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  1. The Transformers IDW comics are a goldmine. (These are all unrelated exept the ones about the time machine and the phone call)
  2. Unfortunately I doubt I'll ever get the context for this, though I'm sure the writers came up with something
  3. Coralle is the first one to inherit her father's digging paw Kingcup is born with some interesting spots
  4. Ground-Ivy and Amethesia go on about their lives. They both have decided that Anemone was in the wrong to judge their life decisions. Little Thornuk is born Meanwhile a bearyena attacks the clearing It is defeated. Anemone and Coltsfoot become mates
  5. Thistle dies, leaving his children on their own Anemone, who is still mad at her brother, returns to the clearing only to find that she doesn't recognize anyone "Who are you? Where's Buckthorn? Or Cowslip and Thistle?" "Who are you and how do you know our father?" responds Bluebell. "I'm Anemone. My father left this pack when I was young" "I'm Bluebell and these are my siblings Violet and Coltsfoot. What are you doing here?" "I..." She looks back at the way she came from. "I just wanted to return to my childhood pack" she says without mentioning her brother. "Well, sorry to disappoint, but they're dead. You can still join us if you'd like"
  6. The traveling siblings find a local. She introduces herself as Amethesia. "That's an odd name" says Anemone "Says a nicheling who's named after a plant" Amethesia responds Having been too young to remember anyone but his sister and vaguely his father, Ground-Ivy falls in love at first sight. Anemone is skeptical of this relationship. She's especially sure that her brother isn't ready to be a father. Regardless, little Emeferna is born
  7. Anemone and Ground-Ivy find a tree. Neither of them can figure out how to crack the nuts
  8. Soon Cowslip follows her, tough out of old age
  9. Despite the fruit she ate earlier, Acorn feels weak. Just then a bearyena attacks camp The beast dies before it can kill anybody. Unfortunately Acorn succumbs to her illnes.
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