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  1. The market refreshes every once in a while. There's a random chance the gene will be available again
  2. She kinda looks like a mix of my two banescales lol. She's very pretty though
  3. This looks pretty cute to me
  4. Since everyone else is posting their "future" banescales, I'll post mine too to
  5. Ravens and crows can remember a human for many years, and even generations
  6. I'd say leave the island asap. Then you should be able to find more food. The guide I linked also gives a lot of helpful tips, including collecting food.
  7. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1113908076
  8. I'm not sure what you mean. The dragon I'm drawing is called Starburst
  9. I'd say stay on tiny green (3rd island) and stockpile food if I were you. That way you can travel a great distance without worrying about food
  10. Are any of you willing to buy gems from me? I need treasure to buy banescale genes
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