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  1. oof.zip

    Apes missing?

    I'm not sure if this is just a thing I have because of my awful computer or something, but it seems that only half to 1/3 of the time when I spawn on or go to a jungle island, apes don't ever spawn. I don't have super stealthy or deterrent creatures either, and I make no effort to reduce their scent or noise, but regardless of how much of the island I explore, they never come for me. I'm not complaining either, I love having no apes, but I'm not sure if it's something only I've ever had, or if it's actually common or rare.
  2. oof.zip


    I have some more names for you!: Female: Willow Mosa Kore Persephone Netia Cantilala Halia Rose Nokoe Tangi Sirene Taisha (Tay-sha) Rose Tulip Blossom Cherry Fatima Libra Autumn Sapphire Indigo Sky Lilac Amethyst Iris Lavender Violet Magenta Ebony Jade Sable Candy Garnet Currant Pearl Ivory Lacy Daisy Chiffon Fawn Latte Both: Arachnid Pluto Dekroo Juno Nightingale Finch Rojo Azure Nebula Rawee (Raw-eee) Grantipha Viliro Xeno Lakhe (Lah-kae) Kahke (Kah-kae) Pistachio Apple Cashew Peanut Dapple Haukka (Ha-oo-kah) Sojoo Uno Dos Shadow Raven Ayache (Ay-ah-chi) Cayenne Paprika Cinnamon Cocoa Nutmeg Thyme Basil Parsley Parsnip Grape Sunflower Chartreuse Mossy Lime Lemon Aqua Kelp Wakal/a Yuri Dekame/u Pepper Tarragon Dill Sage Marjoram Turmeric Oregano Ginger Vanilla Poppy Clover Aries Taurus Gemini Cancer Virgo Scorpio Sagittarius Capricorn Juniper Shamrock Pine Olive Emerald Pear Fern Mocha Pecan Caramel Carob Coffee Arctic Admiral Sangria Pebble Coal Obsidian Merlot Mahogany Corn Fire Bumblebee Banana Butterscotch Pineapple Marigold Ginger Bronze Apricot Tangerine Chocolate Tawny Cedar Cinnamon Walnut Cotton Alabaster Coconut Frost Macaroon Hazel/wood Granola Sepia Hazelnut Oyster Sandy Male: Xen Yeroro Slate Tuscan Cider Umber Ruik (Rue-eek) Arroyo (Ah-roy-oh) B’orca (Beh-orca) Luke Lintu Beau (B-oh (like french for water)) Kai Kyan (Khy-an) Leo
  3. oof.zip

    Custom Island?

    I think this would be a great add on to the sandbox customisation feature request that has a lot of votes right now! I would definitely want a really in depth option like this in the future, though it may be quite hard to do, but this would be great for a lot of challenges and such. Upvoted!
  4. oof.zip

    A tad bit more intresting water biomes.

    Another thing I think would be cool is permanent underwater nests. If the water is going to become a biome of its own, which it often is, I think more food and predators should definitely be added, as well as nests. For the nests, I'd think they'd be like coral-ish with little kelp fronds or something with rock!
  5. oof.zip

    A tad bit more intresting water biomes.

    I'd be so down for that! Water biomes are cool, but with added features or water genes and a lot more cool deco and waterscapes! Amazing.
  6. oof.zip

    A tad bit more intresting water biomes.

    I love this idea! I generally tend to lean towards water creatures more, since they're so cool, but after exploring a bit of the ocean, the fish go away and the life from it dissapears. I'd really like to see an improved water biome on all the islands, it would be the best update (almost) ever!
  7. oof.zip


    I've been wondering about this feature recently and I'm so glad someone mentioned this. I think it would definitely add a more realistic and hard aspect to the game!
  8. oof.zip


    I have some names that I made for a game that I'd like to be on the list: Female: Anaka Sirara Esalii [Mother] Mossi Ladaya (La-die-ah) [Beauty] Ralae [River dweller] Asako Ralala Ralaana Pipi Alae Shira [God of Healing] Koko Kojo Rouge Blossom [God of the Harvest] Ruby [Red] Kokira Kokosi Brakaka [Sister] Lakale Deeri Koola [God of Water] Cherry Ola [Fluffy] Brakako Sokoa [Flight] Silako [Peace] Saa'il [Saah-eel) [Courage] Meki Coa'ja (Ko-ah-jar) Poppy Either: Berry Akanu/Aka Haiiru (Ha-eee-reu) [God of Predators and Prey] Shir(u/a) Sting Shisori [White] Akum/Akuma [Warrior] Yakimo [God of Fertility/Mating] Oak Tuyo [Family] Sokudo Kujako [Creator] Togi [Soft] Beetle Senshi Kobai [Food God] Pigie/Pigeon Spots Tiger Yuku [Gentle] Fox Onyx [Black] Panther Thing 1 Thing 2 Korale Panther Cashew Scorpion Owl Alder Stripes Tangerine Kas Spruce Cardinal Carrot Passionfruit Oraku Yukama Maca [Macadamia] Crimson Parrot Peanut Kuki Roko Sakaku Mouse Eagle Rakako Lemon Male: Zafal [God of Nichelings] Rosinku [God of Drought] Dukkaru Rokunu [Rock] Nukuu [Lean] Nukuro [God of the Lands] Dukduk Rudolph Rake (Rah-keh) [Strong] Frakaku [Brother] Olie Scorpion Tutaka Flame Kunuduk? Kestrel Kraku Rovane (Ro-vahne) Vannu Tannu Rakal Vakka Dekdek M'kal [God of Culture] Oli Nukii Slaku Red Vavade [Winged] Zazu Duuk Skaal [Sk-ahl) [God of Death] [NOTE: I am not 100% sure if all of these names are my own or the game's, some of them might be rare ones I don't see that I thought I made up. Thanks!😁]
  9. oof.zip

    Niche Creator

    A suggestion I found online whilst browsing for some cool Niche fan art and games is a Niche Creator! The Niche creator would be an add on as a fun thing to create a nicheling of any specification. I assume it would look a bit like the family tree, with the gene attribute selector modified a bit. A similar project to this is here. This is a Nicheling creator that makes them by calling a name.
  10. Hey guys. After seeing the "how do you run your tribe?" thread on here, I felt inspired to start a thread of my own on challenges. It'd be cool to see how some people play and rule their challenges (especially since I want to try some out). Challenges are my favourite part of playing Niche, as challenges and set rules for the game make it harder and more fun. Thanks!
  11. This update is amazing! I've recently been trying to breed in scorpion tail and peacock tail into my nichelings, which hasn't really been working, but it does take a couple generations to work from the mutations menu. I was also having the same glitch with the combined twins thing, but it's not really a problem for me at least. Anyway, I love the update, especially the wings and beak!
  12. oof.zip

    How do you run your tribe? :D

    Pt 2: Gems Lol I'm back. I made a new lil' system to go with my tribe thing, as I accidentally kept breeding the WRONG creatures without looking, which luckily didn't result in any sick nichelings, but was annoying me bc it wasn't to plan. This is how I now organise my creatures: Green: Unchosen breeding groups, no pathway yet (generally teens + kids) Orange: Not a breeder, either hunter or collector Blue: Alpha/leader of a breeding group Pink: Breeder Yellow: Elder (all ranks except orange become this when finished breeding plan) This system isn't very complex, but it works for me, as my tribe currently has 57 members (yikes) and I don't have much time to change gems for everyone, all the time. Anyway, thanks for reading.
  13. oof.zip

    How do you run your tribe? :D

    So far in my tribe, I've used one method of breeding for a while that seems to work really well, and keeps the tribe stocked with food and nesting material. In the tribe, I write down the generation (Currently generation N/14) and all of the nichelings born in it, their immunity, gender, and any defects they may have. When all of their parents have stopped breeding (recorded on the page next to it) I start pairing/grouping them up like this (names are examples from my thingy now): Gen N - All members Kuro - F+G Koanasi - I+B Roduk - I+C Asakona - G+D Nukirta - D+G Roskinku - STAR+A Dukkir - G+A, Haemophilia, deformed paw And so on. On the other page, once all of the members of a generation have been born, I do this: Anarasi: F+B - Roduk - Kirnuvan - Duknuvan Roskinku: STAR+A - Koanasi - Asakona - Anarasi - Koana - Israsi Rara: K+E - Kuro - Nukirta - Rokuvan - Dukkaru The way this works is that I've divided up the land into parts that have a lot of natural nests in close proximity, each with a colour assigned to it. I've explored all of the land on the island I'm on, so this is a lot easier to manage (Even though the nesting areas are often packed with nichelings). Traits aren't big to me yet, since I don't have the most recent update/s for some reason, only survival ones matter. After a long time of breeding lone animals with haemophilia, blind eyes, and deformed paws, I have completely gotten rid of them! Almost all of my animals have good eyesight, normal blood clotting, and 6 fertility, which took forever lmao, so breeding is a whole lot easier. With my groups, the animal with the coloured name is basically the alpha, as they're the animal that breeds with all the others listed below them. The pairings/groupings are made mostly using immunity as the deciding factor, defects second, and if all survival needs are fine, I choose based on appearance/other traits (claw, nimble fingers, cracker jaw, etc). The alpha only breeds once with each member of their group, unless they produce really good kids, so I don't have 60 nichelings in my tribe. Although I only breed once for each animal, I still have 42 nichelings, which isn't that bad when you have 2000 food and 600 nesting material. I generally try to have my nichelings reproduce mid-adult stage, since getting them to have kids really early results in overpopulation. The reason I get so much food is because when animals that either weren't selected for breeding or have had all the kids they were assigned for, they go off and "retire" (they do this still pretty young) to live out the rest of their lives using their best traits. Say if an animal has claws, fishing tail, and webbed paw, that animal will most likely breed, and then go off to a lake to catch fish every day until they die. If another animal has double nimble fingers and cracker jaw, they'll sit by a bush and collect food and prey. You get the point. When you have about 10-15 adults that have always been somewhat banished from the nesting area or are done with breeding at all times, this method gets you a lot of food and nesting material. The cycle with the animals continues using this.