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  1. I'm only posting for a friend ... but the game is extremely susceptible to cheat engine, so there is really no need for using this glitch if one wanted to experiment with having lots of resources.
  2. Is it autonomous? Do the logic gates control the thrusters as well?
  3. Your post is somewhat confusing, but have you tried adding logic splitters to each turret?
  4. No, he's right. Gravity is a force exerted by mass and thus a property of all matter. In the absence of any other stellar bodies even two humans would exert a noticeable gravitational effect on each other. As an object passes through a planet the mass of all the stuff (dirt, magma, trees, walruses) above the object are also exerting gravitational force. That's why in the center of the planet the object would be "weightless" because gravity is pulling it equally in all directions. That having been said, an object at the center of a planet would also be subject to enormous pressure which w
  5. I think the randomized nature of the weapons is an awesome feature too, but I'm not all that worried about PvP balance. Other games like this have shown me that creativity and careful efficient design are far more important than ballistic superiority. I would love it if other components had similar procedural generated elements just like the weapons do. For example, just like a a gun tower might have sticky bullets with high speed, it would be sweet if you could get a battery part that generated more power when you take damage or helped generate fuel too, or a sensor part that had cone-s
  6. How about land vehicles? Do these rovers count as proof of concept?
  7. I got this game after you guys posted on Reddit, and so far I have really loved the demo. I’m super excited for the final product, and I am already one of your kickstarter backers. I’ve played a lot of games similar to this and I have a lot of feedback and suggestions, so bear with me. Game Fundamentals. I absolutely love the quest-like nature of exploring the galaxy and finding new parts. Not only is that a great foundation for the game, but already having features like the sumo arena, battle arena, and a shop and scrap system really make it shine even as a demo. There are a few things
  8. I spent a fair amount of time perfecting a battle arena ship and got all the way to wave 70, but my gimmick was hiding in the corner, and many enemies spawned outside the arena and clustered around trying to shoot me through the walls. After awhile this had a significant impact on the game memory and my game dropped to about 1 or 2 frames per second. If the AI pathing was tweaked so that enemies always made it inside the arena, this wouldn't be an issue.
  9. I have also encountered this. I destroyed the entire planet, and still never found the transmitter.
  10. My best construct so far is the Tesseract. It is very stable and easy to fly, and with the dual counter-rotating laser drill arrays I can mine to a planet's core in mere seconds. It has always-on shields and perimeter armor and a full compliment of homing rockets.
  11. Just add a not command so that when the sensors are not detecting an enemy they rotate 360°. You can even stagger their initial rotation so that you have better overlap.
  12. I got to level 70, but I had to suicide because the game was moving at about 1 frame a second and I was worried it would crash.
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