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  1. Maby you can sell it on discord
  2. Yeah but not from 100% to zero, to something like 5-10% so it doesnt get completely useless and it looks cooler (i think)
  3. i have an new upgrade idea, the oppisite of the minigun upgrade it charges when you not hold it, and it gets less over time. i made an little gif: this can work on all weapons: Laser: less beams and range gun/shotgun/grenade launcher: less shots and attack speed flame thower: Less flames (kind of like in the gif)
  4. Markusfast

    Some bugs

    i didnt know how to call these bugs, but here they are: i dont know if sticky bullets are supposed to work like this: Wierd shield bug, it moves: Drills arent working how they should be:
  5. SOS planet filled with boombugs! so they wanna go boom, huh?
  6. put SPACE in an switch, activating 1 make 2 AND-gates, with inputs Q/E and 1, output 3/4 set the trusters to 3/4
  7. here is an idea: The shields eat the bullets, and when it does, it gets hotter and hotter until it overheats and gets destroyed and maby an logic shield: every time it gets hit, its gives an output
  8. the smacking is funny, please dont remove that but somehow make it not damage😄 if it aint possible, sorry for wasting your time.
  9. on steam it will be available for 10-20$ or something when the early acces is released. If you win the closed alpha with the give away you get it early, and you dont have to pay for it anymore.
  10. FINALLY i made it work!🤩 It would be way more compact with the buffer because all the IF gates are for timing. Right click to activate/deactivate, left click to "lose a life" i made a draw it sort of game, i wanted to put this type of system on it and when all 3 lifes are lost, you get blown up. i didnt got the lifes to work untill now. but this uses so many keys that the drawing is realy hard now. here is the draw it game:
  11. @z0mbiesrock but it didnt realy matched the topic and they look at that too
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