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  1. Hi! Long time no see!

    1. Magicmoonss


      Hey! And yeah. I haven't really had any reason to be on the forums. I'm on da a lot though

    2. Lilyturf


      Silver said that you left. This is a pleasant surprise :)

    3. Magicmoonss


      I mean I didn't delete my account, so I'm technically still here. I just forget about it

  2. Will be able to restart our progress in the future?
  3. I believe it happened when I opened the game
  4. I just got this same glitch on the computer
  5. It's easy to choose which nichelings, I meant with collecting food. As the cost to breed goes up with more mutations
  6. I enjoyed it the first day, but after I unlocked all the islands/areas on the second, I was kind of out of things to do. I kept breeding but after i got a bunch of my nichelings had like 20-24 mutations each, it became too tedious. I think the requirements for the islands go up way too fast, it might be better to up how much food it takes to level up, and lower/add max levels on the earlier islands
  7. I have them lined up lol
  8. Alright I've got it. It seems like a relatively rare bug as I've only noticed it 4 times in my 7-8 hour playtime. Example one: Normal: Glitched: Example two: Normal: Glitched:
  9. Next time I notice it I'll take a screenshot, and one of the regular requirements
  10. No I know that part, occasionally one of my biomes will go from requiring 6 collection, to requiring 1 or something like that.
  11. You should get a notification that I sent you a trade, click on it and then accept it
  12. What's up with the requirements for each biome changing at seemingly random times?
  13. I love this game Here's another glitch: If you send away a nicheling with unique status effects (i.e. sweating) the animation sticks around
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