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  1. Eve with wings? Bug or just incredibly lucky.

    I agree it should be kept in. I actually thought it wasn't a bug since Eve can have random genes.
  2. Pregnant females move slower

    I don't know, wild animals are pretty well equipped for moving around while pregnant, otherwise they're a walking buffet for those months. (humans are just special, lol) While not similar to nichelings, lionesses are capable of getting kicked and tossed by a zebra while hunting with no damage to the baby. I think wolves retain their mobility too. Just a small speed reduction would be fine (like -1), but nothing too crazy. But I think that would lead to situations where a nicheling is completely immobilized if they happen to only have 1 speed.
  3. Where's Purr Snout?

    Are you in the beta branch?
  4. Tree Guarding Predator: Bearowl

    I'm kind of in the same boat as @TamTroll . However, I do want more hybrids than just the bearyena, I always have. I'd be happy with orcolf and ramfox hybrids, since it even says on the wiki that ramfoxes could be distant relatives of nichelings (whether or not this is true I don't know). The other animals make less sense as hybrids though, but as predators they would be good.
  5. No Ear

    Upvoted! I think better smelling makes more sense than swimming, since snakes have excellent smell (it mostly from their tongues but....) Heat resistance instead of cold makes more sense too, since birds amphibians, and reptiles don't do well in the cold at all, except mostly birds of brey.
  6. Rogue Females / Lonely Ladies

    Ah, okay. I know they can be taken back, but I was thinking of looser rules for getting back the baby, like simply approaching it (I mean, surely they would choose their parents over an ugly, derp-snouted hag right?). I was thinking that lonely ladies could become aggressive once the steals a baby to balance the "reclaim by approach", since I think she would be determined to keep it. Lonely ladies not mating with spiky bodied males is good, but you would then need to watch both your males and females. My main concern would be the domino affect this causes: LL mates with one of your males Either steals a nest or an unclaimed one to have the baby The baby grows up to be either another RM or LL That's one more rogue to watch out for (or more, since I assume there's more than one lonely lady on the island) Rinse and repeat for an isle o' rogues I personally wouldn't want to deal with it, but maybe they could only appear on killer islands (or hard and above?). I think rogue males only appear on medium islands and above, or at least that's what I've noticed. I feel like being bombarded with lonely ladies and rogue males the moment you leave your grassy starter island might be a bit much and frustrating.
  7. Amphibious Predator: Orcolf

    They are adorable, lol. I think they should be found on cold islands, since orcas live in those (wolves too).
  8. Rogue Females / Lonely Ladies

    Nice idea! But....uh....it seems extremely invasive lol. I can find myself getting annoyed super quickly with them when they start stealing my nests and babies, especially if they're as common as rogue males are. (Aww man, then the island would begin to be overun with rouges if unchecked wouldn't it?) What would make a baby unattended? As in an adult isn't in the adjacent tile? You should be able to get your baby back immediately after she steals it away, since I find it weird that the babies would be A-OK with leaving their tribe forever to be raised by a complete stranger Maybe if an adult is around the baby it can't be stolen, regardless if a lonely lady approaches them, that seems like the most fair route. I mean, stranger danger man.
  9. Less falling coconuts please

    Yeah, I agree since then there would be a gene that protects you from it.
  10. Back from the brink

    @Skysplash8 This happened about yesterday, so I haven't made it past the archipelago yet, lol.
  11. Back from the brink

    So my story mode nichelings sort of had a miracle moment. I made it to whale island and the tribe was making their way towards the north port, stopping a few times to nest and make sure the younger nichelings migrate, until we got utterly wrecked. Some of the babies were coming out sick, which wasn't too bad so I moved the others away and kicked them out. But then bearyenas attacked and quite a few of the nichelings had double digging paws (something I was trying to get rid of) and fail to carry the horn gene the rest had...which means they had no attack to defend themselves with and proceeded to die. Then we got hit with starvation because of low food. TLDR; I ended up with only 2 male nichelings, both of which were pretty old and only one carrying home immunity. So I slowed down and tried to stabilize the tribe by moving to the oak tree and collecting nuts to store up food. Then I was able to invite a young male nicheling with one wing and cracker jaw and a female nicheling with platypus beak. I managed to breed in more babies carrying the home immunity gene, which I'm desperately trying to keep for the home island (I lose it, I restart, bottom line). Unfortunately in the process I ended up with a tribe of water nichelings, losing the precious poison-fanged home island look I wanted. They all carried the gene recessively however, so by the time I reached the archipelago I once again had poison-fanged nichelings with the home immunity gene (although they all have waterbody, which is fine i guess). I even managed to breed in some horns. I hope I don't have to run into anymore scares like that again, but somethings tells me I will lol. I just want to reach the home island with the immunity gene so my tribe isn't an outsider when they get there. I know I'll have huge issues with the snow islands though, I tried in sandbox and as soon as the snow piles up we starve and get ambushed by predators :\
  12. Apples from birch trees!

    I think a new tree would be better. They already added palm and new jungle trees, from a developer standpoint it should be no problem. (I'm more familiar with UE4 than unity, but from my understanding the trees are functionally the same with a different skin, I could be wrong) Birch trees dropping apples seems odd to me, since they don't IRL. If they do make birch trees drop apples, then people will suggest apple trees anyway because birch trees don't bear fruit.
  13. Less falling coconuts please

    Coconuts fall regardless if you collect them or not. Stunning only lasts a day, but it lasts another if they get hit again. Making them shake-only would help, since then it's an accepted risk of getting hit unless you have wings. (so if you want coconuts, you know you're probably be stunned. Winged nichelings can already shake the trees unharmed)
  14. Unlocking wings...requires you to fly?

    Yeah, I don't want it too easy, but I find it harder to unlock than ancient genes. Winged nichelings could be made even more rare to balance out my idea (since they are everywhere on whale island), or maybe make it breed-only instead of invite-only. Then you need to not only invite a nicheling, but successfully pass on the gene.
  15. Swimming tail VS new Fin Tail

    Yeah, maybe it can just be 50 for the swimming tail. Swim 100 times and go to the oasis is a good requirement, and still doable without being too crazy. The megaloceros horns, for example, are the strongest horns in the game and can only be obtained from ice blocks. Difficult, but still doable.