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  1. Everything's looking beautiful here but the green option is definitely the best!
  2. After seeing this video, I don't blame Dream. Like imagine being stuck with Tommy in a tiny room for a week and then he kills your cat! I'd be pretty close to committing murder as well
  3. If any of you are ever feeling bad about your art, watch this video
  4. This isn't my rat but I thought I should share this.
  5. I'm being swarmed by six rats here and it gives me the happy chemical
  6. What happened to Tommy? I just got a recommendation of Ranboo reacting to his death
  7. Welcome to the forums! There are multiple cults here, choose the one you like the best
  8. I have a pre-wings-update archipelago tribe with 80+ nichelings
  9. The petting symbol disappeared. It came back after I swiped to a different nicheling
  10. I made a shop called Cloudmart. It sells food for coal and cobblestone. If you have excessive ammounts of either of those, please check it out! There's a tower of pumpkins next to it
  11. Understandable. The only reason I'm having so much time to play now is winter break
  12. Guess who's gonna play again! Anyone else interested? It's a bit lonely
  13. I will be on at Pancake's for a bit
  14. President cactus is trying to save the world from defender bears and these camelheads are trying to stop him
  15. The tortie's design is by Naahelee on DeviantArt
  16. Is anyone able to come online? It's kinda lonely here
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