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  1. I like that no spreading option, but I'm not a big fan of no sickness at all. We need consiquenses of inbreeding.
  2. Lilytuft

    Has the short snout gone extinct?

    I meat that no spawning with it makes it even rarer
  3. Lilytuft

    Eating Nichelings

    Eating human meat is bad for our brains
  4. Lilytuft

    Has the short snout gone extinct?

    And now the starters usually havelong nose or cracker jaw
  5. Lilytuft

    Eating Nichelings

    This is a game mostly played by children. I doubt we want cannibalismn in it...
  6. Lilytuft

    wolf fangs and tail

  7. Lilytuft

    Secret islands ​🏝️

    These mysterious islands can only be found by traveling. You can't start on them, and they can't be reached from whale island. Even whales don't know where they are. Their ports can't be found easily. Kinda like whale island, they appear randomly, exept secret island ports can only be found in certain biomes. "But what kind of islands?" you might ask. Well that's left for the devs. They'd be secret after all. But if this suggestion gets 30 upvotes, (I want to knowif people like this or not) I will post my ideas for secret islands in seperate suggestions. I'm gonna post them even if this doesn't get the votes, but as normal island ideas.
  8. Lilytuft

    New Biome- Nuclear Wasteland

    Plus, nuclear disasters in general don't sound kid friendly either... (I saw a Japanese anime teaching about Hiroshima and now I'm traumatised)
  9. Lilytuft

    New Biome- Nuclear Wasteland

    I don't think this is what we want in a children's game...
  10. Lilytuft

    Family tree icons switching around

    I sort my family trees too and it gets really annoying, when you have like 50 nichelings (overbreeding on an archipelago) and all that work goes to waste...
  11. Lilytuft

    Who or what built the permanent nests?

    I think that they're built by dodomingos
  12. I agree. I have the same favs exept I'd replace sabre fangs with platypus beak
  13. Lilytuft

    Old Naming System - Bring Back Bob!

    As toggleable this would be perfect!
  14. Lilytuft

    Mane types​ 🦁

    Anyone can call for wild animals on a tree stump. Attractiveness works differently
  15. Lilytuft

    Faded markings?

    Similiar to this: https://strayfawnstudio.com/community/index.php?/topic/2289-colorpattern-options🐅🐆/