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  1. Waiting to get a spot. Someone I know just won an alpha key, so I really want one.
  2. I found this issue in the demo.
  3. Haven’t seen a thread for this and want to see some family trees! I’ll post mine once I get a fair sized tribe.
  4. A bug is that you can place parts outside of the soi of the part you are pacing it on if you hit test flight or save and exit with the part being dragged.
  5. Hey: Is it possible you guys could get out a sort of newer demo for this? I really want to get it but am not sure if it is worth 20$ to me yet. Also, I can’t find the link on Gamejolt either.
  6. Probably a little late, but this looks like an awesome game! May become second to my 300 (not 1000) hours on Kerbal.
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