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  1. Tears_of_Quartz

    Self Made & Saveable Islands

    I love this idea, because then I could make a proper "Camp" For my nichelings as opposed to just using what I can find, which is what I normally do.
  2. Tears_of_Quartz

    Miss Niche

    This is Rela. She was born to the alpha pair of one of my older save files. (One that I'm pretty sure I deleted) She is my goddess of balance, and she lived her entire life on the savannah with her mate, Kirroku, a dark-red nicheling with black stripes and a claw. She had an older sister who was infested with jealousy at her younger sisters handsome mate and sucsessful life.
  3. Tears_of_Quartz

    Art that you're proud of

    LOOK I DID AN ART THAT I'M REALLY PROUD OF! born with the first heat body in this tribe, and he was the first born with the scorpion tail in this tribe, all coming out of nowhere. And he is also the mentor to all messengers. (I have quite a few messengers XD)
  4. Tears_of_Quartz

    Attribute Filter

    I just edited my post accordingly. I noticed the error just now.
  5. Tears_of_Quartz

    Attribute Filter

    The ability to call is on there twice, as is attractiveness. Although they do look rather simaler, so i can see the mistake.
  6. Tears_of_Quartz

    New update (version 1.1.0) is on the preview branch!

    Click the arrow next to where it says 'NONE - Opt out of all beta programs' and once you hit that you should be given a few options one of which should be 'release_preview' select that one and let it update. You don't need the beta code thing. At least that's how it worked when I did it.
  7. Tears_of_Quartz

    Antenne gene not appearing?

    I would like to introduce you to the Alpha of the Tribe of The Sun, Laisre! (With the newly fixed antennas)
  8. Tears_of_Quartz

    I’m not sure if it’s a glitch but...

    Moving it up to a normal island seems to be a better idea. There were SO many rogue males and bearyenas when i played the whale island. I eventually adapted to outsmart them, but that took a while.
  9. Tears_of_Quartz

    Niche Steam key give away - Round 3

    I would be absolutely ecstatic if i could get a key to give to a friend of mine! Good luck to everyone who entered!
  10. Tears_of_Quartz

    Bearyenas on third island?

    There were two adults and one of them had a baby bearyena with it. I mentioned it because it had never happened to me before. They wiped out most of my tribe
  11. Tears_of_Quartz

    How do you even descibe this??

    So i was playing on the Whale Island (Which is incredible but also slightly terrifying is the best way possible) And something VERY odd happened So my starter female on the whale island had twins at first, i moved her out of the nest as i usually do, anticipating that the twins would merge together as they have been doing since i updated the game, and when I went to move them, they just shuffled over to the side. I tried scrolling with my mouse wheel as i had been doing when someone got stuck like this, however it did nothing. I proceeded and let her have her next child anyway, and then they all kinda merged together, in a glob of female nichelings...
  12. Tears_of_Quartz

    Wrong Genes Displayed (Release Preview)

    But i don't think that's it. Even if it didn't do anything for females, they should still have it, seeing as some people might want all their nichelings to have it just for the looks of it.
  13. Tears_of_Quartz

    Antenne gene not appearing?

    I have a female on one of my saves and it's telling me that she had the Antenna gene, however it's not showing up on her model. I know this was mentioned in a list of all the known bugs, but i thought i should give it a seperate topic.
  14. Tears_of_Quartz

    Bearyenas on third island?

    So i was playing story mode, and i was on the island after you meet eve, and ive ran into multiple bearyenas! I'm Not sure if this is a bug or not, it just seemed unusual.
  15. Tears_of_Quartz

    How do you run your tribe? :D

    I have one big tribe, and sometimes I'll split them up, like I send two or three Nichelings (They're compatable for breeding, as that is crucial to the way I play) to explore new land. And once they clear some grass and find a good place for a nest, i breed them, and once they have their child, i give them all different gem colors from the rest of the tribe. And when i play like this, i call the smaller groups 'Factions' and sometimes these factions get so big, they're like a tribe onto themselves. Sometimes I'll mix factions if two Nichelings have recessive genes i want in my tribe [Ex: I had a water faction female and a meadow faction male (Blue and green gems, respectively) and they both had poison fangs recessive, the male had them active AND recessive, so i had them use a permanent nest near a toxic berry bush to have children. And when they were born i gave them either two blue gems and a green one in the middle or two green gems and a blue one in the middle, to show the merging of factions]