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  1. It's already 2 hours past midnight here, so Merry Christmas everyone!

  2. I drew such a cute picture yesterday but my camera charger is still missing 😧

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    2. Honeydew the beezu

      Honeydew the beezu

      Or try cleaning, I don't really like doing that but some things can get found--

    3. Lilytuft with antlers

      Lilytuft with antlers

      Yeah it's probably somewhere in the paper ocean that is my desk

    4. Lilytuft with antlers

      Lilytuft with antlers

      Update: I cleaned my desk. It wasn't there

  3. Why is "Kaulin Saulin Saulin kaulimella." a grammatically correct sentence in Finnish?

  4. I've gotten several people wishing me happy thanksgiving today. It's a nice gesture, of course, but from now on I'm gonna return the favor by wishing people a happy [insert exclusively Finnish holiday here]

  5. Apparently my name was "Screaming blob" at one point. Does anyone remember the context? Like what was my profile picture at the time?

    1. Beautiful Birb

      Beautiful Birb

      I don't because pretty sure I wasn't around back then/if I was I don't remember

  6. I was supposed to do my homework. Instead I fell down the rabbithole that is tf wiki and found out that there is a transformer called Toaster, who transforms into a giant toaster. And also the only version of Sunder that isn't a Laserbeak recolor is a mass murderer, there's Lazor Beak who is an entirely different character from Laserbeak, there's a shattered glass universe for the Bumblebee movie...

    What do I do with all this information?

  7. brain low on RAM

    ->Open taskmanager

    ->Shut down internal_monologue.exe

    ->Mind runs much smoother now

    ->Experience a sense of awareness you haven't felt in years

    Why did nobody tell me this was possible?

  8. TW: animal death

    Even though Papu seemed better at times, I never really believed she'd fully recover. Her stomach is swollen and she's bleeding. She's going to be put down tomorrow if we can get her to a vet

    1. Lilytuft with antlers

      Lilytuft with antlers

      Mom took her to the vet this morning. I'll miss my sneaky little friend. She was the most pettaple out of the whole pack. She was a smart little one as well. Sometimes when she was up to something, I'd tap my finger and she'd stop. She never kissed anyone but me

    2. Beautiful Birb

      Beautiful Birb

      I'm sorry for your loss. It's hard to loose a pet, especially your favorite one or one you really cared about. 

  9. I'm tempted to do someting with the mordetwi meme

  10. How is it July 20th already? I'm not ready to be 17!

    1. Katumai


      just wait until youre 18, it gets worse. i'll have to pay taxes soon

    2. Lilytuft with antlers
  11. I'm back and Papu is still alive and seems to be doing better for now!

  12. Might go away for a few days because of a trip

    I hope the fish won't mess things up while I'm gone...

    TW: animal death

    My rat is still sick (previous status update) and I might loose her soon. I don't know if she'll still be here when I return.

  13. Just so everyone knows, I'm going through irl stuff right now so if I'm passive agressive, it's because of that. I'm sorry. I know I shouldn't take it out on other people

  14. Am I toxic? I feel like I'm being too mean to the child...

    1. ralsei deltarune

      ralsei deltarune


      also which small child 

    2. Lilytuft with antlers

      Lilytuft with antlers


      the one advertising their cracked minecraft server

    3. ralsei deltarune

      ralsei deltarune

      Definitely not

  15. Hi! Long time no see!

    1. Magicmoonss


      Hey! And yeah. I haven't really had any reason to be on the forums. I'm on da a lot though

    2. Lilytuft with antlers

      Lilytuft with antlers

      Silver said that you left. This is a pleasant surprise :)

    3. Magicmoonss


      I mean I didn't delete my account, so I'm technically still here. I just forget about it

  16. Uh- ummm... How's... existence?

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    2. Kira.APK


      What did she do?

    3. Lilytuft with antlers

      Lilytuft with antlers

      Said the n-word on a discord server. Probably other stuff too

    4. Kira.APK

    1. Sky



  18. I found an old profile pic!

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