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  1. Nice pfp!

    1. Modiano Urania

      Modiano Urania


      All hail Lord Starscream 

    2. Lilytuft


      Starscream put on his Starscreamiest grin - he realized a way he could finally win

  2. Didn't everyone have Deltarune in their home thread titles a while back? And now that I finally don't need to avoid spoilers for chapter 2 everyone has moved on :'D

    Welp, being late is kind of my brand at this point so-




    2. Lilytuft


      I was actually just hanging out in your homethread a minute ago. It's the last refuge

  3. I migrated my Minecraft account today

  4. I love how I'm still a NicheMobileTester

  5. Cool things I have acquired recently:

    -Two baby rats named Kuu (moon) and Tähti (star)

    -Glow in the dark paint, I'm obsessed with this stuff hdshgfshjfhskjfh

    1. shortcake


      ooh, fancy!!!

      rats are the coolest ❤️ /gen

  6. We finally got the elbow reveal! Thank you Technodad!


  7. Someone I look up to started watching me on DA and is saying nice things to me what do I do???

    1. Andromeda_


      thank them for the compliment(s) and say you're inspired by them

    3. Lilytuft


      There are two kinds of people

  8. I had a math exam today so I walked into class and said "Hi, I'm here to bring the class average down"

    1. Lilytuft


      Had a literature exam today and accidentally slept in

  9. *spontaneously makes a game in the middle of the night*

    (It's currently 5AM but I've been working on this for a while now)


  10. /vent

    I miss playing video games.
    I spend too much time online. I haven't been gaming much all year. I've been too stressed to allow myself that.

    I can't remember the last time I played Niche without making a playthrough. Actually, I don't think I've really played it normally at all since making my first one. I've played it by taking turns with my sister in our pack vs pack saves, but aside from that everything has been documented. I guess I don't want to end up with another Rare situation or forget screenshotting pretty nichelings' genes. If there's another Ossen, I want to have everything preserved.

    But with a playthrough comes the constant pressure to document every birth, every death and to make it interesting. Don't get me wrong, I like making playthroughs, but the stories I make with them tend to be pretty forced. Without the pressure to be entertaining and making every nicheling into a character, stories come naturally. I'm realising now that unless I take time to play normally every once in awhile, there won't be another Ossen.

  11. Where did you go?

  12. You guys are lucky I have a tumblr account or else I wouldn't shut up about Transformers Energon. I mean, I still don't, but at least I'm not flooding the forums with posts talking about how much I love a low quality children's show that's as old as me

    1. Lilytuft


      One thing I will bother you with though is this song which has no right to be this good


  13. I'm going to Danmark to prepare for the ace invasion. See you in a few days!

  14. Frick. Frick. Frick.

    I'm gonna be a legal adult in less than 2 hours. help.

    1. Show previous comments  8 more
    2. Lilytuft


      Aaa thank you! He looks lovely :Onbu_heart_eyes:

    3. Katumai


      Good luck on being old, I'm only a year ahead of you 💀

    4. Lilytuft


      Thanks, good luck to you as well

  15. Don't look at my name history

    1. Lilytuft


      It took a whole year

  16. Thinking about garlic bread

  17. I'm at the part of my story where my mentor is dead and I must carry on and remember his teachings.

    I lost the "getting things done" instructions my school psychologist printed for me


  18. *reads old posts*

    "ew I used to be so annoying"

    *continues to be annoying*

  19. We have   bunny

    him Name Juksu (after moomin character)

    he 2 years smol

    But big Floofy boi

    very round an Brave

    1. ap0110



    2. Lilytuft
  20. I'm so excited but also very scared because I need a lot of things done before tomorrow and it's 9:30 pm

  21. appreciating my rats while they're still here

    1. Lilytuft


      Rest in peace Pippuri and Mönkerö. You shall be missed dearly

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