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  1. 14 minutes ago, Skysplash8 said:

    I spy with my little eye several brochure-carrying messengers of Meringue?!

    Hah, well actually I was planning to make them Meringue from an old "Creating Your Creatures!" thread I made, but decided to give up in favor of getting the achievements.

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  2. just a place for me to share anything ttc - Karg related. If you don't know what ttc - Karg is, it's my oldest running tribe with over 400 hours played on it. Not a lot actually happens in it, and I'm hoping I could change that in the near future.

    For now, this is how the tribe works:
    There are the Mutationists, who get achievements for me and let me experiment with genes and such

    And there are the Gatherers, who just give the Mutationists all the resources required to live. 

    Also, yes, brothers and sisters do breed with each other. Once they have opposing immunity genes, they will. This is to keep the genepool consistent, I guess.

    Right now I'm trying to get the Bat Wing and the Raccoon achievement.

    So yeah, here's what they're up too!

    They got 402 hours :D


    And here's what I open up to. Poor Parvivi :(. She was a rogue male child of someone who was already alone, and I felt really bad so I let her have her child.


    Also, they did just recently get 10000 food, so good on them! By the way, they aren't actually at 832 days- they're somewhere around 2000, but some of the updates they went through reset it, rip.

    Here's the rest of the tribe (other than two others)!2.thumb.jpg.b7fb41e6360cf4d061d5a406c2d1a0fa.jpg

    There's actually another rogue male child, her name is Viparai, she's in the top right corner and is gray!

    I passed the day and not only is it raining, but I new baby was born: Mylolu.3.png.c6635a34301ae2a57f6fb886a58488b0.png

    She can actually breed with another dude, Nunur, so she will, and her parents can stop breeding.

    I went through the day and nothing else really happened, so I'll leave it at that.

    Otherwise, here's all of the other screenshots I took of them on this island. :D4.thumb.jpg.502fe1e8de45b10addd01873e66fb902.jpg5.thumb.jpg.2b3a779f27a1b5d057915ad57a871517.jpg6.thumb.jpg.45ac2d3a9ca5c72f29b6e7c6cc8ff874.jpg7.thumb.jpg.3b04c8dc21b7bcb8e5f85c766ae48454.jpg8.thumb.jpg.709afc825d9328aaf1c8e770b889603a.jpg

    ^ I really liked this wanderer, lol9.thumb.jpg.4599cf81e07040e95076aaac8ce1a1a8.jpg10.thumb.jpg.8b91deffea846acf278ee04800a8588e.jpg11.thumb.jpg.bc3cd81f0d20a206783553fff3828959.jpg13..waitwhatsttckargdoinhere.thumb.jpg.082121e970c550f3b9d0a6f4acc19938.jpg12.thumb.jpg.040adf04e7f93bb1c2ae6d37e0efe41e.jpg


    so ye

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  3. 47 minutes ago, Lisa The Dragonwolf said:

    Wow you actually did it!? I would have to give myself tons of food and use lots of cheats to be ale to do that!

    Yep! Next time (Because there's 100% gonna be a next time) I'm gonna see if I can do it without sandbox mode.. And if I do that I think it's probably gonna be ttc - Karg, the food storing fat frogs, 10000 food, why does anyone need that much, god

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  4. Yeah it was seri lol. The first niche vid I saw of her was called "Sneaky bunnies in the nest" or something, but the actual latest niche vid from her was from the tribe with doeli I think it was (Basically the tidepool magic thing with clam shells and stuff), in it, the ep before she and her brother was born, and decided to watch it. I liked the game, so some time in December of the same year I got it, and my first tribe, Mado (Who had Nuta in it :D), didn't actually die! It got close once, but never did. I actually did pretty frickin good in it and only deleted it because I wanted more saves, lol. So yeah

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  5. 4 hours ago, Broken said:

    Can you do my Suki? She's very sweet and loving. And if you can, could you make the scarf the ace flag? Thanks!




    4 hours ago, Clover said:

    Can you do my boy Alastor?



    I know it might be hard to see, but he's a Siamese with blue eyes

    Also, I actually bought him a bandana in real life with a checker pattern on it, so do that I guess :')


    Again, hope I didn't get anything wrong.

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  6. I love SkyWings 

    Also he was actually generated from a wof oc generator thing

    This is what it gave me:

    "This dragon is a skinny SkyWing with angular scales and fiery eyes. Their wings are average and markingless, and are the same colour on the inside and out.

    They have gold and raven scales with cloudy markings. They have long eland horns."



  7. Also here's all the screenshots I took :)


    The beginning dudes, focused on Vimi, of course. The melanistic boy (Kupri) bred with Vimi and the other pink female with savannah horns (Isanako), the pink and white boy in the middle (Owpri) bred with the orange and gray duck (Ramy) and the bright red normal right next to her (Loai), and the yellow cracker jaw boy (Raiaw) bred with the other cracker jaws (Kalabur [toxic body] and Ispar [Heat body]). What's your favorite one :D?



    look at the family tree already! (Also gotta get Vimi in there lol)



    Occasionally the nichelings would come in lines like this



    Here's them piling up at the port


    Moved the blue gems and the red gems a little further out so I could use the permanent nests :D



    I piled some of the toxic bodies onto the other port because.. idk12.thumb.jpg.4d52e4e6c26cf3a87e9dd22ae227af8e.jpg

    Woah, we're half way there!13..waitwhatsttckargdoinhere.thumb.jpg.684998f19d3df476ae171ee236379022.jpg

    Meanwhile ttc - Karg got 10000 food.. But who cares about them, am I right? lmao


    We've reached the blue gems!


    We've reached the red gems!


    And we've reached the pink gems!!


    500 nichelings (Also I just noticed I called them "nicheings" in the title.. ooops)18.thumb.jpg.b0aaa5703716a3344f9e5cf45affaf5b.jpg

    Here's Revita, the last nicheling born.

    And here's the rest of the screenshots:



    Also I know what you're wondering: what did the family tree look like? Well, I forgot to take a picture before I deleted the save, but here's the last screenshot of the tree I took:


    so ye


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  8. 3 minutes ago, gamingcookie said:

    That actually looks like.. a different cat..

    Thank you anyway :) it's really cute!

    If you wouldn't mind redrawing her I can get a better picture next chance I get (that might be a while though)

    Sorry :(

    Yeah that would be fine!

  9. Sorry this took so long, I kind of,, uh,, forgot

    20 hours ago, Green the gene maker said:

    can u do meh boy, racoon'kit? hes basically the re-make of gray'stripe, a class-clown boy. I think he would have a brown bandanna. thanks if u do this 😄 




    8 hours ago, gamingcookie said:

    Can you do my cute little adorable kitty Sasha

    (Also sorry bad lighting)


    She is super sweet and she will get on the table where she isn't supposed to be and drink people's water. Also she loves playing with toys and strings and stuff (if she's in the mood).

    Also she doesn't have that little spotty above her nose anymore that was just an owie

    I don't know what color the scarf should be



    Sorry if I got any of the markings wrong !!

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  10. 4 hours ago, magnolia said:

    made this real fast :)


    the biggest doormat of deputies


    your kitties are so cuteee!


    1 hour ago, Impy10 said:

    Hunter is a male domestic shorthair and my cat

    He is lazy, affectionate and cute

    He is wearing a white scarf with the YouTube logo on it



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  11. Sorry this took so long !!

    On 1/13/2020 at 12:07 PM, wikipedia (angel) said:

    also uhhhh, not 2 ask again but,,,


    Midnight Chatter?? 👀

    his scarf should be the trans flag!!! he's an easily irritable boy so should probably look annoyed ^^ 


    On 1/13/2020 at 12:30 PM, MelonOfTheHighlands said:

    hi can you draw my precious girl Iwona please
    the scarf could match her eye color or something



    On 1/13/2020 at 1:02 PM, Flower said:

    Could you do Seaglasspaw?14DF54F7-DCCF-41BB-B5E9-9F4C9F0E739B.png.1a4b3184d5c51aa818f6d15e99bc20f8.png




    btw if you don't list what your cat's personality / expression is, I will just copy the one from the given picture. Also if you don't say what color / what you want the scarf to look like (Yes you can request what the bandana / scarf / cloth / thing around the neck idk would look like, not just the colors and if it's a bandana / scarf / I'm giving up now), then I will choose that as well. 

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  12. 1 hour ago, wikipedia (angel) said:


    Sun's Glory?? he a nervous boy!! scarf should be white or very pale yellow

    I accidentally made him look like a girl ooops I hope that's ok


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