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  1. Anyone have anything they want me to draw?
  2. Well the animation is finally done! It probably would've been done sooner, if I didn't put it off.
  3. Would you be willing to do an art trade with me, when you aren't so busy?
  4. This is the last drawing I'm going to do before I finish the animation. Silver Fox + Bull
  5. @Raresi I wanted to redo this one, because I'm not proud of what I did originally
  6. Do you think you could add a non-bird in that selection?
  7. I am going to finish the animation, but I'm frustrated with it at the moment. So, instead I've been practicing non-nichelings. By making hybrids of 2-3 animals. I don't like putting together completely random animals though. It'd be great if any of you could give me some random animals, or even plants. Lynx Panda Wildcat: Ermine Elephant Bighorn:
  8. Have you tried searching for the files on your computer?
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