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  1. Could you draw Ossen? He'd probably have a shy look. You can choose what dragon type would fit him the best
  2. Welcome to the forums! It's always nice having an artist join the community. I look forward to seeing more of your work
  3. The Niche version of inktober. You can do as many prompts as you like at whatever pace. You can even combine prompts! Any kind of art is accepted; traditional, digital, sculpting, music, etc... Here are the prompts. You may repost the list anywhere. No need to credit as long as you don't claim to have drawn it
  4. The Dragon Egg challenge The name name makes just as much sense as half of the rules
  5. I haven't lost any pets on Polly's realm yet so I have a feeling the next 50-something phantoms I see are gonna be vengeful cat spirits instead
  6. Make a group of gray nichelings with white patterns and various eye colors. They should all be named after either types of cheese or fish depending on their gender. Randomly select your starting island. You can only kill rogue males after they've bred with one of your females. Every leader of the group is called Chair. Start with Chair the 100th and count down from there. If you reach 0, start using negative numbers. Nichelings with spiky body or stripes have the lawnmower role and are the only ones who are allowed to clear grass. Nichelings with webbed paw are sacrificed to the sea if possible. If not, they need to have at least 4 children. No paw mutations allowed! When a new Chair is crowned, you need to select a ritual spot like a tree, a nest or a tree stump and gather everyone around it. If a Chair dies before the ceremony is performed, you must skip one day without doing anything. When a crabbit is hunted down, all the teens in the tribe need to perform the crab dance. When a nicheling grows up, they're allowed to clear one patch of grass even if they aren't a lawnmower. Nichelings with purrsnout have to eat a poison berry before they can start using their healing powers. Each nicheling only needs to do this once.
  7. No one come to my area for a few minutes unless you want to witness animal cruelty
  8. I just want a fully black cat, how hard can it be???
  9. I've been working on my base for a few hours now
  10. Minecraft headcanon: phantoms are just your dead (minecraft) pets trying to say hi
  11. A new trader, Kukkakauppias has moved into Kakka kauuppias' old home
  12. No pressure or anything, I get that you have school and a life and stuff but just reminding you for when you have time
  13. He left 😢 He was a wandering trader that sold brown dye and podzol
  14. Come visit if you like, just don't let Kakka kauppias out of the gate
  15. I stole a cool floor design from the Minecraft wiki
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