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  1. not sure how that would be possible with niche, aside from drawing a you-know-what with tiles or something, which still wouldn't be the end of the world
  2. Mistmouse She grew bitter after loosing so much to bearyenas and eventually got the curse of being patient 0 in my corona challenge She enjoys spreading the sickness Evil form:
  3. Lilyturf

    Youtuber Mentions

    Falcon replied to my comment!
  4. I hope you're okay with the third albino rogue for now. I'll make more later
  5. I forgot to copy it the first time and just pasted the same picture twice. It's fixed now
  6. Alright, I have updated the character info. I'll add more wanderers today
  7. I give up. I need to fix my sleep schedule If someone opens it, it will be a cliffhanger until I have time to draw the nicheling since I don't want people inserting their own sandbox-made nichelings in there. But if the roleplay gets there, people are allowed to open it He will make a fine addition to the cast
  8. You can start if you want. I'm going to sleep as soon as discord decides to open so I can tell Owger that this is up
  9. There's no set character limit aside from "Make sure that there are adoptables left for other people too"
  10. Island of ice is a sister to Island of fire (Iof), the first adoptable roleplay. Like it's predecessor, Island of ice is a roleplay setting. It takes place on a First snow island. You can submit your own characters, have them visit from other roleplays, adopt a wanderer (or a rogue male) or even migrate your Iof character(s) if you have one (or more). Anyone is allowed to join. For those of you who are new to this type of rp, characters can often have very long names, so it is custom to use abbreviations. (For example, SLARM stands for "slightly less annoying rogue male") We tend to keep things pretty natural. No magic has ever appeared on Iof, but many laws of Niche were broken and we even had a helicopter visit once... Local residents: Green means open for adoption DOEs this count as a reindeer (Lisa The Dragonwolf) Squirrel (Sky) Albino rogue male (Stagmole) Appears at the brink of extinction (Pollygussie) Large floof (YambOwO) Found in the grass (gamingcookie) Another albino rogue male (Flour) Hey look, another one! (Foxy Kaza) Ice block 1 Fake ramfox (Possum Girl) Splooshie (Vanilla) Raven (Lisa The Dragonwolf) Lisa (Lisa The Dragonwolf) Nishi (Possum Girl) Morgan (mr.Owger) I'll update this in the morning with the remaining wanderers You can already pick a character if you want
  11. Maybe, but I already have like 10 of them done. Go ahead then, I guess
  12. But what would we do with it?
  13. Oh..


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