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  1. Had another long session today exploring the new update and loved it so far! Also got a few ideas I'd like to share -I like that the villager profile shows where they live. That being said, I'd also like to be able to click on a house and see who lives there! -I have a tendency to get attached to specific villagers. Perhaps they could have a bio function where you could write down notes about them. Maybe their profile could even show when and how they joined the village? -Maybe villagers that have worked at a specific job for a longer time could become skilled in it and get a small efficiency boost. When reassigning jobs they would gravitate towards ones they have a higher skill level in. -A pop-up overview of all your villagers -A gardener building that would allow the villagers to add a +1 decoration (temporary effect that does not stack) to their homes by visiting the building and carrying some flowers into their house. The worker(s) would grow flowers on plots (max 3 tile radius) next to the building. They would also help construct plant-decorations and perhaps having the building would unlock a few new types of flowerbeds.
  2. I don't mind them being in the game. Everyone has a different playstyle and some people will not care about Onbu's happines as much. These features could be useful for speedrunning purposes or just trying to maximize productivity. That being said, personally I will never touch any of them
  3. Ooo! I was hoping a certain type of late-game building would do that!
  4. Thank you! He looks wonderful
  5. ooo Neat style! Can you do my boi?
  6. by @ojamayellow (if any of you end up falling down the TF rabbit hole, this is the go-to person for memes) (I censored this next one because forums lol)
  7. Some memes I stole from Tumblr by @mechhours: by @macaronatron by @itswalky https://64.media.tumblr.com/56e07a3da1909acd0d3991cb0c4b9e9f/0e045058310d15f5-bb/s500x750/74d13e3f20b153c608aa28880019ba3455b5a095.pnj by @them4ng0
  8. Fox News talked about Nightshade and now transphobes have reviewbombed Earthspark. Here are links to google drives containing the show (Paramount+ isn't available in most countries so I consider this an acceptable form of piracy) Episodes 1-10: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/13hNAeZBz4czLZRFJ9pR1rtgBpCuEhzzN Episodes 11-18: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Gp2lAK4_A0lXH-965PD9MxDuisjFXL-L If you have the time, please consider watching it and leaving a review on google or IMDb so we don't lose the rest of this show to transphobia! (Luckily all tf shows are also toy advertisements so hopefully the reviews being bad won't result in it being cancelled, but it's a possibility.) If you have any questions about transformers lore, feel free to ask me!
  9. Yeah, Nyoma was its original name
  10. Gee, thanks Onbu! What a great sleeping spot!
  11. Welcome to our little corner of the internet! I hope you enjoy your stay!
  12. Cool things I have acquired recently:

    -Two baby rats named Kuu (moon) and Tähti (star)

    -Glow in the dark paint, I'm obsessed with this stuff hdshgfshjfhskjfh

    1. shortcake


      ooh, fancy!!!

      rats are the coolest ❤️ /gen

  13. Inactive, currently. People just stopped roleplaying. There's nothing stopping them (or anyone) from continuing though
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