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  1. annoying dog 10 hours
  2. I wasn't expecting SLARM to go on a killing spree and then committing suicide... Also why do my weak runners do so well in these?
  3. Priprilur joins Team Runner
  4. Finally the Flower team babies! Mela has a golden pelt Talen looks weak and strong at the same time Kirdonta is very floof and has 8 strenght!
  5. Anareel, why are you so pretty? You look like Shyla!
  6. Isla takes after her dad. She has reversed patterns compared to him
  7. Yes, since she was adopted by them
  8. Team Wanderer welcomes in little Donno They get rid of eachother's leeches
  9. All females are now sitting on nests
  10. All females are now pregnant (exept for the sick wanderer child). Team Flower mated with a bearyena She is now preganant too
  11. They don't get far enough Maybe now?
  12. Team Clover keeps on gathering berries Team Runner runs
  13. Team Wanderer finds a nice island. (Flamingo's reflection XD) Team flower adopts a sick child
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