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  1. 10 hours ago, Chousbbs said:

    How are your rats doing?

    Pippuri is getting a bit older, but seems healthy. Purjo is fine too as well as Mönkerö and Kaurahiutale (Pippuri's babies)

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  2. best roleplay/story

    I haven't really been roleplaying, but the SFS seems seems really cool so whoever is responsible for that

    best art/fanart

    @Taduk doesn't post often, but when they do, it's really awesome

    @Piacedake for asserting dominance over the entirety of the Niche fanart section

    @TundraKitsune has a really cool style. Or actually, a bunch of them

    @Takoyama whose art has improved at unreal speeds since she first joined the forums

    @pepper_ has a cute style

    friend award

    @Polly for being cool

    @Sky the ever reliable

    @Chousbbs for being overall friendly and reacting to people's posts

    @A Nicheling because of discord

    other award

    @Philo for taking the time to interact with us

    @SafiraCoyfolf for keeping the Niche section alive and doing cool stuff with the game files

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  3. 9 minutes ago, A Nicheling said:

    Even if there were some dark times and mistakes; they have thought me valuable life lessons that I hope have made me a better person.


    Even if we sometimes fought a little, well... maybe a lot, those fights and the people here have helped me grow as a person. I wouldn't have anywhere near the level of self awareness I do now if it wasn't for these forums. The people here mean so much to me, even the ones I never got along with

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  4. Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened. And hey, it's not even over! Sure, there won't be any more updates, but with the sandbox settings the game already has tons of replay value! The community has provided tons of challenges, roleplays and stories. Sure, it was exciting when stuff like new biomes, genes and animals were coming out, but at it's current state the game doesn't really lack anything.

    Thank you, Stray Fawn, for the countless hours of fun and teaching us about genetics. (Seriously, it was a huge help in school!) The community that's been built around the game is amazing as well. So many cool people who I'd have never met if it wasn't for Niche! I look forward to Wandering Village and whatever else the future has to offer (as well as what might come of that little prototype thingy)


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  5. 17 hours ago, CATFISHPARTY said:

    i cant continue nichetober sorry :(( i got really sick and it demotivated me. all of these other drawings look really good tho i wish i could have participated more !

    It's okay. I don't want to pressure anyone into drawing. Get well soon!

    17 hours ago, Lizardcake said:

    yeah I'm quitting for now too. I just don't have the motivation.

    Again, no pressure. Draw what makes you happy

    Thank you both for participating! I wasn't sure if anyone would actually bother with the challenge so it was nice while it lasted

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