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  1. Bump, because I like the idea of differentiating the bat wings and providing another method of collecting for winged nichelings.
  2. I like the grasping hind legs.
  3. Maybe you could also have the option to start with existing parts as a base?
  4. Can you please separate your suggestion into multiple paragraphs so that it's a bit easier to read?
  5. I personally like the current bird beaks with ears, and feel they would look strange without them. Besides, disabling ears would also remove hearing, which is important. If it's just an aesthetic change, it should be optional.
  6. Maybe it could be a setting? Then those who prefer the old one could have the old one, and those who prefer the new one could have the new one.
  7. Also, butterfly wings (at least as a body) have already been suggested:
  8. I had the same problem today, except with a nicheling who I forbid toxic body on had toxic body.
  9. I cannot smell or see meat-eating plants. In another test game, one of my creatures was eaten, and I couldn't attack the plant to get them out.
  10. I will say that evolution is completely random, and is more like 'does this work' than 'this works'. There are plenty of things in real life that serve no evolutionary purpose, and plenty of things that are just there to look nice towards other members of their species.
  11. Basically, you would be able to create a gene, customizing stats and choosing its appearance. The appearance would be chosen out of a list of genes already in the game (and some that aren't), although there could potentially be the option to model and upload your own appearance, for those who have that kind of skill. Perhaps, since there are stat-based achievements, genes with those stats would have to be under a certain threshold to allow any creature with that gene to earn the achievement (so someone couldn't, say, make a 12-strength gene and automatically get the 'Hybrid' achievement). This function would be for creative mode only, and the genes would be set in the settings menu (or another easily-accessed menu from an individual save file) and automatically appear on wanderers in the save you put them in. You can only delete genes if no creature on the save file has them.
  12. I would make a mix between the jungle and the mountains, separated by a river and a small grassland island. There would maybe be a small island off to the side, requiring swimming to, that would be a 'whale island' biome (birch trees, stinky fruit, slightly higher chance of winged wanderers, etc.). That way, there would be two safe havens (although it still might snow on them). I personally think it might have potential for some interesting stories.
  13. I think that the concept is similar, but this goes into more detail, and doesn't include the 'unique genes' for every player.
  14. I personally like the appearance of the B ears. C is a bit too feathery for my taste (especially with nothing else on the head).
  15. I noticed that nichelings with peacock tail or antenna always have either purple or blue accent colors, respectively (at least from the front, and only males for the peacock tail). However, I don't think that that goes well with all fur colors, horn colors, and eye colors. I think that a possible solution could be either to make it a complimentary color of the color it is on, or have it based on eye color (so a nicheling with orange eyes would have orange accents, a nicheling with blue eyes would have blue accents, etc.). A new gene slot could also be a solution, but I don't think it's the best one, as it would only end up applying to creatures with specific genes.
  16. I think this is a really cool idea! Just wondering, if your entire tribe has the Night-seeing Eyes, how would the bunnils move during the day? Would they get a certain number of moves? Would they get an equivalent number of moves to the amount of turns you took? Same thing for all diurnal creatures.
  17. I kinda made a spitting head here, although it paralyzes the enemies instead of blinding them.
  18. I wonder what this would look like with peacock tail?
  19. Basically, a new set of hind legs (given that we only have three currently) that would increase speed. I think that it would be useful, especially with all the paw genes that don't provide speed. The new hind legs would add 3-5 speed (probably 4) instead of the regular 2, although maybe it won't add swimming as a trade off. For appearance, I think it could either look like an ostrich leg, a cheetah leg, or a gazelle leg.
  20. I like the idea of making flight available with a body! Then, you can focus on collecting with the paws.
  21. Trying to add ears ended up making the front view look kind of weird.
  22. Like these? (sorry if they're blurry) I had the horn gene on the triceratops head be in the spot where the large horns would be, but perhaps it would either always look like triceratops horns, or always act like it has horns, with a nicheling having no horns just showing regular triceratops hons.
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