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  1. Wow @MLGTASTIC! That is amazing! It would be really cool if you could make a mode where it drills into planets.
  2. Hey guys! I have a second drone that I would like to share. I call it the Porta-Party! It uses wheels to move around, has lasers, and some fireworks. It is able to curl up into a compact version also Here are some GIFs: The GIF of it moving is really cool if you do not look at the right side of the screen ^^ I hope I have a chance at winning this amazing game ! -Gamma Warrior
  3. I present to you, The Party Machine! It is an over 700 part drone with LED Grids and loads of logic. It displays images and also used firework rockets to make you party the best! Here are some GIFS: It also can attack using plasma weapons I really do hope that I have a chance at winning this game! Happy Space Flying ! - Gamma Warrior
  4. The Rockybytes link downloads unwanted software. I would watch out for viruses if I used that link.
  5. Hey Guys! This is a follow up to my previous post(The one with all of the Space-Worms). I dedicated a good few hours and a whole lot of hard work to make an over 620 part monstrosity. I call it the Shark Tooth Worm, a worm that literally devours planets. (Trust me, planet Rytalae has been completely destroyed.) Here are a few GIFs: There you go! I hope I stand a chance at winning this because this is an amazing game! I will be willing to make any big drones, just PM me with suggestions. Happy Space Flying!
  6. I know I’m a bit late but I’m entering anyway.
  7. Hey Guys! I Love Nimbatus and thank all of the Devs for all their hard work making us a game that is very fun to play I've made a few drones so I will show them one at a time. 1. Armotron: A powerful drone that uses arms to beat other sumo drones. 2. The Worm of Worms: One of my worms that digs into planets. 3. The Wonder Worm: My biggest worm that is slow, but POWERFULL. Both worms are equipped with shields that cover nearly the whole body. I Have destroyed entire planets using them. Thank you for looking at this post an
  8. Can’t wait to see this! It would be a big help!
  9. I have used nearly every Nimbatus part, but one I do not get how to use. What exactly is a spring and how to you use it?
  10. If you could add thrusters that could turn(on a gimbal) that would be very cool and useful. Also, maybe different types of drones cores? Like different drone cores have different amount of parts they can hold, mass, ECT.
  11. Probably the enemies, and maybe a few part (Weapons, logic gates, ECT.).
  12. Sumo drones may also be posted here, since they have to autonomous. Happy space flying! 🚀
  13. Hullo! My username is Gamma Warrior and I have been playing Nimbatus for a while, but I just bothered to join the forums. Before anybody asks, my favorite anime is named Hikaru No Go (Which is also a manga). It is more like a TV series, but in anime form. You can see if you look in my Automatic Drones post that Nimbatus' logic gates and sensors are my favourite things to play around with.
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