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  1. The whale island also has a bearyena show up during the few beginning days
  2. Capybeagers are a combnation of capybaras, beavers and badgers. They spawn in capybeager dams: A more game friendly sprite: Movement: They do three moves every night, just like bearyenas. They swim up and down streams and may cut down trees and berry bushes around the them. Capybeagers are passive towards nichelings unless you attack them. If you do that, they turn agressive and use their turns to attack your nichelings. They are very protective about their babies. Habitat: They can be found in all islands that have streams. They won't go far from their dam. Hunting: If you attack them, they turn agressive. They drop 7 food. Lifespan (& maybe taming): Capybeagers have a lifespan of 10 days. They spawn as babies. They reach aduthood at the age of 4 days. (Maybe you could tame them with 3 food when they're babies and breed with them when they become adults?) Genes (if hybrid breeding were to happen): Round ears No horns Short sight Capybeager snout (inspired by the Beaver teeth to cut down trees) + 2 smelling +1 cracking tree cutting ability Capybeager body +1 swimming +1 strenght +1 cold resistance Capybeager paw +1 swimming +1 strenght Capybeager hinglegs +2 swimming +1 speed +1 strenght Swimming tail Random albinism and melanism genes Black or white fur Orange eyes Black or white horn colour White pattern Mask Pattern shape D Thick pattern density Medium pattern size Normal bloodclotting Normal fertility Random immunity Apetite: Capybeagers eat treebark and sometimes cut down small trees. They also cut berry bushes around their water source. They may sometimes eat grass around their stream. They can also feast upon acorns if an oak happens to be close by. In swamp islands they sometimes eat insects. Abilities: 1 speed 2 swimming 1 cracking 2 strenght Tree cutting (The ability to cut down small trees like aspen) 1 eyesight 3 hearing 2 smelling
  3. Try archipelago next! No rogues, plenty of food and no room for bearyenas to spawn that often!
  4. I alwys think of the bearyenas as more of a meal than a danger! Also Rogue males are possible to avoid! Just keep trying and you'll get over the beginning!
  5. Just bad luck. Try starting in Peaceful meadow! Just bad luck. Try clearing out as much of the grass as you can and have your female gathering food between babyhaving. Your babies can focuse in these two things.
  6. This should only appear in the killer jungle. Also there should be a sandbox customisation button to turn these off. I'm not that sure about the cannibalism tough. Have my vote!
  7. First of all, thanks! That colour idea is very good, it might help their camoflauge. Also you gave me an idea! No way! You gave me another idea! Name added to the list!
  8. I mean that males would have the bearyena-hair-thing on their head even without bearyena snout
  9. Thank you! I'll think about using it!
  10. This animal is a combination of a flying squirrel and a tree kangaroo. It also has a few squirrel traits in it. It's the size of a rabbil. It spawns in any tree that isn't in any nicheling's sight range. It can be found in any island. It has three colour options: These colours were picked from real pictures. The first and second ones are from tree kangaroos and the third one is from a flying squirrel. Colour info: Their colour depends on the tree type they spawnwed in or their parent's colour. In very rare chance they can be albino 🌳 Oak trees -> grey-brown 🍃 Aspen trees -> grey-brown 🌲 Pine trees -> silver 🌿 Jungle trees -> grey-brown 🌾 Mangrove trees -> grey-brown 🌴 Coconut trees -> gold 🍂 Acasia trees -> gold 🍁 Home island trees -> gold Movement: It glides from tree to tree every night. It can glide to any tree on the island. They eat during the day. Hunthing: Only flying nichelings can hunt them. You only need 1 attack to kill them. They drop 3 food. Bluebirds can catch them. Reproduction & Lifespan: If it survives for five days, a baby will appear to it's pouch. Three days after that, the baby is fullgrown and glides to a different tree than it's mother. The mom can reproduce again after five days. The child can have their first offspring at the age of eight days. They have a lifespan of 20 days. Apetite: Every time you move, they eat one nut/coconut/fruit from the tree they are on, until it's empty. They can also reach berries from a bush, if it's next to their tree. If any egg-laying birds get added, they can steal their eggs. Abilities: infinite gliding 2 collecting 1 cracking 2 hearing 4 eyesight 3 smelling Spore pictures proveded to you by @orinz
  11. @MysticTopaz Also a bearyena mane would be nice
  12. But if mane genes got added, it would be a really nice mane gene, that could only be accessed by breeding with a liotah. But if it doesn't get added, your idea is really nice too :). I was just thinking of a fun way these ideas could work together!
  13. Maybe it could have a liotah mane gene?
  14. If the nicheling was any bigger, it would crush the eggs
  15. This has been suggested multiple times alredy
  16. Three times a try: This challenge is useful when trying to keep pack size small. Every time a nicheling has a baby, one of it's gems is turned red. When it has all gems red, it becomes "infertile" and is not allowed to breed. Both mom and dad get their gems turned red rogue babies count If this is too hard, you can try an easier version. After all gems are red, just start turning them blue! Restart challenge When you leave to a new island, you are only allowed to bring one female (she is allowed to be pregnant) and one male. Count, how many islands you can survive! Tip: Wanderers are really important to avoid immunity sicness! Inbred challenge You are not allowed to invite creatures to your tribe (exept for snow block-creatures) You cannot beed with creatures outside of your tribe Family names Your starter animals get different family names Every time an unrelated creature joins your tribe, they get a family name, that has not been in the family Every time a male baby is born, they get their father's family name Every time a female baby is born, they get their mother's family name
  17. @Dinocanid In Finland we atleast hope to not have rainy summers. They are getting more common because of the climate change. But usually summers here are sunny. In fall we have lots and lots and lots of rain. If I have to describe the Finnish autumn weather with one word, it would be rain. So it does depend a lot in the country
  18. So, we have seasons on snow mountains. Why shouldn't we have other islands with seasons? I present to you... The Seasons Island! Also, people who have had this idea before me, sorry for stealing it! I didn't find a topic about this. So this island has seasons that effect the ammount of food and the colour of grass, etc... Summer: Plants are green Grass regrows fast It's warm. Creatures get hot easily Rain is normal Prey is common Medium ammount of berries Nuts are raw so they're rare unless you have a creature in a tree Fall: Plants turn yellow, orange and red Grass regrows normal speed It's -1 cold Rains a lot Not as much prey A lot of berries A lot of nuts Winter: Plants lose their leaves and get snow on them Grass regrows really slow Weather is cold It snows every few days Prey is uncommon and rabbils are hard to spot Berries regrow slow Some nuts Spring: Plats are light green. Ground is covered with flowers Grass regrows fast Weather is a bit warm but creatures don't get hot easily Rain is normal Prey is very common and baby bearyenas are very common Some berries Almost no nuts
  19. @Jojo Yes. The distances between these islands are longer than in a normal archipelago and that's why there are stepping stones between them
  20. This island is kind of a harder version of archipelago. It has three islands that are a bit bigger than a big archipelago island. Each island is a different biome with it's own temperature and weather conditions. The coldest island is always in the north and the warmest is in the south. Each island has a port leading to an island featuring it's biome. So jungle island has a jungle port, a savannah island has a savannah port, a swamp has a swamp port, etc.
  21. Oh sounds terrible I'd hate loosing a save file with that much time spent on it
  22. Bird themed names (Finnish) Varpunen (sparrow) Rastas (trush) Korppi (raven) Varis (crow) Sulka (feather) Lokki (seagull) Nokka (beak) Siipi (wing) Lintu (bird) Naakka (jackdaw) Tiainen (tit) Lento (flight) Taivas (sky) Sulat (fethers) Haukka (hawk) Kotka (eagle) Sinilintu (bluebird) Perhonen (butterfly) Huuhkaja (eagle owl)
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