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  1. Also here's a cat one I found that actually had text on it lol
  2. I've found out that if you press space all of the tiles are uncovered 🗿
  3. 5/10 Shadow That Hides From Sun
  4. I sure hope this cat doesn't exist... Also how is this supposed to be a cat again?
  5. Very simple. Your entire tribe's main food source has to be digging. No matter if it's with Digging Paw, Digging Trunk, or Platypus Beak, ya gotta dig. Extra challenge is that every single tribe member must have the digging/FFTB trait and has to collect at least 5 roots/worms in it's life, otherwise they get banished and/or deemed as an awful being. Fun !!
  6. What are your oldest Niche screenshots :D? Here are mine: My first one, ever, was also my first world, ever. NUTA (Also in my first world ever, which I actually remember the name of- Mado.) I was in awe at how many children they managed to have lol (Also very creative names, I have to say) Ko- Pretty pretty Just a fish. Roro? ye
  7. Taduk

    Nuta Redraw :)

    As the year comes to the end, so does my sketchbook, rip. The first drawing I made in my sketchbook was of Nuta, so I decided to redraw it for the last drawing in it, because, why not? Anywho, Original: Made around early 2018 (Does he even have a right eye??) New: Made on the last day of 2019 (Anatomy? Lol what's that - also the eyes look completely different oooops) Yeah. Also hi I'm back sorry I was gone I just kind of got out of niche for a while. I'm back into it now but I'm probably definitely still not going to be active here. Oops
  8. Lovely Also I changed the inner lines from just gray to 50% black, so now it's ~colored~
  9. Good News: My laptop's working again! Bad News: it's 2:30 AM I should sleep
  10. Here's my favorites from every gene: Ears: Bearyena Ears, no doubt. It's adorable, especially paired with Poison Fangs. Lovely. Honestly, I'd breed with a Bearyena just for their ears. Horns: Ram. super cool what the heck. Snout: With Platypus Beak in second, I'm gonna have to say Derp Snout. Its so cute. It's a shame it negates the ears and there are so many more useful snouts, otherwise I would use it much, much more. Body: Water Body. It just looks so cool. I love fish. Paws: Nimble Fingers, they somehow manage to be useful and awesome looking at the same time. My favorite combination is Nimble Fingers + Claw. Hindlegs: Normal Hindlegs, duh. Tail: Either Stinky Tail or Fishing Tail. Both look incredibly awesome and have very useful effects. Stinky Tail is probably number one, though, because it's also FLOOF. Albinism / Melanism: Out of the two, I'd choose Melanism all day, forever. It is a billion times cooler than albino; albino just looks stupid. Though, I definitely prefer neither. Fur Color: Any and all browns. Black looks alright, I guess. Also, beige + bright red is too pretty to be true. Eye Color: Green. Especially with brown fur color. Wowee. Horn Color and Pattern Color: Anything that compliments the fur color well. I also seem to like Horn Colors red + black together, considering half of my niche ocs have that horn color, oops. Pattern: Stripes all the way. Too pretty. Pattern Shape: any, honestly. They all look super cool. Except Dot Shape A, frick that and everything it loves and stands for.
  11. Thank you so much, I love her!! ❤️And it's fine!!
  12. Oops while I was gone my laptop that I use to draw on committed not alive because my dumb cat spilled water all over it while I was gone, dumb butt. Anyways won't be fixed until at least Thursday, sorry
  13. oh and actually I've found I'm going on vacation until Sep 2/3. Sorry :c
  14. Thanks! and sure.. Could you draw Vimi?
  15. Here you go! Also, my next one will either be tomorrorow or the day after, though it's more likely to be the latter since tomorrow's my ~birth~
  16. I basically gave up on the berry bush oops.
  17. Hey @Nugget v3, what tail does Melon have? It doesn't show up on the picture.
  18. Why does Derp Snout have to be so cute? Also fluff (Sorry if the clawmark isn't accurate.) Requests are still closed !! they'll reopen when all 3 are done.
  19. Alright! Requests are closed until I finish these three! (Don't worry, I've already started work on 'em )
  20. Requests are now closed! Here's what they will look like: (For reference, this is what they look like in-game:) You must fill out this form: Screenshot: Name: Extra details (Scars, flowers, etc): Pose (You can have me choose if you'd like): Personality: For example, here are the two I've already made: Screenshot: ^ Name: Raisper (Shows Kirkirro though) Extra Details: He has nicked ears, a large scar on his back, and yellow, orange, and red gems. Pose: Ready to FIGHT !! Personality: Evil, cunning, sly, and aggressive. Screenshot: ^ Name: Vimi Extra Details: None. Pose: Just hangin' Personality: Chill and happy little bean. It is first come first serve. I'm only going to do 3 at a time.
  21. Yo you gave me the idea to do this too !! I chose to do Whale Island just because I thought it would be interesting to see what a billion and a have niche would look like on it.
  22. woah two posted only 4 hours apart?? Who would've guessed!! Who's the prettiest?
  23. yoit Who's the prettiest?
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