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  1. I'm so excited! I'm trying it out now- just got it installed fully!
  2. I would love to join the testing! I don't have many posts on here but i've been playing Niche for years. Heres my phone specs
  3. You're so talented. All I can do is this
  4. In one of them i've gone to around 10 islands with no north port, in a row. Still haven't gotten a north port
  5. I'm not sure if this even is a bug but in my most recent Story Mode tribes no matter how much I island hop there isn't a north port?
  6. @Micha thanks for the tip, i'll tell my friend. It never happened to me though, for some reason. Maybe it was because she was playing on my game, since she doesn't have it? I'll try to get to the bottom of it.
  7. Yes, that is true. I have had problems with crashing, but that was back when it was not out of full release, but after a while I got over the problem and the game runs smoothly.
  8. I've had a 76 member pack before. I think I'm good.
  9. I actually did it. I got my descendants home! After so many days, it finally happened. Thank you Whale Island. I traveled for so long.. such a perilous journey. It took me so long, I gathered so much food, I got over 5000 before I got there. This was amazing. Time to make them all part of my pack. One of the fertilities is messed up though, its infertile and normal fertility. Kinda odd. Home..jfif
  10. My friend was trying to edit the bodies and paws, and whenever she did what I had told her, which was pulling out of the game to the menu and then opening it back up, the game she was playing on was gone. Sorry for responding late, I haven't looked at the Niche fourm in a little while.
  11. My friend and I were playing on my Niche game and the world that she made, which we were enhancing with the console, disappeared after she went to the main menu so that the game wouldn't get buggy. Please fix! Edit: This happened each time we were playing on the newest beta. Please fix this, though it has only happened on her computer and not on my own.
  12. So, my two female creatures with the female peacock tail just don't have it. It confuses me to say the least. When I went into the family tree to check it out, the creatures had no tail. Can someone please fix this?
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