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  1. Lilytuft

    Toxic Body Miracle

    Oz is Zelena's dad!
  2. Lilytuft

    No mutations playthrough​🐾 ​

    Does that mean something? I hope not...
  3. Lilytuft

    No mutations playthrough​🐾 ​

    I played some more and can't wait to update it here. My newest baby is called Issi and she is a blind blue playtypus XD
  4. Lilytuft

    No mutations playthrough​🐾 ​

    We start with the same bloodline. Our starters are Ismesi Yellowfisher and Nuvan Rootear. They move to a new island and find Meisra Pinkfoot. Ismesi and Nuvan have bad luck. All of their children get eaten by bluebirds and bearyenas. Then Nuvan dies. The tribe is joined by Vanvan Bananabeak. The two females hurry to have children with him. Sadly Ismesi's child with him is sick. Meisra has Dukvan Pinkbanana with Vanvan. Then he starts having children with Dukro. Kukirduk Redroot joins them. Meisra and Dukro have Rokir Pinkfisher. Anareis and Kukirduk have Kukuku Redfoot, Ronukir Rootfoot and Rokir Fisherroot. After her mate dies, she has children with her oldest son. The tribe runs from bearyenas and is joined by Nuvannu Purrberry. He and Anareis have Kois Berryroot. To be continued...
  5. Rules: No mutations Only give birth in permanests Every nicheling has a two part familyname. They get one part from each parent We start off with Israla Nutclaw and Nuta Rootantler They have their first child, Vannukir Nutantler Their second son, Muddy Nutroot always seems to be forgotten by the rest of the tribe. They find a wanderer called Dukkukir Purrscratch. They raise him as their own. The whole tribe moves to a new island. Korela bigear joins them. Israla and Nuta have Nuta Rootclaw. Korela and Nuta(the first) have Kois Rootear. Israla and Nuta pass away. Then Korela and Vannukir have Kirrota bignut and Nukuku Bigantler. The tribe is starving. Muddy and Vannukir try to fish. Muddy just ends up drowning himself. Some nichelings colloect cactus berries and others rush for old berrybushes. Korela and Dukkukir are desperate to have a child. Korela gives birth to Vanku Bigscratch. Korela and dukkukir mate before he dies. On her last night Korela gives birth to Vanvanta Purrear and Anaana Earscratch. Nuta and Kois grow up. The tribe finds three wanderers. One is a scorpiontail female. The other two are brothers. One of them has platypus beak and the other has crackerjaw. There isn't enough food to invite all of them in them in. They choose Ronu Yellowfisher. Kois and Nuta have Kaivaja Rootear. Kois has one child with him. Mesisi Rootfisher seems like this tribe's last hope. The tribe is down to Mesisi, Vanku and their daughter Anais Scratchfisher. The tribe dies off.
  6. That basically counts as using console, so nope
  7. Lilytuft

    Making moves at the night?

    They would give up. It would be nice to be able to set a nicheling to "don't eat" mode, tough it would be cruel...
  8. Lilytuft

    Making moves at the night?

    Okay. Did you make sure everyone's protected? That bearyena looks hungry.
  9. Lilytuft

    Making moves at the night?

    Did you remember to manually feed your nichelings?
  10. You'll have time to join until Sunday
  11. The poll will appear on Sunday, so yes!
  12. Moosestar has a good change!
  13. My faws are Wasptail, Marshbrach, Ratstar and Shiningtooth. Marshbrach had a really interesting personality!
  14. Lilytuft

    The age option problem

    From what I've learned as a rat owner, it's not the animal's lifespan that matters. I'll be really happy if I can have a tribe like Ossen's, but with longer lifespans. (Also if we can customize our starters, I'll literally clone Ossen XD)