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  1. Years of practice have led to this moment!
  2. This feels almost like a fun little sequel. If you get it to a point where you're comfortable sharing it, I'd love to try it out even with the current level of polish it has. The graphics, while low poly, look cute and I love the way it seems kinda freeroam (even though I'm a lover of hexagons)
  3. I didn't use any of the baby names on this. It was Pippuri
  4. Are you sure you didn't get lucky or have babies with derppsnout? Or have I been unaware of this advantage for all this time?
  5. Found this rat in the wild, but he got one of mine sick
  6. Tried to keep the poison fangs alive, but the mate is dead so I guess the rest of the litter were stillborn? Rip Kivi
  7. Baby time! Here's the litter size And here is the litter A quick interruption from our sponsor: yellow fish Apparently the water didn't stop it More children
  8. I'm gonna use the island as a nesting place since it's safe
  9. Reduced enemy damage from 40x to 30x and started with more food on a grass mingle The spawn is its own island!
  10. There's no way I'm getting qualified children with one rat
  11. Take the fangchild and run This is not how this challenge was supposed to go
  12. it left after taking the child but the others found us We lost one, but take that! No.
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