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  1. I made some clips on the alpha, but they dont save And I cannot transfer my drone to the other version
  2. PhantomDerp

    Directional sensor criteria merged thread

    Read the title
  3. Thank you for choosing me last time Also is it alright if I keep position drones here just for fun
  4. Me I hope Also I think the developers are in some weird timezone
  5. That's great STALIN rip off you've got there Real creative
  6. I don't know if I can post multiple drones, but I want a key This one launches a net to do all the work Also: /\ / \ / \ / \ / ___ \ / / | \ \ / \___/ \ / \ / \ / \ / \ \____________________/ GIVE ME A KEY PLEASE Or my friends here at the Illuminati will be forced to make some better drones for me
  7. Targets the enemy before straight up grabbing it and Plowing it to it's death Can you please pick me this time
  8. I already gave you the death star What more do you want Also, if you look closely it says access after the explosion
  9. Who actually won the last one, the. Winner was never announced
  10. May the 4th (5th actually since I am late) be with you, with this functional deathstar featuring: 16 AND gates Full 4 axis control Fully rotatable Controls won't change when spinning (W will always be up no matter what and so on) And may the access key be with me please EDIT: I sound like some kind of salesman lel
  11. PhantomDerp

    Nimbatus Alpha Key Give Away!

    Hello good sir
  12. PhantomDerp

    Nimbatus Alpha Key Give Away!

    Giveaway pls My website with epic python coding added here for no reason (not a virus I swear) https://ltp1011.wixsite.com/thelouissite