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  1. I know your pain, my laptop's "end" key is also the right arrow key. (I needed the end for a recording program)
  2. Thank you The jupiter one took ages to color but was also the most fun to design. I prefer the lineless sun to the one with lineart aside from the awkward pixel errors on edges of areas
  3. If you zoom in on the sun on the lineless one, you can see the results of me having to color hundreds of pixels invidually (luckily with help from the selection tool)
  4. Lineless and flat colors versions of my space submission
  5. After a month I'm finally finished! (Please click on it and zoom in if you can, I worked really hard on this)
  6. There's one more that I have drawn but still need to take a picture of. I have other plans for the rest
  7. A moth got into our apartment today. Once I got it out of the lamp and onto my hand, we went onto the balcony to release it. My sister took a good look at it and it climbed onto her face and then proceeded to stay there for like 10 minutes
  8. Welcome to the forums! I'm pretty sure it's fine to share socials as long as they don't contain too much personal information
  9. I love your profile picture!

    1. Moptimus Prime

      Moptimus Prime

      Thanks, I stole it from google XD

  10. You're the second person who thought I was new Also thanks
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