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  1. Who is this "daniel jones" person no, what is the best office furniture in bris bane cult?
  2. yis I've been lurking, but yeah I haven't posted anything for like 4 months
  3. nwo Anyone want to talk right now?
  4. Will be able to restart our progress in the future?
  5. I believe it happened when I opened the game
  6. I just got this same glitch on the computer
  7. It's easy to choose which nichelings, I meant with collecting food. As the cost to breed goes up with more mutations
  8. I enjoyed it the first day, but after I unlocked all the islands/areas on the second, I was kind of out of things to do. I kept breeding but after i got a bunch of my nichelings had like 20-24 mutations each, it became too tedious. I think the requirements for the islands go up way too fast, it might be better to up how much food it takes to level up, and lower/add max levels on the earlier islands
  9. Alright I've got it. It seems like a relatively rare bug as I've only noticed it 4 times in my 7-8 hour playtime. Example one: Normal: Glitched: Example two: Normal: Glitched:
  10. Next time I notice it I'll take a screenshot, and one of the regular requirements
  11. No I know that part, occasionally one of my biomes will go from requiring 6 collection, to requiring 1 or something like that.
  12. You should get a notification that I sent you a trade, click on it and then accept it
  13. What's up with the requirements for each biome changing at seemingly random times?
  14. I love this game Here's another glitch: If you send away a nicheling with unique status effects (i.e. sweating) the animation sticks around
  15. Both of the babes have been sent. I'll save the last coatl for Foxyfire when they make an account
  16. It's been a while since I've been on the forums, could you guys remind me of your fr usernames?
  17. I also have no space lol. It's why I have to get rid of the cute babes
  18. Lunuro's "zzz" didn't go away after he fell asleep while idle
  19. Anyone want any of these star babies before I sell them? The coatls are female, and the skydancer is male
  20. Yes. When you go into a biome that unlocks genes, a nicheling appears with those genes lol. In that rocky area
  21. Here's a kind of small issue, his eye escapes from him a bit
  22. Yay! How do I become a beta tester then?
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