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  1. *spontaneously makes a game in the middle of the night*

    (It's currently 5AM but I've been working on this for a while now)


  2. Kind of unrelated, but Cyberverse is a good show and it's available on youtube
  3. As in in the discord server. I want to know what the show is about before I decide wether to participate or not
  4. These aren't really injuries, but when I was 12 my friend and I were hit by a car on our way home from school. We were fine though, aside from some fairly large bruises on our legs and she lost half a tooth. Also I'm allergic to horseflies, which isn't dangerous, but the bites swell up really bad. One time I was bitten on the back of my hand and it looked like if you filled a rubber glove with water. And a little over a year ago we went riding and I somehow got 5 bites on one leg and none anywhere else. The whole leg was swollen and it hurt for weeks
  5. Oh, having specialized carriers is definitely worth it because it's a task most workers will ignore if there are more "relevant" tasks to attend to
  6. Various Laserbeaks for rating (yes, these are birbs. he's from space) (This last one is my design. He's standing on a cat's head)
  7. I may add more palettes or expression sheets when I come across them. Feel free to send some my way You can pick both a palette and an expression but it doesn't have to be both Non-nicheling characters are allowed, but I'm posting this in the niche section because I feel like drawing nichelings right now
  8. Scorpion tail is back!!! This SLARM baby is sick This SLARM baby isn't I like how so many surnames have just lost their meaning at this point
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