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  1. what's your profile a pic of, I  can't really tell ............................................................................?

    1. Christmas Magic

      Christmas Magic

      I've posted the full drawing on my off topic page. Here it is (it's bad though): 


    2. Zixvir


      ooooh, I thought it was a treee.

  2. It turns out the game works just fine on my phone lol. The highest score I've gotten so far is 17
  3. How do you stop them from dying? It seems like it's just luck
  4. Thank you, that fixed it
  5. That was the first thing tried. Another attempt was using the console to change their genders, but that didn't have any effect
  6. The option to mate doesn't show anymore. They were able to mate when the save was first created, but not when the save was loaded up. No cheats were used as far as can be remembered. Fairly certain that this is the correct save file: Slot0.nichesave
  7. I drew Angel's volunteer art. It's not the best, but I'm proud of it
  8. I mean, I guessed right. You have neat style of drawing heads
  9. Wow, thank you, Caprisun has never looked so good
  10. I can draw a new picture, but I can't find what pose you mean. Do you mean a pose like my original drawing for you?
  11. I was your secret santa. I wanted to animate the drawing I made for you. Make the scarf flow in the wind, stuff like that
  12. I'm sorry that I couldn't animate it, my animation progam didn't want to work with my computer
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