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  1. Dinocanid

    World-Wide Immunity

    What exactly would it be immune to? Colds? (Like double immunity sickness when it spreads) That's the only sickness I know of, unless sleeping sickness counts?
  2. Dinocanid

    Overcrowding issues.

    90!? I can't go above 10 without losing! Anways, I agree that this should have some sort of cost (like the food mentioned above). When you make a large tribe, it's supposed to be challenging to support them all, so it would be kind of OP to be able to send them away without any cost.
  3. Dinocanid

    Health Bars + Expanded Entity Display

    I feel like health bars would be good. I know you can check the health of bearyenas and balance bears, but not small prey.
  4. Dinocanid

    Armored Head

    Yeah, a triceratops head is a gene in the console, but it doesn't do anything. So it seems like something like this was planned at some point and didn't make it into the game (whether it was for attack or defense, I don't know).
  5. Dinocanid

    Longer Life span.

    An idea like that already exists here:
  6. Dinocanid

    Mother turns into baby glitch - Release_preview

    I second the console commands thing. Sometimes when I use them to change genes the nicheling will change sizes. (IE: a bigger head, or appearing baby sized)
  7. Dinocanid

    Kill baby nichelings

    That's a separate idea entirely, and works better for the miscarriage idea than this idea. My main point is to kill the baby in the nest before it can affect the rest of the tribe in any way (be it illness, food loss, just being plain ugly, whatever). I wouldn't want it to cost the health of a nicheling I want to keep.
  8. Dinocanid

    Kill baby nichelings

    But it would just be much faster to kill them right after they're born in the nest wouldn't it? No need to move them or anything, and they won't eat your food either while you're trying to drown them or wait for a predator to arrive. It just takes too long in my opinion, especially if you don't want them at all. It's extra resources. You click a button, boom, that's it.
  9. Dinocanid

    Stuck in an island loop

    Oh yeah, here it is: Slot4.nichesave At least I think that's it.
  10. Dinocanid

    Kill baby nichelings

    I found a current method that involves just killing them with the console, but console-related bugs are unsupported so I'm scared to use it lol.
  11. Dinocanid

    Stuck in an island loop

    I tried picking different medium islands, but when I continue going up and right I just run into whale island again. You also can't pick any island in story mode, just the easy and medium ones.
  12. Dinocanid

    what is this snail?

    I believe they're edible if you have wings to perch on the tree.
  13. Dinocanid

    Stuck in an island loop

    So far, I haven't been able to pass First Snow. Whenever I reach whale island, I get stuck in this loop: First Snow, Swampy Hill, Burning Savannah (or grass mingle?), Whale island. Sometimes Grass Adventure is thrown into the mix, and none of the islands listed have north ports. Going left didn't help me, since eventually I go up then right and get stuck in the loop again. I decided to put my story mode game on hold until this is being looked into, since I wasted 300 food after getting stuck twice.
  14. Dinocanid

    Babies and their rank in the Tribe

    It's possible to give newborns the alpha role, which allows them to eat first, but I see where you're coming from since it would be more convenient to have an overall option to feed babies first.
  15. Dinocanid

    Fur Genes

    I feel like slick fur wouldn't add cold resistance, since I doubt an otter would do well if you dropped it in the arctic ocean. Unless you had seals in mind?