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  1. Sadly bird winged and bat winged nichelings can't fly (yet).
  2. That reminds me of version 0.1.5, where every wanderer you found was automatically added into your tribe, even if you didn't want the wanderer yourself. I do the opposite.. I never invite a wanderer (no matter how pretty) unless 1. It has a gene I can only get by inviting them in (Antenna, wing, etc). 2. I have all females and the wanderer is a male or vice-versa. 3. I only have one nicheling. 4. I force myself to, so I can divert from my normal way of playing by breeding siblings (I know). Or 5. The save isn't ttc - Karg (Like, I don't remember the last time I invited a wanderer in with that tribe, if at all. It's also probably the reason I think I don't ever invite wanderers, considering I will often invite them in in other saves...).
  3. Play niche all day every day. No breaks. (Also fun fact probably half of my playtime comes from just having it play in the background while I do other stuff, so.. Maybe that too..) Yep. I recently got 200 more hours, so now I'm at 1200 hours of playtime
  4. You betcha Dumbest thing I've ever done? Not playing more ttc- Karg
  5. Here's a new world, that will be focused on Eve. This means, once I find Eve, I invite her in, then banish Adam, so that she's my starter. This save will have no use of console, and will be primarily story based. Enjoy! The first island has at least four berry bushes! Wowee Here's Eve! She's quite pretty. It didn't take long for her to leave the island and find food. Oh? Who's this? - After a lot of days of no luck, she finally finds someone! Meet Vandukkir. She definitely wouldn't of taken him in if it wasn't for that Peacock Tail! She has two children with him, Nuvanvan and Laisla! I would've never expected Poison Fangs and Big Body... A wanderer! This guy is gonna be the perfect mate for Laisla! It's already time to say goodbye to Eve and Vandukkir. In brighter news, we managed to find that wanderer again! Laisla is already attached to Rota. Despite his sister, Nuvanvan doesn't think he'll ever have a mate, and instead he'll peacefully pluck berries from his berry bush. Laisla is now full grown and has taken Rota as her mate. A new face! Since she shares immunities with both males and isn't very useful in the first place, we won't invite her in. Here's Eve's first grandchild! She's also the first nicheling without a generated name. Meet Fawn! And that's it for now. I'll post updates on this save as much as I can. Oh, and also, here's the save, if you're curious! Slot4.nichesave
  6. Sorry this took so long, I basically abandoned Niche for a month ^^' Anyways, Here's the closest I could get to a quesadilla creature. I didn't bother with the horn color. I also thought it would be a good idea to include the savefile for every creature I complete, but unfortunately, I forgot to grab this one. Don't worry, I'll make sure to remember to get the savefile for Meringue
  7. How'd I never see this? Anyways, time to add some creatures! Important Gods / Goddesses: Nuta! Nuta is the god of family, and is from my very first tribe, Mado. He doesn't do much except be pretty. He's the striped one with antlers. Taduk. Yes, that Taduk. The Taduk. Taduk is the god of mischief, originating from the Wonaar tribe. He comes into play whenever a glitch happens, as he caused the first glitch that I ever got (the infamous leech glitch of 0.2.1). You should know which one he is. Resime! Resime is the goddess of rabbils, and is also from the Wonaar tribe. If she likes a specific tribe, she will give them a lot of rabbils to hunt. Obviously, she's the one with the rabbil. Some good ol' friend ol' buddy ol' pals (yes, I forgot their names). These two are the gods of friends, and I forgot the name of their tribe (like how I forgot THEIR names). They were both 'banished' (in quotes since you couldn't really banish back then) from their packs, so they came together as friends. Lovely story, right? Haha definitely. Duknu! Duknu is the god of protection, and again I have no clue what tribe he was in (all I know about it is that the tribe's highest nicheling count was 92, the highest amount out of all my tribes!!). He fended off an ape as his tribe left the jungle, eventually sacrificing his life. He is the big-bodied nicheling with a red gem that's at the veeery top. Cavegrowl and Moonhowl! These two are the god and goddess of Bearyenas, in a tribe called BY Gene Tests. They are only deities because I liked how they looked. Cavegrowl is the one on the left while Moonhowl is on the right. Aila! Aila is the god of fishing, in the one and only ttc - Karg. Again, she doesn't do much except be pretty. She was the leader of the whole 43 member tribe. She had a sister, Iara, who was also pretty high ranking in the tribe. Raisper! (Yes, I know he has a different name in the picture) Raisper is the god of destruction, and also from ttc - Karg. He brings doom and death to the tribes. He was originally the god of the savanna, but I scratched that. He's named after a raspberry, as that is what I thought of when a saw him; a raspberry. Oh, he's also Aila's grandson! That's it for now. I'll eventually add the minor deities and the nichelings to remember, but not right now.
  8. I've played for basically 1200 hours on this game and never once muted the song, or put anything else over it. Sometimes I open niche just to have an ambience. I like the song
  9. I guess.. Here? I don't have her name, so just call her Hallo. She's the little dude in the nest and has Saber fangs, Mega horns and Hammer tail.
  10. Here's my only major god in the jungle update. I call him Duknu, though I don't have any record of his actual name. He's my god of protection, sacrificing his life to fend off an ape as his family fled the jungle. He's the one at the very tippity top. I think it would be fun to recreate him
  11. Hey there! To start us off, I have a tribe, ttc - Karg, that I'm getting reeeaaally bored with, but don't want to give up since I've been playing with them for over 350 hours. So, I thought, What could I do to make it less boring? And eventually I came up with this idea. Let me create your creatures / creature ideas! Simply put a creature in the comments, like 'Make the fastest possible nicheling!' Or, 'Create my character (blank)!', and I'll start creating them. Once I finish creating the creature, I'll submit a picture of it in this topic. (Note: Please don't get angry if it takes long to make your creature, I'm purely using the mutation menu (No console), and sometimes it takes a while to get the creature you want using it.) Creature I'm currently making: Meringue Waiting list: Pacific, Ossen, Princess Here's the save-file in question, if you're wondering: Slot2.nichesave (WARNING: The file has the Natural Selector achievement, AKA I've unlocked all genes in the mutation menu. If you do not have this achievement and want to unlock it yourself, then please don't use this file.)
  12. I'd like to join! Maybe with Nuta? (He's the black striped one)
  13. They aren't exactly clones, but there are a ton of them. (No, they aren't results from the console, instead, they are results of breeding brother and sister together for as long as I remember. [The Gatherers have those stripes from having to breed with an Adam when we didn't have any compatible siblings,,])
  14. Oh boy I'm doing these again Here's an old suggestion back before even the mountain update, so it's pretty outdated, but I'm too lazy to (Completely) fix it up. I made another.. Suggestion.. With all my old suggestions, but I've decided to split them up so they could be voted on separately. Original thread if you're wondering: So, here it is. Tigers- spawns near trees and has 3 attack. Moves stealthily through the grasses (using hearing ability doesn't show you where tigers are) and can pounce a creature 2 tiles away but then cant do that for the rest of the turn. Gives the same amount of food as carnivores do and has 2 defense (Maybe just 1 defense?). Goes for younger nichelings and can kill babies instantly (Can't every predator kill babies instantly?). Moves around like rabbits (AKA moves every time you move). (It never stated where it resides, so maybe in the jungles or grasslands?) (It probably won't be pure tigers since most animals in the game are hybrids, though I don't know what it could be a hybrid of, maybe tiger/leopard?)
  15. @Philo I'm fairly certain this is an Emma creature, but of course, no achievement. Also, if it unlocks only with females, then I still should've gotten it, since I got two female Emmas previously (and another male, but I didn't name that one). Here's the save file if you need it (Not sure which one it is, might be both) Slot2.nichesave ttc-Karg.nichesave
  16. Sometimes you have to exit and return to the game multiple times in order for it to unlock.
  17. Here's how my save went so far (Just gonna post all screenshots I currently have of it ) The starters My first patterned creature Napoleon ice cream wanderer, blame him for the no immunity trait (and other wanderers but shh) Just an overview of the island before I set off The first Purr snouted creature after the starter Another one pretty pretty, if only she didn't have such bad genes Mu first albino since ttc - Karg's early days, also he's the healthiest creature in the tribe currently,, Just another picture of the albino to end it off
  18. Sorry I forgot to mention they also have every single gene unlocked in the mutation menu and got me probably 90% of all my achievements
  19. No 3847, would've had much more if half of the time playing them wasn't spent in the snow biomes,, (The most food I've had in any of my tribes [that wasn't from the console] was roughly 7000, on a wolf pack tribe back in the snow update, because I just camped on a grassland island filled with berry bushes) They also have 1053 nesting material and 24 creatures (Most they've ever had was 44 members, back when I actually let wanderers into the tribe,,)
  20. It's the Home Island, and yes, I cleared all the grass
  21. Some time ago I saw someone share their save for others to continue, and ever since I've wanted to do the same. So, I give you this file. Lura.nichesave This tribe is called Lura, as you could probably tell. I've started you out with 2 breeding pairs (shown by gem colors), 303 food and 46 nest materials, so you don't die within the first few days (You also might notice the recessive purr snout on all of them, it's from the starter male who had purr snout dominant and recessive--). The goal is to get every non-regrowable grass on the island cleared (maybe except the ones on the tiny islands). Important note: The save is Slot1 in the files, so make sure to backup the save you had there (unless you didn't have one there, of course).
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