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  1. Ram horns and digging paw! I'm so glad that Watercolor Paper bread with Lemon! Rakola also bread with Lemon A rogue child from Calm Tone Basic as can be. She's identical to our starters
  2. I'm so glad i brought Puddle! (The dad is Chaotic Neutral) Note and Dust had twins! Donno and Floof had this surprisingly normal looking child
  3. Random names that include the dumb syllables my sister added: Asriduoel, Kirsanel, Blöölingo, Asrielsiis, Floweasgorel, Undyneio and Prisanflowe Mela (Kirsanel's sister) was the only one with a normal name Time to rename them all!
  4. I decided to swap him for Puddle as he already has a child who is coming and Puddle is much younger This is a good place for unlocking genes
  5. List of nichelings left behind: Flame, Alpundyneasriel, Lensilen, Leaf-Thing, Lalenel, Kulur, Donnsroo, Koel, Dontavan, Puddle(I really wish she could come...), Taflowevan, Elelko, Chaotic Neutral, Ketchup, Eyesore, Lameko and Kirkirta.
  6. Note breads with Dust Lemon does the same with Rakola Sorry Eyesore, you're not coming along! Cream Soda, it has been a pleasure playing with you He does one last favor to his tribe
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