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  1. I think I played that one before I got to buy the actual game! It had stuff like digging and stagmoles before the main version did, but you couldn't save. I couldn't find a download link on Gamejolt, but this website seems to have it, though I'm not sure how trustworthy it is https://games.softpedia.com/get/Games-Demo/Niche.shtml
  2. Starting with the scrunkly little fish noodle man (Neptune) going for a swim (you're going to see a lot of him on this thread, he's my fav)
  3. Drawing G.E.N.I.E.s and Aquas from Droners beause I'm obsessed with the show and can't draw humanoids
  4. I really want to try the one with 4 gems (and the epigenetics one too if that's unavailable, can't remember right now)
  5. A good amount of greens Looks like something I'd find on my scratch paper after a water color painting Aaand this one is my real first name (which some of you already know) This should be an art challenge
  6. I migrated my Minecraft account today

  7. https://nordic.ign.com/among-us/72725/news/unity-acknowledges-confusion-and-frustration-among-developers-but-wont-walk-back-install-fee-plan?utm_source=recirc https://nordic.ign.com/among-us/72716/news/among-us-temporary-delisting-on-the-table-as-developer-weighs-engine-swap-amid-unity-scandal?utm_source=recirc
  8. Or maybe not Still, this sucks and I feel bad for devs who've spent years working on unfinished that are too far in developent to be moved to a different engine games only to be hit by this
  9. Guess it's time to make dad stop uninstalling our small indie games to make room for his flight simulators' 60GB updates then...
  10. I figured the bell could have a part in it. Imagine every time you move, even the slightest bit, there's a ringing noise. Apparently the sound isn't bothersome to cats, but he could be extra sensitive
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