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  1. Guy rescues princess from some creepy masked forest people. This is a bad thing
  2. Undertale Hollow Kinight uhhh... Steven Universe? Portal Portal 2
  3. Haven't seen the show but is it Star vs the forces of evil? TMNT Warrior cats Pokemon Ratatouille WoF? 1st is slime rancher 2nd one might be deltarune? (idk anything about it besides the fact that it's an undertale sequel) Yup, definitely Deltarune
  4. Yeah but the teens are the good guys and the homeless kid is a future dark lord
  5. Two kingdoms are at war, locked in eternal combat with infinite outcomes. The bravest soldiers will ascend through the ranks (and may also become transgender) (I can guarantee that you've all heard of this one, and probably even played it at some point)
  6. Undead woman kidnaps scary child to distract the government, they end up stranded on the other side of the continent
  7. Ghost tries to get the worst guy ever to make more ethical political decisions
  8. Guy yells at wild animal for collapsing society, gets UNO reverse-carded
  9. -Teens (the good guys) bully a homeless kid (the antagonist) who turns out to be the chosen one -Evil guy tries not to fight his son, fails -Robot explodes to save his friends -Noodle house turns out to be a cover-up for a snake cult -Guy becomes allergic to water after not running fast enough -Floating orange dude wants to marry underage girl who kind of looks like his dead lover (don't worry, he's not actually into her, he just wants unlimited power) -A boomer and an ipad kid are twins -Girl revives guy's dad as revenge for not stopping a big snake when he was 10 -Teens raise a guy who's over 1000 years old -Army of shapeshifters attacks, and not a single one of them changes shape -One of the main characters becomes a tyrannical ruler for like 60 years and gets away with it -Everyone turns into cubes because some guy didn't finish developing a game that ate a beta tester -There's a society where politics depend on slugs and throwing rocks at the ruler -Guy gets sacrificed to a cardboard cutout -"My first girlfriend turned into the sea." "That's rough, buddy" -Zombie invasion that can only be stopped by the main good guy turning evil -Whoops, some guys accidentally broke the multiverse in their search for power! Good luck with that! -Furries send Fireboy and Sans Undertale into the backrooms These are actually all just different seasons from a show that was far too long to fit into one sentence
  10. The original idea of this drawing was to try and draw a nicheling with the same 3d-looking effect Niche's promotional art has. Instead I stayed up all night yesterday painting this bush and now my hand hurts
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