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  1. Oh wow That first chapter was wild
  2. Georgie!!! I'll read that when I get the chance! The art and the formatting looks really neat and I can't wait to find out what it's about (the murder part is pretty obvious but I'm assuming it's a bit more complicated than that)
  3. Oro's magical girl transformation comes with free eyelashes
  4. She sucks at babysitting actual children because she's so used to babysitting an old man
  5. Some more discord requests
  6. Took some requests on the Droners discord server
  7. Doodled a Neptune at work with a mouse, from memory I've been trying to work out what to do with the faces Also turns out tiny fish noodle man is actually not a man in the original French version
  8. Never knew electricity was this fun to draw
  9. Whoops I set him on fire (the face is a heavy work-in-progress) Making glowy efects with ms paint is a ton of fun and I get to follow the exact same process as when using crayons on black paper
  10. Oh yeah, I got sick and had to stay home for most of the week, then found out the second season was out so I binged it all in two days and now I'm obsessed with this show again
  11. Trying to de-cartoonify the main noodle, Oro Here's some progress
  12. You did an amazing job on the style switch up, I had no idea it was you!
  13. Hdsgdfsghfhsgf you guys are too nice
  14. I've had a mod idea for forever. Guess it's time to learn coding! Thanks for showing us how to mod, Mod mod!
  15. My condolences. Don't worry, it'll stop when you're like 50 or something
  16. Neither has mine but I don't want to reveal it yet
  17. So uh, everyone hasn't been guessed yet, right?
  18. What if the rogue has all my perfect genes? /j
  19. You can always combine it with another challenge. Personally I find special roles tiring and hard to stick with, though that might be due to my lifespan settings
  20. I might have definitely been paired up with someone back around 2019 but what about now?
  21. Ok, here are some of my old suggestions that I still think could be fun Bevare of cringe formatting, old art and severe grammar mistakes!
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