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  1. wolfhowlmay

    Development WIP

    I feel like due to the fact they're all the same species they should have the same life length. the only thing that worries me about the whole increased or decreased age is the fact the health bar is their age bar, so creatures are going to become easier/harder to kill because of their lifespan which personally I don't think makes much sense. perhaps a health bar with the same amount of health as a normal life nicheling (25 days I think? so they can only take 25 damage) should be added in. so to make this a little less confusing i mean: if you set a nicheling to be able to live 50 days that means it would take 50 damage to kill them, and if rogue males and wanderers are the same it would take 50 damage to kill a rogue male, which sounds pretty insane. hopefully this makes sense, if it doesn't I can try to explain it more clearly.
  2. wolfhowlmay

    Development WIP

    also is there an estimate to around what month this will come out?
  3. wolfhowlmay

    Development WIP

    Does this mean if you increase the length of time a creature is a baby/teen they're going to spawn in to the game as such? (reading this back sounds confusing, i mean if you change the ages and then go into the game, are your first two creatures going to spawn in as kids/teens?)
  4. wolfhowlmay

    Bird Hindlegs

    I feel like the entire purpose of these legs would to be to give strength to a bird creature since that's what they're needed for on real birds. Since they would be bird legs I think a creature without wings would have a very difficult time walking on them, perhaps they would be best with no speed (but wings give you the 7 or 8 spaces of movement) making them only really worth while for flying creatures so stats would be maybe +1 or 2 strength +1 or 2 fishing And that's all. a winged creature wouldn't be using its legs to swim unless it was a bird intended for the water, and it would have a whole lot of difficulty moving around on those tiny bird legs without its wings
  5. wolfhowlmay

    Savanna Horns

    @Draconiya if you still have that example you should definitely post it here so people can see other types, also sorry it took so long to respond sometimes I miss notifications
  6. wolfhowlmay

    Is there a Demo Version for Niche?

    @Philo strange, I don't see that option anywhere on the page when I open it and neither can my friend when she opens from her computer, where on the page is that button?
  7. wolfhowlmay

    Is there a Demo Version for Niche?

    @Philo is the one on gamejolt still downloadable? we can't seem to find the link
  8. wolfhowlmay

    Possible Tail Idea

    @beny453 I think you would be able to pick berries from bushes but not crack open nuts since it doesn't come with a cracking ability
  9. wolfhowlmay

    A new fur/skin type slot.

    I agree with @Snow53211 on being on certain body types as well as not showing on paws (and tails) maybe instead there could be a change in coloration to paws depending on the skin/fur type. if fluffy fur or something like that was added the legs and tails would remain the same but with things like scales or no fur the paws/tails would take on the coloration of the genetic. And maybe some skin types would remove certain tail spots, the way peacock tail is removed from females, since a furless creature wouldn't have a big fluffy stinky tail (not sure if this creates more or less work?) I feel like this kinda brings things back to primarily body types being changed, where heads/legs would only have slight changes and the body would be the primary difference. I'll draw up a couple designs to try to better explain what I mean here.
  10. I've been wanting to introduce this game to a friend of mine but would rather she play a demo to see if she likes it before having to spend the $20 to get it, is there currently a Demo out there to be played? I know there used to be but I thought I heard something about it being too outdated so a new one was being made?
  11. wolfhowlmay

    A bug i've found

    become one with nature
  12. wolfhowlmay

    Ever Rescued A Hurt Animal?

    My friends family recently found an injured baby squirrel and are taking him in for a couple days so he can get big enough to be safe and I felt like I had to share this adorable little guy. Have any of you ever rescued an animal in need? Snapchat-1481627978.mp4 (I think this link makes the video download to your computer, does anyone know how to upload a video in a way that can just be viewed in the thread?)
  13. wolfhowlmay

    Niche Scruff carrying

    Yeah I like Jojo's idea of reducing speed so there's some type of negative to it, another idea could be that you can't do other actions while carrying the baby besides moving, so no attacking or picking from berry bushes, that way a player wouldn't just constantly carry pups until they reach the age where birds can attack them unless they were already planning on having the creature be idle and sit next to the baby. also the baby should still be able to be attacked when being held. I really really like the idea of being able to carry babies and I think all creatures should be able to do it, it would make gameplay more realistic since in the wild creatures do carry their young all the time.
  14. wolfhowlmay

    Killer bearyena babies?

    A possible addition to this could be the creation of a new gene: the killer bearyena body. the bearyena currently doesn't have a separate body in it's genetics, just big body. maybe there could be a baby bearyena that the same with it's weaker counterpart needs to have it's mother killed resulting in it becoming tamable and then potentially requires a higher amount of food to tame it due to it being larger. it could have all the same genes as a bearyena but two new ones: a bearyena body that gives off the same killer bearyena defense (which I currently don't remember, is it 2? 3?) and then as you suggested, red eyes. Due to the defense you would gain from this body and it should probably give +1 or +2 attack as well, in a way that's balanced with the defense given, it should be like you said where the bearyena needs to be tamed before it grows into a teen or else it will become wild again. the main issue with this is: too overpowered. But I think justifications for this would be 1: the limited time to kill the mother and tame the child giving a challenge and the fact these creatures only appear in one of the most difficult islands, meaning most players who would be able to gather this genetic would either be end game or very experienced, which to me justifies the addition of a bigger badder genetic to really amp up game play As always I would love to hear thoughts and ideas on this, especially from the OP
  15. wolfhowlmay

    Scaly Body

    @Philo understandable, as someone who has no idea how to develop games I'm sure there are some ideas that are cool in concept but very difficult in practice, but maybe someday. Again I have no idea what I'm talking about but to make these 'skin' textures wouldn't they be layered over the base of the body types/face types. which truly sounds like a whole lot of work I have no idea how many artists you guys have but I feel like a whole skin range would take a large team. But by taking the base models of lets say big body and adding going through creating the skin types over it, like scales/no fur/long fur, then going through each body type, leg type, and face type. Writing all this out I feel bad for suggesting now because WOW that sounds like an intense amount of work. Let me know if this makes no sense and this isn't how it works at all but that's just how I've always imagined the fur patterns were implemented.