
  8. Titan! His name should be Russettalon.
  9. Roro!! (The name of my first duck billed nicheling :)) )
  10. Taduk

    I draw cat lol

    Sorry this took so long !! btw if you don't list what your cat's personality / expression is, I will just copy the one from the given picture. Also if you don't say what color / what you want the scarf to look like (Yes you can request what the bandana / scarf / cloth / thing around the neck idk would look like, not just the colors and if it's a bandana / scarf / I'm giving up now), then I will choose that as well.
  11. Taduk

    I draw cat lol

    I'm sorry but I forgot I have to go somewhere today!! So sorry! I'll get to everything tomorrow!
  12. Taduk

    I draw cat lol

    I accidentally made him look like a girl ooops I hope that's ok
  13. Taduk

    I draw cat lol

    Anyways I ran out of scarf cats to draw so give me yo cats give me the name, the expression, and a picture cool
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