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  1. So about 6 times the ruler I got in primary school
  2. Unlike with the others, she didn't rely on her hearing. She kept looking back to make sure that he was still following. A lost nicheling couldn't be trusted to keep up on their own. She had to stop multiple times because he kept looking around. At least he's showing interest towards the world around him. Perhaps he remembers this place? Maybe there's still hope for him? As they got to the swamp clearing she realised that she wasn't going to have a moment to try and explain everything to him. There were other nichelings at the swamp, just behind the reeds.
  3. Maybe it's just the time of day/night?
  4. I still have no idea what that means or even what measurement system that's in
  5. He and Ossen would get along well. (By the way Ossen's dad was also an Adam)
  6. Not every girl likes girly stuff. It's perfectly fine to like whatever you want. If your likes and dislikes are the only thing making you feel this way, then maybe it's not a time for an identity crisis yet. (If there's something else, then you can start considering this stuff)
  7. Sees image name before it loads in. Lemon boy and meee strated to get along togetheeerrrrrrrrrrrr...
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