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  1. Happy lifetime checkpoint day! Make sure to visit your fridge to save your progress and prepare for the next quest!
  2. Someone I look up to started watching me on DA and is saying nice things to me what do I do???

    1. AndromedaTheGalaxyCat


      thank them for the compliment(s) and say you're inspired by them

    2. polly
    3. High resolution fawn

      High resolution fawn

      There are two kinds of people

  3. The shadows needed to reproduce rapidly to be able to clear most of the grass before their leader died. It was a little plot thing I had and I'm used to oversized tribes lol
  4. Ella -one of many dragon babies -half shadow, half giant guardian creature
  5. This rogue -somehow inpregnated Florre (who is canonically the size of a house) -must have supernatural powers of some sort
  6. Musmusmus -gen2 shadows (there's multiple, they've just taken this shared form) -featured for beautiful name
  7. Dondi -just a child but LOOK AT HIM -shares name with an Isle dev. Not sure if that's a good thing or not
  8. Divan -wanderer -mated with Florre -father of Revi, Dondi, Dipri and a baby that hasn't been born yet
  9. First time playing Niche without making a playthrough in years! Made some of my OCs in the editor to kickstart the plot. Some of the prettier nichelings aren't in the sandbox setting, however, so I'm archiving them here
  10. Finally! Animating the intro took a stupid amount of time, but it paid off, I think! https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/766840548/
  11. I should probably mention that Megatron is the main bad guy and he fought a 4 million year war against the other people in these screenshots
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