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  1. I feel like you've never held a squirmle. They're soft, adorable, squishy, terrifying, but most importantly, shaped like spaghetti noodles. very easy too consume. 10/10 would consume again
  2. This picture is a lie, my cat is able to eat 3 squirmles an hour.
  3. It was made when you were still figuring the forums out
  4. People who got Niche after 2017 have no idea how hard it is to track nichelings without a day counter
  5. I've been working on this all day, someone please give me validation.
  6. I'm making a master-guide for my old sims, so that hopefully I can revive them. Can someone like proofread it, to make sure it's readable to people who aren't me? (it isn't fully written yet btw) https://docs.google.com/document/d/1rviQ2vb3QOVBDpwMQ58pDCdiC3keW0962gX2tWg3Wpo/edit?usp=sharing
  7. Enough shall never be enough! (the patterns aren't completely accurate due to the low quality, but they're close enough)
  8. (i love it when random generation gives me the pattern right away)
  9. Not 100% on the fur color, but the patterns should be right
  10. how is the second's mane and pattern color different? i cant figure it out
  11. i think Silv is talking about how Green said that the twins need patterns. i think green wants me to find them tho
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