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  1. She snorts. "You're pathetic." She tilts her head, seemingly thinking about what to do with you. "You're pack isn't here, if you don't have any other reason to be here, I'll lead you out." -talk to them -attack them -distract them -let them lead -attack them while leaving -other
  2. I can start your adventure whenever you're ready ^^ (or next time we're on) This happens when you copy and paste
  3. Halfway to the den you hear a sharp bar, halting your journey. An intimidating looking dog runs up to you, stopping you in your trek. "I don't remember there being any strange dogs being welcomed into our territory." She snarls. -talk to them -attack them -distract them -run away -other
  4. "It's cool." He relaxes a bit before speaking up again. "Hey, do you know where I could like find some shelter or something? I'm kinda homeless right now, and I don't want to run into the humans with danger sticks again." -talk to them -attack them -point the way -take them to your home -walk away -other
  5. "Oh. Did you come from the Greystone?" He tilts his head to the side. "There's sometimes loud beasts that run across it. Maybe one of those put you here." -talk to him -comfort him -back away -look around -other (Sorry, I haven't been on my computer since my last post)
  6. I'm going offline. I'll continue when I come back though ^^
  7. Paying attention to your senses, you can tell that there is a couple strange scents. You can only pick out one familiar scent, one from the old leader's pups. It seems like a couple of new dogs moved in and took over the pack. They might be kind since some old pack members would recognize you, but with a new pack comes new rules. -keep going down the trail -walk away from the territory -turn back and go to the road -other
  8. The dog seemed to turn a pale white, a sharp contrast from their golden brown fur. They run a distance away from you, before looking back. As if seeing you for the first time, their fur drops to their normal shade. "Oh it's just another dog. I was so scared. I thought for sure you were a ghost!" The guy shrieks. -talk to them -attack them -walk away -other
  9. "I guess we have something in common," he says quietly, you were barely able to hear it. "So why were you dropped here? Actually how were you even dropped here?" -talk to him -comfort him -back away -look around -other
  10. It appears as if this dog doesn't have any situational awareness, as you were able to stand next to them without them noticing. Do they even have any survival skills? -talk to them -surprise them -attack them -walk away -go back home -explore the alleyways -leave the alleys -other
  11. He calms himself down a bit "I guess..." He sits down, he looks exhausted now that he's no longer panicking. "A pack is a group dogs that own a territory together. They eat, hunt, and attack together. We're like a single dog, but we're many dogs." It's clear that he's proud of his pack. -talk to him -comfort him -back away -look around -other
  12. Approaching the dog, you find that they smell way too clean to be a pack member. As you get closer, you can see that they have a collar. Confirming that they're not one, and that they're instead a house pet. They're likely not a danger to your stuff. -approach them -attack them -try to sneak up on the dog -leave the alley -go back home -explore the alleyways -other
  13. That seems to distress him even more. "What's a human? Are you crazy? I think you're crazy! That's the only explanation!" -try to calm him down -ask about something else -comfort him -sit down and wait -attack him -back away -other
  14. "...no." He sniffles. "I'm not okay. I'm lost, and I don't know who you are! There's just no way you don't know anything. You can't just not know!" He looks really distressed. -try to calm him down -ask about something else -comfort him -sit down and wait -attack him -back away -other
  15. Taking in the air, you smell another dog. They smell unfamiliar, but might be a part of one the packs. If they are a pack-member, it would be a bad omen for you. They might try to take your alley under their control. -follow the scent -try to sneak up on the dog -see if they're a pack-member -walk out of the alley and look around -lay down and sleep -explore the alleyways -other
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