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  1. Gimp just crashed. It was likely because I have like 90 tabs open. Help.
  2. log into your mojang account It's at "my games"
  3. Then you should be able to download it from the website?
  4. Do you remember your password?
  5. For me it's nighttime irl
  6. Do some of these have to do with a certain Minecraft server?
  7. It's kinda like a beta is for niche. An update that is still being tested for bugs.
  8. My username is Liljatupsu. Also I'm going to warn all of you; I'm a noob.
  9. at least these don't look traced
  10. Pfffffft I just realised none of them have eyebrows
  11. I relate to this so much. I'll usually make up some dumb excuse that mkes no sense. "Hmmm... I'm thristy but don't want to get out of bed... Whatever, I don't deserve water!" XD or "I'm kinda hungry... I guess I can relate to what my TLD character feels like." (I like getting an IRL TLD experience. I once tried to eat a cattail stalk 😅)
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