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  1. pieguy56

    What are your favorite genes?

    poison fangs would be my favorite too If I had niche
  2. pieguy56

    0.5.2 Typo in mission description

    I think I found another typo
  3. pieguy56

    What are you waiting for right now?

    Hehe Its A great show! I love watching It!
  4. pieguy56

    Single-Item Artifacts

    MULTI-PLANET QUESTS! MULTI PLANET QUESTS! @Philo Maybe you could do something like planets with moons or something! Maybe there could be a quest where the nimbatus crashes and you have to fly to planets moon(s)/neighboring planets in your drone to gather resources to repair the nimbatus!!!
  5. pieguy56

    Shield tech tree

    I have been waiting for someone with good ideas for a sheild tech tree
  6. pieguy56

    Drop system and more features

    I agree with this, it is one of the things that makes nimbatus what it is
  7. pieguy56

    Basic Shield improvement

    Using health based sheilds would open up new opportunities to upgrade sheilds to be more or less resistant to chip damage. Like having a sheild with 1000 hp but recharges slowly and only after being out of combat for several seconds, and a sheild with 100 hp that recharges quickly and after being out of combat for 1-2 seconds.
  8. pieguy56

    Curse Upgrades

    Maybe it could affect the rest of the components on the drone too?
  9. pieguy56

    Curse Upgrades

    This would add some cool new mechanics to the game.
  10. pieguy56

    Other customization

    I like the idea of a one sided magnet. Correct me if I am wrong, but you want a magnet with a semicircle radious?
  11. pieguy56

    Fancy HUDs

    If you include energy/fuel usage in an Hud game play might go a bit faster, as of now to figure all of that stuff out for my big drones I just do some quick math on a sticky note
  12. pieguy56

    New members

    You should check out a YouTube channel called ants canada
  13. pieguy56

    Status Pads

    Your drawing... it is very much my style and I support that...
  14. pieguy56

    Spray Cones

    Great Idea! I think that this would be very useful for terraforming to.
  15. Maybe you should make a story to go with your drone