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  1. I drew my cat Sunshine hehehe I guess this is an excuse to post pictures of her. Score! ..Anyways, here's another thing I drew.... Prorblem?
  2. i drew some guys Loveburn! Willowspark! Crowcall! Softscar/Softfrond! (Still haven't decided his suffix)
  3. Taduk

    I've improved a bit

    Another improvement kinda thing Here's when I drew Taduk, my mischief/glitches god (and fella I'm named after), 2 years ago And here's when I drew the guy today (hes a businessman now'
  4. Here's a drawing I did of Raisper, my sun/destruction god, from 2 years ago & Here's another that I made just today ..I think it's safe to say I've improved a smidge
  5. I drew one of my Warriors OCs, Forgottenembers! He's a ThunderClan Warrior Then I drew him again but in a sliiiiightly different art style :] hehoo
  6. To start the dump off, here's a drawing of Big Floppa I made yesterday :] Be prepared for more stupid art like this in the futureee
  7. (3 A.M. Challenge!! Gone wrong??/1?!!?/!1/!?) I thought u guys would like the dtawings I will probably spam this with art at first then calm down once I've gone through all my older art & am posting only when i finish a new piece I also may chat/ramble a bit if there's anything I want to talk about I could also, knowing me, abandon this thread randomly for no rhyme or reason & come back like a million years later also for no reason. But we'll see!!!
  8. Taduk

    Snowdrop sketch

    yeah i do that sometimes also hi hello (Sorry for late reply, i kinda forgot replying was something i could do eheheh)
  9. gross old nicheling art, yuck (2017) yummy new nicheling art, yim yum (2020) nasty old CAT (2017-2018) pretty ok new CAT (2020)
  10. and oop- another quick edit log lol Random Nicheling Generator: -added a tribe leader and your nicheling's thoughts on them just really quick. here's one that I got with all the new updates : Your nicheling is a thin, cracker jawed male with a deformed paw and a deformed paw. They have a fin tail, a basic, spotted brown coat, and their name is duktakir. duktakir is a focused, untrustworthy nicheling that likes to fight apes and hates to help with small chores. Their favorite things are destruction, peaceful bears, and sleeping, and they wish they could explore the entire island. They live in a tribe that has 8 other members in their ranks and they have hot summers that can leave nichelings hiding in shade. duktakir's mother was duksiro and she died of old age, while their father is koelsi and he is still alive but no longer in the tribe. The tribe's leader is kora and duktakir knows what they did. I'll probably stop updates like this for a while on only work on smaller ones (like adding an extra random option to something) but idk, I just think it's pretty decked out right now, and I mean, you're able to make an entire nicheling and know it's basic personality and tribe but you're still able to fully give them your own backstory and interpret things, which is what I wanted, so, I'm happy.
  11. Thanks! And no, I'm happy with what I got, but thank you for the offer!!
  12. edit log #2: Random Nicheling Generator: -added a new section that gives info on the tribe and on the nicheling's parents. -fixed the spacing a bit again, if you have any suggestions please suggest here
  13. Here's the first edit log Random Nicheling Generator (All Genes): -Pretty big design change as I've learned more about the program. Now your eyes don't bleed out the minute you see it. Random Nicheling Generator -The link name has been changed: https://perchance.org/nichegenerator . If you use the old one you won't get any of the updates, so make sure to use this one from now on! -New background, now looks pretty snazzy -Some stuff has been reworked to make less of a clutter in the code itself -New personality/traits/whatever section!! Both: -Now you can also get names with 3 sections or whatever instead of just 2, just like in the actual game lol So yeah, it's pretty epic. Here's a dude I got in the new update: Your nicheling is a thin, short snouted female with claws and a digging paw. They have a fishing tail, a colorful, masked sandy yellow coat, and their name is kirpri. kirpri is a dishonest, honest nicheling that likes to clear the tall grass and hates to hunt fish. Their favorite things are the sky, death, and jokes, and they wish they could leave the tribe. Again, keep in mind some things won't make sense and may contradict each other, but man that's why it's called random!! And also some dudes I got from (All Genes) that i recreated exactly as i got them in the game: yeye
  14. https://perchance.org/qkuk88v158 Here's another one I've made, this time it shows EVERY active gene (and some extra) to give a nicheling you can replicate EXACTLY in-game. I'm sorry it looks really bad, but that's just the best i could get it to look while still working with my minimal knowledge of the thing I'm using to make it, lol.
  15. Hi again Today i spent a couple hours making a generator that could randomly generate nichelings just for fun! epic time Here it is ^ ^: https://perchance.org/0i6yz68cvh It doesn't look very good, and i plan to add more things eventually (like randomly generated personalities and backstories), but for now it just generates their appearance and name. For fun, here's one that I got and particularly enjoy: Your nicheling is a small, gilled male with a bird wing and a deformed paw. They have a peacock tail, an ugly, patternless yellow coat, and their name is silur. If you have any suggestions on what i could add on this, then feel free to post a comment or something. (Also yes, I purposely left out some genes like ear types and eye colors so that y'all could have a bit of creative freedom! Another note: some things may not make sense, but I mean, they don't call it a RANDOM generator for nothing!!) 😎
  16. ok one more draw before i disappear off the face of the earth again
  17. bless the heavens it is done
  18. ooops im making another dtawing hehe
  19. oh i see, nah he just doesn't have eyes because i couldn't make them look good LOL
  20. unfortunately his name is Rouwdon and he's just a pretty face I used a mixture of FireAlpaca and Krita to make it (FA to make the sketch and line things up and Krita for the entire rest of it)
  21. you never saw me here
  22. I wonder.. Just kidding! Its Cactusberry and Shift (I still love you Taduk I'm sorry)
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