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  1. Nevermind. There's still problems on loading... 😞
  2. I just tried turning the overall resolution down to 1440x900. I can now load my savegame. Maybe my laptop is the problem... (Even though it's not that old...)
  3. I turned the animal texture resolution down to very low. I was able to start a new game but I still couldn't load an earlier savegame. (I was trying to load a game from save slot #2.) I tried a couple of times just to be sure. Also is this the right file? It's the only one in the "Niche_data" folder. output_log.txt
  4. Lately I've been having this problem. It has always frozen occasionally when I load a savegame. But lately I can't even start a new game without it freezing. What might the cause of this be? Am I playing the right version? I'm playing the release_preview...
  5. Hey I looked around (for a second lol) and didn't see this suggestion. Hotkeys would make things a little smoother and easier. Maybe the "Tab" key or another (non-letter) key could be used to switch between the senses (normal sight, smelling, and hearing). Lol for me, less looking and mouse clicking is easier. And maybe whatever the "U" key currently does can be switched to another key not already in use like perhaps "-" or "=" keys, or the brackets []. Actually, keys for the traits and genetics screens would be cool too. Just a suggestion. Keep up the awesome work.
  6. Unfortunately, the latest bug fix involving the "U" key caused a problem for me. I'm not sure exactly what the U key does.. It closes out all windows/interface or something along those lines. But if I need to use the U to name a creature, it closes all the windows (like it's supposed to unfortunately). So if you want to name your nichling say, Uriah, you might have a problem for a second. When I hit the escape key (I think) it comes back. But it's weird. The other problem is really a problem. Just when I start or load a game, a message pops up in Spanish. I'll take some screenshots, if ne
  7. This would be really cool. An island-specific immunity gene that could help with an aspect of their survival on each biome. Maybe immunity for the swamp biome could grant immunity to sleeping sickness from those flies/mosquitoes.
  8. True there are viruses (which cause colds and flu's) and bacteria (which can cause disease) already inside us. We pick them up just by living our day to day lives. But in both cases, they are opportunistic (like E. coli which naturally lives in our guts), and only cause sickness when our immune systems have been compromised or weakened due to some environmental stressor. Believe me, I get it, I've taken Bio 101, so you're preaching to the choir. However these stressors include sudden temperature changes, which is why people get sick between seasons. Yeah the ultimate causes of many colds and s
  9. Oh yeah. I definitely agree. Body size and heat and cold resistance are definitely important factors. And those percentages work as well.
  10. Agreed. And a way to track what generation you're on would certainly help as well.
  11. What if there was a gene that affected lifespan, like a longevity gene. (Some say it's a real gene lol.) It could be either good, adding up to 4 to 6 days to your creatures' lives, neutral, not affecting lifespan at all, or bad, shortening your creatures' lives by several days. Maybe you get one gene from each parent, since most genes come in pairs (alleles). But it's pretty sweet (in my opinion) so maybe make it a super rare gene. Also, in case you're curious, there is research that shows inbreeding (in animals) leads to shorter lifespan, so maybe inbreeding too much or double immunity gen
  12. I think sickness could use an update, I don't know about you guys. The way things currently are, sickness comes from having 2 of the same immunity genes (being too inbred), sleeping sickness from mosquitoes, or from another creature. So I thought, how do you get sick irl? Besides the previously mentioned ones, contact with the infected and insects/parasites, there's also getting hurt. What if anytime a creature got hurt there was a 50/50 chance of it also getting infected/sick, and a 100% chance if their immunity is the same. Also the sickness should last twice as long if they've double immuni
  13. This would be pretty cool. It could be recessive to Normal eyes and Near-sighted eyes, but dominant to Blind eyes.
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