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  1. Wrong section. This is the request archive. We can't vote here. @Skysplash8 could you move this thread? Also welcome to the forums!
  2. Yes, now you will receive the title of a naming ninja.
  3. Lilytuft

    Area 51 raid

    A place to talk about the "raid" of area 51. I can't believe they just left Shrek 5, Minecraft 2 and Halflife 3 in there! So close but yet so far...
  4. Pick a number and give me a nicheling. The genes don't need to match the scetch but the flying nicheling needs wings. There may be more slots in the future. My cheap screenpen died in middle of making this. This won't be finished for a long time. I have lot of other projects right now.
  5. Good. The nicheling was very regular looking, so it might have been a little difficult Try this one
  6. Sure! It'd be fun to see him in your style!
  7. I guess I'll pluck this in here
  8. O-ossen..? (it looks so cool) Without the ' Cala looks pretty cool
  9. Well in this tribe I just take what pops to mind from looking at the nicheling and then bend it a little Ossen ~ oxen, Kirana ~ kirahvi (the Finnish word for giraffe), Pinka ~ pink, Adan ~ well he reminded me of his dad, Rovanberry ~ this one I didn't even bend..., Slatlan ~ no idea where that came from..., Dog food ~ reminded me of Brightheart from warriors and there's a Moonkitti video where she gets renamed to Dogfood in stead of Lostface so... Here's a random nicheling. Now take the first thing that comes to mind and bend it!
  10. Happy birthday! Niche has to be my favourite game and I'm so glad it exists
  11. Thanks! Nice to hear of other people using similiar techniques
  12. This was my first time doing lineart in MSpaint and then doing the rest on gimp Here's a textless version and the lineart if someone wants to use it
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