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  1. pieguy56

    Mircroprocessor module

    It's fine (Yay social construct)
  2. pieguy56

    Mircroprocessor module

    @Lurkily I was just trying to say that you have to protect one very important part instead of multiple less important parts.
  3. pieguy56

    Mircroprocessor module

    I think it balances itself, if you use it you get a smaller drone, but if it gets destroyed then your kinda screwed. Whereas if you use multiple logic parts and a few get destroyed you can probably keep going.
  4. pieguy56

    Flamethrowers use fuel

    I thought of this a couple days ago and I thought it was worth it to make a post. The idea is that flamethrowers could use fuel instead of energy. Have you ever seen a flamethrower that uses electricity? I'm sure this flamethrower uses gas not energy.
  5. pieguy56

    What are your favorite games?

    I love open world survival and building games like subnautica, simpleplanes, nimbatus, astroneer, and minecraft. It's a shame the minecraft servers have been invaded by 8 year olds though.
  6. pieguy56

    whoops I got bored again

    I'm not sure what to think
  7. pieguy56

    Benign creatures and research

    I think some of these ideas would add more incentive to use the heating/cooling parts, which were need.
  8. pieguy56

    a block with multiple connections

    I'm pretty sure you can already do this with any block.
  9. pieguy56

    Give Flamethrowers Recoil

    I just got this weird idea, what if flame throwers used fuel instead of energy?
  10. pieguy56

    Linkable gates / Smaller gates?

    Why don't you just add a toggleable overlay for these "wires" so if you want to quickly get familiar with a drones logic you can do it visually instead of clicking each and every part and figuring out what it does?
  11. pieguy56

    Bio Waste Planet

    what if you added factory ruins or something to get people to think about what happened there and why it is so contaminated.
  12. pieguy56


    actually, my friend and are going to buy some ghillie suits and scaring people.
  13. pieguy56


    people ask me what I am going to be for Halloween. I tell them I am going to be a kleptomaniac, I will steal everyone's candy and then sell it to a dentist.
  14. pieguy56

    New members

    I believe you have now met me
  15. pieguy56

    New members

    Is he paid?
  16. pieguy56

    New members

  17. pieguy56

    What are you waiting for right now?

    When I opened this thread 6 months ago I did not expect it to become a thing now 6 months later.
  18. It could be a present, a person, a thing, a competition (Cough Cough, gif competition)
  19. pieguy56

    What are your favorite genes?

    poison fangs would be my favorite too If I had niche
  20. pieguy56

    0.5.2 Typo in mission description

    I think I found another typo
  21. pieguy56

    What are you waiting for right now?

    Hehe Its A great show! I love watching It!
  22. pieguy56

    Single-Item Artifacts

    MULTI-PLANET QUESTS! MULTI PLANET QUESTS! @Philo Maybe you could do something like planets with moons or something! Maybe there could be a quest where the nimbatus crashes and you have to fly to planets moon(s)/neighboring planets in your drone to gather resources to repair the nimbatus!!!
  23. pieguy56

    Shield tech tree

    I have been waiting for someone with good ideas for a sheild tech tree
  24. pieguy56

    Drop system and more features

    I agree with this, it is one of the things that makes nimbatus what it is