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  1. (I'll revive my characters properly once my exams are over but hopefully you'll be able to have fun until then. Also feel free to @ me if you need me for anything)
  2. Lilytuft

    2020 MAP

  3. Watch a movie or a show or something else that doesn't require the usage of your hands
  4. Lilytuft

    2020 MAP

    Oh, I'm so sorry that happened! Take all the time you need and don't worry about the part, just focus on letting your hand heal!
  5. Lilytuft

    2020 MAP

    online alias I guess I could trade part 4 for it if that works better for you
  6. Lilytuft

    2020 MAP

    Map will take forever no matter what, so it's fine! Having traditional art in the mix sounds fun : ) Cool! Skill level is not an issue, I already have several beginners in the map (also I know the struggle of laptop cameras) What name do I put you as in the part list?
  7. Lilytuft

    2020 MAP

    Don't worry, take your time : )
  8. Lilytuft

    2020 MAP

    Sure! Right after I sleep for 8 hours! jk, here's a pdf 2020 MultiAnimatorProject info.pdf Part 18 is open now
  9. Lilytuft

    2020 MAP

    Don't worry, it happens. Thanks for giving me the heads up!
  10. Welcome to our strange little corner of the internet
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