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  1. I like what you made here. Something that might make it better is if there were a nest it would go back to every couple of nights. If you could get rid of the nest than they would leave the island altogether or in the den, there would also be little children. If this happens and you killed them, then the parent might come after you or leave entirely. Or if you killed someone and no one can collect it before night, the Skunkadillo will sneak by and take the food. Same with the berries bushes if no one is near them. But I like what you made here.
  2. I like this idea. Something else that might be added is when a creature gets stuck under the ice they will have to be saved. Say they can break through the ice but to get out of the water they would need someone else to help them up. The ones who would save them might need to have more strength than usual to pull them out. Or the ones stuck in the water would only be able to move once just because of the water making them harder to save
  3. I really like how you would have to kill her to get your child back. But what might be cool to add is that if they are taken you should have to give them more than five food. Almost like you saying sorry for letting them get taken.
  4. Something else that might be interesting is that if the females that are pregnant cant move as fast or as far. Kind of like if they were carrying another animal. Like maybe, they cant step as far in one turn, or they might not be able to do some tasks. Say they want to pick up a seashell. They could fall into the water half the time. Or they move slower around ungathered grass because they might think something might be there to kill them. Just an idea.
  5. Something I think might be cool is that when a rogue gets near a child and no one else is near would be that they would kill them. We already have this with the birds, but I thought it would be cool.
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