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  1. A Grappling Hook or Tether which will allow you to grab onto enemies or terrain.
  2. Detect when certain blocks in range or when itself is/are hit or destroyed. I'm imagining reactive shields when hit might be something possible with this sensor.
  3. Basically what there is for weapons but for shields, with improvements like quicker regen, less energy consumption, more resistance against certain types of damage, etc.
  4. Ok! Thanks for the quick response guys!
  5. It should not get fuel tanks. When I was playing, I earned a Booster tank, which i cannot use as thrusters consume energy with the researcher
  6. Fire209

    Hit sensor

    Maybe the child blocks, but I think a seperate linking system would work for this, maybe having you select the blocks you want it to detect damage to, and maybe a damage thresh-hold on the part itself to allow it to detect health of a specific block or general damage or broken-ness of multiple parts. I imagine it would also only work on parts that are connected to it in a way, even if they are not the direct child of it. Similar to how energy of fuel is handled, I would guess.
  7. Fire209

    Hit sensor

    A sensor that detects when it takes damage. Maybe also putting this on shields to detect when they get hurt. Could allow for drones that Self destruct upon taking certain damage values, or allow for the automatic ejection and reconstitution of parts of a drone when damaged to a large extent. Maybe even allow this as a property of blocks, or tie it to certain blocks if they get or a % of the blocks selected are damaged, activate.
  8. A sort of effect like the proximity sensor with ranges from a 360 degree area to a line, You could pply a repulsion or attraction effect to these, but only one at a time, meaning that they would be less versatile than the magnets push/pull wise. They could also have a slider that varies power consumption and the actual power of the effect in them, allowing you to create more powerful effects. Maybe more power used depending on area covered by the effect?
  9. A planet that slowly regenerates any damage you do to it. The more total accumulated damage there is, the faster it regenerates. Terrain is relatively easy to dig through, but it grows back. The only way to stop the growth is to destroy the living core at the center of the planet. This could be adapted into a bossfight too with tougher terrain, small tendrils that come out of the ground you dig to attack you, and bugs literally spawning out of the walls.
  10. A large cannon weapon that can impact something multiple times (ala diep.io). upgrades could be more impacts, a sort of "gravity well" effect that draws enemies into it, an opposite effect that pushes them away, and other things.
  11. Suggestions that have been added should be locked and put in a different section of the forum, to both decrease clutter, and increase visibility of developer involvement with user ideas
  12. A block that takes a bit of info and puts it on your hud. It could be selected in the block itself, like altitude, speed, shield health. It could maybe be upgeaded to display enemy health? Each of these blocks add one of the thing, so you'd need multiple to get all the info on your hud. I'd imagine they could also be activated on a button, so you could have multiple HUDs. Maybe a HUD that display's a certain drone's camera view in a small, minimized screen? You could also title the blocks themselves for "Sub-drone 5 camera, or sub-drone 6 altitude", and move the actual HUD elements around to o
  13. When you get high enough, there gets to be no air and decreased gravity, and there are asteroids floating around the planet. You could move one of these asteroids into the planet's gravity well, where they'd accelerate to hit the earth like a bomb. It could also serve as a sort of dynamic barrier to going further, as you get faster and faster accelerating asteroids as you go up. And when they'd hit the ground, they'd have to have a pretty spectacular impact, to make the effor worth it. Maybe incorporate this idea into helping damage a boss (if those get added).
  14. @Markus The problem with that is that no enemies in missions are magnetic. They're biological. The only enemies affected are the ones in the testing room currently
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