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  1. This young wanderer has been fish-ified
  2. Ooo I forgot this was going to happen
  3. The first future grass clearer child is born
  4. Everyone gets paired up aside from Brynza who goes to search for an ice block instead
  5. Since no one has spiky body, I'll need to breed to get grass clearers
  6. Not using, just a really cool nicheling
  7. Random.org gave me summer mountains
  8. It's just cracker jaw with whiskers
  9. Welcome to the forums! Enjoy your stay!
  10. If you screenshot at just the right time when swimming through flowing swamp water you get this
  11. Perhaps every furcolor gene is assigned a toxic body color? Idk, might be too much work to implement
  12. I think she means the fact that currently the toxic body colors are randomly picked instead of depending on genetics
  13. You know what? Yes, petition signed!
  14. She literally said she'll leave it be unless there's a fight. Sky closes any threads with fights in them, not just the ones where she's part of the fight. She doesn't abuse her powers
  15. This is very much a personal thing and there's literally no way there won't be a fight over this
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