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  1. Uh... I sometimes touch my nose with my tongue
  2. Not me, but then again I don't live in Cameland
  3. Lilyturf


    Also I wasn't joking about that last part, here's some old art (ew) of my OCs (one of them is a friend's character but I helped to design him)
  4. Lilyturf


    I'm personally a lover of olive, but I think yellow suits this design better
  5. Lilyturf


    Prettyyyy ❤️ The nose line has magical powers, that's why like 80% of my warriors OCs have it XD
  6. Lilyturf


    Maybe some patterns in honey or brown, a reddish nose color or even the best pattern of all... ...NOSE LINE
  7. Lilyturf


    Also I'm Liljatupsu #9393
  8. Oh no, you posted this in request archive! @Spookie can you please move this so we can upvote?
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