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  1. @mooshroomgal posted these screenshots from 2019 and despite everything they made me smile a bit so I thought I'd share them here in the hopes that they'll ease someone's grief. Rest in peace legend.
  2. Olen aina miettinyt, mitä käy, kun tubettaja kuolee, mutta en halunnut saada tietää näin
  3. Ok, since it's the last day of pride month, I'm coming out Sooo... I was right. I'm definitely ace. I don't have the romantic attraction part figured out yet, but it's definitely not a normal amount since I'm not sure if I've ever had a crush. Also weirdly enough I also seem to experience little to no aestethic attraction when it comes to humans. Like I can recognize that someone is conventionally beautiful but I rarely get any sort of pleasure from staring at a human and would rather just be looking at anything else I'm also taking archery lessons, which means I might become an arrow-ace, which will be helpful in invading Danmark I'm sorry Sky, you're the token straight person. It's okay though, we still love you also there's nothing wrong with being cis and straight and you shouldn't feel bad for it because you're still an unique person in many other ways
  4. Him? He's very sweet and a bit shy. Also gentle and encouraging
  5. I made a new one and it's gonna be a pain for newer people: http://www.quizyourfriends.com/take-quiz.php?id=2206301110418298&cpy&
  6. I'm turning 18 in under a month I'm scared Also I still don't know my height
  7. Wow this comes off as way more guilt trippy than it was supposed to be I meant it as "it's unlikely the people here would read my comic especially since there's only like 4 pages"
  8. A moving car. Waking up isn't disorienting, because the car is still moving, which means you can't have been asleep for very long
  9. None of your past usernames ring a bell. I think someone might have hypnotized me and erased my memory of you
  10. You have 2k posts and still somehow I'm not sure if I've ever seen you? Maybe when you were Mattresss? But I have no mental image of you. The heck???
  11. In my current save I started out in Mountain domain. I wanted to move into the Mystic colony and marry Scout. For the first thing I had to get good rep with the colony and also decided to befriend Oracle by giving them liquorice root along with my usual gifts. To make dating Scout easier, I tried to build up trust with the Forest colony as well, though I mostly met up with them in secret. One time I was bringing Scout some rabbits, but they had already gone into camp and Sarge stopped me at the entrance. I bribed them with some drugs and they let me in. (a.k.a. I gifted the colony catnip) Once I got to marry Scout, Oracle was the only person who showed up to our wedding X'D
  12. https://picrew.me/image_maker/1609462 Purjo: Kaurahiutale:
  13. Rats and bookshelves. And cheesecake. A whole room for art. A large square hammock hanging from the ceiling. An indoor tree
  14. Also this one allows you to cosplay as BBH https://picrew.me/image_maker/516044
  15. Ok so it turns out this wasn't really designed with birbs in mind, but I tried my best
  16. THERE'S A PETHER NORTAL SHIRT!!!1! Ok time to try and make my actual sona
  17. I need you all to know that this exists: https://picrew.me/image_maker/111668
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