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  1. I call this one: STALIN (Because it dodges stuff and sends things to do its bidding) It works by dodging, and once in a safe spot launching a speedy drone that grabs the opponent and pushes them out of the ring. It is also really good at dodging on its own. I hope you like it.
  2. It could be a present, a person, a thing, a competition (Cough Cough, gif competition)
  3. Good Music

    I go for bands like the Spinners, Beatles, America, war, ac dc and more
  4. Ever Rescued A Hurt Animal?

    I was at the park with my friends and they were attackinga baby mouse, so I ran in and picked it up on a leaf, and moved it.. away...
  5. New members

    I am Michael, I really like to build things like model swords and sheilds, working armor and bows, and much more! If there are any other peoplet into electronics here, I am the kind of person who can do a bit of coding but is really good at hardware (I get all my code from a pastebin...) I like to watch indie animes but have not been watching much recently. I am also going into 8th grade next year.
  6. This is the: Deadly Firework Drone! First off, it can punch things with its firework fists Second, It can charge up for a really awesome firework blast using shotguns and magnets Third, it can throw the firework fists and detonate them! Finally, the shotguns have a second use, Movement! The shotguns 200% knock back Can be used to propel it any way you want! I hope you enjoyed!
  7. Nimbatus Alpha Key Give Away!

    I'm in! I have been waiting for this moment since I found the kick starter a day after it closed...