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  1. just hatched these faes; oilslick/piebald rose/blend ice/basic ice/uncommon eyes smoke/piebald bubblegum/blend pink/basic ice/unusual eyes
  2. Chapter 22 - Break in Balance Perspectives of Nibshubi, Sanity and Common Ambition tore for the waters, coughing and hacking up blood. A hiss came out of their paw as the black liquid came to a stop in the cool water, but the damage had been done, and Ambition was heavily bleeding from the new wound and from inside; even Trickery's healing couldn't stop it. Nibshubi dove into the current, kicking as hard as she could. She'd heard from Slate the tales of cyan and violet plants that give one underwater breathing and end all injuries, but the dangers of getting them as well. It didn't take her long to find one of the plants, but grabbing the fruit was an instant problem. Her wing and pawless limb proved impossible to grab the fruit, and her hind legs couldn't exactly hold it. She swam up and called for Ambition, who dove down. Ambition was not a swimmer; their claws and build made it hard to swim, water folding through their claws harmlessly. Still, Ambition raced towards the fruit, turning the sea red. And Nibshubi shut her eyes in fear of what she would see next. Sanity watched the water with a cold expression. Cries of fear and sadness turned into white noise as they watched the sea of where Ambition had vanished. They thought they were doing a favor for everyone, so what had gone wrong? Why was everyone screaming? Why was everyone angry? Why did anyone care? And the sea broke from blues to scarlet red, and white speckles bobbing in the waves brought down tears from above. How the mighty selfishness of dangerous ambition had been their downfall. Remembering the sight of water from long ago leeches, Sanity saw once again the ocean turning to blood. Hidden in the grass, Common sat. But he felt something wrong from a long way away. What happened back at camp? Something he didn't know was running through his veins, and the goodness in his heart seemed to falter as a new color gleamed from Common's chest. And his throat hurt horribly, and he jerked forwards, towards the skies, coughing. Orange light painted the grasses from his chest, and his forehead felt like it was going to break into sharp horns. At last, Common was able to give this feeling a name; ambition.
  3. Just gonna note in advance; no post on sunday (birthday party yay), but i have monday off so i'll be posting then.
  4. many things. much death is happening
  5. Chapter 21 - Lost Loyalties Perspective of Nibshubi (ignore bones) Nibshubi climbed onto the shore, hearing a cry from the stump. She'd heard that Common had vanished, and the tribe had been silent for the most part. Voices felt unfamiliar. "Alright, everyone!" Ambition called. "Common said that we could do our election without her, so I think we do it about now. Who would like to be a candidate?" Nobody spoke, and Ambition looked a bit pleased. Just as Trickery looked like they were about to say something, someone else spoke up. "Last time there was an election, you attacked the other candidates and needed to be stopped by Koreko. I bet you don't even care about anyone but yourself." Sanity snapped. "And I don't think anyone even wants you to be king or president or whatever." Ambition looked pissed with a fake grin. "Excuse me?" "Let's be honest here. Who wants Ambition to rule over us all?" Sanity called out. Nobody, even not Outrage, said a thing. Ambition looked angry beyond belief. The large nicheling descended on Sanity, swiping at them with a fast claw. But Sanity's eyes were hauntingly emotionless but strangely hungry as they held back Ambition, shoving the larger nicheling back as blood seeped from their claws. Ambition was about to go in for another blow, but Sanity's mouth hinged like a snake and venom streaked out towards Ambition, pure black and steaming. Ambition blocked their face with their claw, and shrieked as venom ate up at their paw. Nibshubi looked on horrified as black liquid ate at fur and flesh. Sanity's face was emotionless, but a large grin painted a horrific face. Their gemstones beamed green, and Nibshubi wondered if Sanity had finally snapped. bonus Muskrat and Koreko are having a kid yay any name ideas for it
  6. Memory The Alliance spread out, searching for anything that could help them find Whitewash. Unfortunately, Whitewash was the same color as the snow, making it impossible to find fur or see him against the mountain. Arrow sniffed around. Orange yelled. Harrier gazed sadly out into the tundra. Ghost felt like nothing, barely able to lift his paws up to call out again and again. He wondered how anything would go well. How the Alliance would survive. How the mountain would survive. How he could defeat Horizon. Plum flicked her ear as she heard someone in the snow. Onyx looked over angrily, and Fire Ruby yawned. Plum leaped onto the stump, but was surprised on who and what she saw. A nicheling she didn't recognize was dragging along a bleeding, white nicheling, who was unconscious. Horizon called over something, but Plum felt as though she didn't recognize that voice. Was it really Horizon anymore? The mysterious nicheling's eyes blazed like flames. A sight Plum hadn't seen in a long time; the camp was dull and dead nowadays. This traveler looked different. Looked determined, looked familiar. Looked like someone Plum knew very well, a long time ago. Someone who saved her life. Someone who was gone now.
  7. grape/skink raspberry/blend grape/peacock sand/lionfish mint/spinner mint/opal multigaze mint/bright mint/bee pistachio/stained flaxen/petals buttercup/striation flaxen/lace
  8. violet/flaunt cream/facet flaxen/glimmer obelisk male
  9. Chapter 20 - Riverside Resort Perspective of Trickery Trickery yawned in the bright morning sunlight. The creek glistened and splashes drenched the nearby riverbed. The land on the opposite side of the river had been cleared out, and the tribe had begun to expand to the lake. Trickery grinned; they had helped the group clear out the area around the lake, and it made the gloomy water look a lot brighter and livelier. It was refreshing to be here, in a more peaceful place after so much. Slate's passing had a hard affect on the group, and although Trickery wasn't particularly close to the male, they still felt a heavy weight over themselves and the rest of the tribe for the nicheling. Common had been quiet and seemed a lot more distant, and Trickery would be lying if they said they weren't worried about him. Nibshubi still had a lingering sadness, but seemed happier. Muskrat, Zircon and Koreko had been adjusting quickly, too; Muskrat seemed more interested than disgusted at the fact Trickery was an Evil, and was very eager to be in the tribe, although it didn't take a genius to see the biggest reason. He was a great fisher and a good artist, and Trickery was admittedly a bit jealous of Koreko for all the attention she got. "This place is so nice!" Muskrat grinned. His tail struck a fish in the stomach, and he pulled it up to the surface, eating it quickly. "Good hunting, nice weather.. this island is a lot better than what I've heard about it." Nibshubi smiled, her eyes still sad. "I wish Common would come over here, he'd love it here. And.." Nibshubi trailed off, but Trickery knew exactly who she was thinking of. "He would've loved it too. You did a great job clearing this area out." Koreko smiled at Nibshubi. "He'd be proud of you." Nibshubi nodded, her gaze lingering on the algae on the bottom of the lake. Koreko always knew what to say, and it made Trickery feel anger towards her, although they hid it. "I'm gonna go check on the others." Trickery smiled, trotting away. Nobody responded. Trickery felt heat rise on their spine, their fur calm and their gaze fiery. Trickery jumped onto the other bank, nodding respectfully to the rest of the group. It felt like so long ago that they had all woken up on the edge of the island, with no idea who they were or where they were. Now, they had all aged, although never getting old. It was strange how little Trickery knew of the nichelings they'd spent their entire life with. "We need to have another election soon, you know." Trickery stated once they reached the stump's edge. "Can't go much longer without someone to watch over this place." "Shall we have our election sometime tomorrow, then?" Ambition questioned. "I'd say do it once everyone's here." Sanity pointed out. Trickery was surprised at the usually reserved nicheling's talk. "Alright, sure. We can do that." Ambition grinned. "Common? Outrage? You in?" Trickery gazed at the other two. Outrage shrugged. "Not my call." Common looked off into the distance. "I mean.. you all can have it. I'm.." The nicheling trailed off. "You're.. what?" Ambition pushed. "..I'm not sure I'll be there. You guys have your election, I want to.. I don't know.. stretch my legs, I guess." Common's voice was quiet, and it felt so strange to Trickery to see such a bright creature so.. cold. "You.. you sure? I won't do anything again." Ambition looked.. almost guilty. "I'm sure." Common turned to the river. "See you guys later." Trickery felt their body pull as if trying to will them to go with Common. To protect him. To keep Common safe. But Trickery wasn't brave enough to do anything to protect the nicheling as they vanished into the grass, maybe for the final time.
  10. Lost in the Storm Ghost's head hung as the group returned to the Storm Alliance camp. A cold breeze sparked the mountain like a reminder of the battle's failure. Ghost remembered Evergreen when he first came to the Empire in search of Horizon. Evergreen was nice, intimidating but soft. It also reminded Ghost of Horizon, back before she went bad. Before she went insane. Before she had fully become the queen. Before.. "Horizon killed Evergreen." Bloom said sadly. A gasp ran across the group, and Ghost couldn't bring himself to say anything. "Why would she do that? Evergreen was the only reason.. Horizon.. rose to power." Lilac questioned. She shook her head as if she had tasted moldy rabbit. "I don't even want to say her name anymore." "Evergreen was going to kill her." Koi said simply, her tongue edged with anger. "Evergreen came to her senses and finally was able to bring herself to finish off Horizon. But Horizon tricked her into hesitating." "Evergreen? Tricked?" Orange muttered. "Yes. Horizon spoke of Tiger's Eye and what she would and wouldn't do." Harrier explained. "Evergreen stopped for a second, but a second is all a snake needs to strike." The group broke into talks and whispers, but Ghost heard nothing but the ringing sound of a horn breaking into a heart, and the smell of melting horns and dead bodies. But then a scream broke his thoughts. "Where's Whitewash? He's disappeared!" Crystal cried. The Storms froze. Someone, or something, was beginning to steal the Storms. And Ghost had a large suspicion he knew who.
  11. another save file of mine is cursed to have twins literally every generation. just wanted to share
  12. Chapter 19 - New Land Perspective of Zircon The last of the puddles vanished from the rainfall, but the air remained damp and the tribe was shrouded in sadness. Common hadn't been talking that much, Nibshubi was silent, and the rest of the tribe was tense. Slate had vanished, even the last bits of his scent fading with the mist. And Zircon had noticed that Common and Ambition had black gems like that of his and Koreko's, as if something was wrong. "What are we doing, again?" He asked Koreko, poking the river. Koreko had a grin, but sadness still glittered in her eyes and her smile seemed fake. Koreko had wanted Zircon to come with him to explore, likely trying to brighten the mood. "To explore the area past the river, remember?" Koreko smiled down at the water, wading into the stream. Her paws touched pebbles and fish squirmed out of the way of her paws. The rushing river was thin here, and the water was a nice temperature. Sighing, Zircon stepped in after her. . The two pulled onto the riverbank, Koreko dripping wet and grinning a bit more authentically than before. Zircon smiled at her briefly, before his ears caught the voice of distant humming. Koreko noticed as well, frowning, and sniffing. The smell was of sweat and cactus fruit. Zircon took a quiet step towards the noise, and then another, and another.. until.. A brown and tan nicheling was trotting through the grasses, humming to himself as he painted a rock with berry juices. Greens, pinks, oranges, yellows, and blues melted into an image on the rock. Before Zircon could see what he'd made, the nicheling turned and gazed at the two. "Hey there." The male's eyes were calm and laid-back, no hostility in them. "Oh uh. Hello." Zircon said awkwardly. "I'm uh. Zircon. And this is Koreko." Zircon glanced in Koreko's direction, but a lump caught in his throat as he saw the spark in her eyes. Her sadness had been washed away and she had become infatuated with this traveler. Zircon just turned back to the traveler and grinned, but the same look was now in the male's eyes as he looked back at Koreko. Zircon felt like he was going to gag. "Nice to meet you two. I'm Muskrat." The male nodded respectfully. "I assume you lot are in one of those.. groups, or a tribe?" "Ah, a tribe, I suppose. Although we have an Evils group in here.." Koreko said pleasantly. "That's great. I've always wanted to see those." Muskrat smiled. Zircon noticed his tail brushing Koreko's and forced his fur flat. This was not the time for romance! "Could you introduce me to one?" "Of course!" Koreko smiled. "Let's go, Zircon." She poked his shoulder. "Yeah sure. One second, I smell a.. rabbit." Zircon lied. Koreko shrugged, and walked off, Muskrat following her. Zircon turned back to the rock painting. The streaks of colors were hard to figure out at first glance, but soon, Zircon saw something else; a night filled with the rare stars that speckled the sky, 5 nichelings watching the stars through cleared grasses. On the bottom was a reflection of the nichelings, but with bloodshed and death. The first nicheling was a vibrant green, with a bushy tail. They looked relaxed in the top image, but on the bottom, their pelt was stained a bloodred, and they seemed on edge. Zircon shuddered. The second had orange coloration, and was big like a bear with sharp claws. On the top, they were peaceful. On the bottom, they were sitting on top of a tree stump. The third was blue. Their tail was curled into a scorpion stinger. On the bottom their invisible face seemed to sprout strings of which were wrapped around the other nichelings' legs and necks. The fourth nicehling had pink colors, similar to the second one. On the bottom they looked as if they were screeching at invisible villains into the distance of the rock, blood staining their fur. The final nicheling was golden yellow, with no distinct features. On the bottom, there was no nicheling, like an imcompletion in the artwork. Zircon wondered what the painting meant, when Koreko called out for him. Frowning, Zircon turned back to where the two left, running into the distance and wondering what Muskrat's deal was.
  13. Thrown in the Dust Horizon frowned, her tail flicking briefly as she watched the Outsiders leave. She'd trusted Finch and Alecto to carry out her orders, at one point King, Arctic and Fox Heart as well, but it seems she couldn't trust any of them to do their jobs properly. Perhaps it was time for a restart. "King! Alecto! Finch!" She'd call, a small smirk growing on her face. She kicked Evergreen's bones away; didn't such a smart and wise creature see that Horizon had been lying? Horizon leaped onto her stump as the tree gathered. King looked back at his family, Finch staring at Horizon expectantly, and Alecto looking at her paws and at the bone pile. This reminded Horizon of her relations with the three, and she was briefly pulled into her thoughts. King had always been a family nicheling, a pacifist, and generally didn't want trouble. He was easy to shove, and Horizon wanted to make him stronger. But he'd never changed. Finch had been found shortly after defeating the Organization, and Horizon had instantly seen the potential in him. The child had helped her as long as she remembered.. although it seemed he had been too weak to do it properly. Alecto had helped Horizon to make up for Fearless' work. The thing had been so used.. it would've been great to help make her stronger and more able with Horizon's help! But she had never changed, either. She was simply too emotional, too bendable, and too unable for her services. Horizon sighed, pulling back into the present. "Recently, it has come to my attention that you three are.. no help to the Empire. And those that aren't helpful.. aren't needed." King stared at his mate, Bumble. Snow crunched, and murmurs spread throughout the clearing. "And as such, I believe it would be in the interests of the Empire too.. dispose of you three." Finch looked like he was going to tear up. So weak. Alecto was shocked, taking steps backwards. If only Horizon could take that claw of hers and actually put it to use. "And as such. You are hereby banished. You have a day to leave the territory, and then I give everyone full permission to attack you. Get out of my sights." Horizon's ear flicked as a cry rang behind her. Sighing, she turned to see Bumble, expecting a new child, and Alloy. Hidden Sand (yellow/dark red female) swept her tail around Jasper (red/black teen) and.. Horizon hadn't gotten the little one's name yet. Jasper was clutching her, their eyes watching Horizon pleadingly. Such a weak bloodline. "You can't throw out King! He's having another child!" Bumble begged. "Don't do this! We'll leave with him, my entire family!" Alloy nodded loyally, but she looked angrier than pitiful. The type of soldier Horizon needed. It was quite a shame she was on the wrong side of history. "Ember. Onyx. Keep an eye on those ones." Horizon ordered. The two obliged without question. The ideal citizens that Horizon trusted. The searching and shocked eyes of all the family made Horizon wonder if what she was doing was right. A slight bit of remorse with Tiger's Eye and Evergreen and everyone she'd hurt flashed in her head, but it vanished almost instantly. This is who she was now, her true self. And if that meant that she was a villain, so be it.
  14. Chapter 18 - Slate's Last Travel Perspective of Nibshubi The rain beat down by the time the entire tribe had regrouped. Nibshubi was on the brink of adulthood, and she felt hopeful that the tribe would work out well.. Ambition even had one of those black gems now, like Common! That must be good, right? The tribe was awkwardly silent, but Slate tapped Common. "talk to me and Nibshubi for a moment?" Common nodded, glancing back and saying something to Trickery before jumped down to the shore. Slate led them away from the rest of the tribe, and Nibshubi felt a bit uneasy. "I'm an old man, you both know." Slate frowned. "And it seems my days are running low." Nibshubi blinked, surprised. She'd forgotten how old Slate really was. "You're going to.. leave us..?" "I will never leave, no. I will always watch you both." Slate rubbed Nibshubi's head, and Common was frozen in shock. "Just one more journey. One final travel. And then I will rest forever, and keep you safe." Nibshubi folded her head into Slate. "Really?" "Really. Would I lie to my favorite nichelings?" Slate smiled a sad grin. His eyes were wet. "Let's go tell the rest of the tribe, 'kay?" Common nodded sadly. It was the first time his demeanor was so quietly melancholy. But was there anything really happy in this situation? The tribe had said their goodbyes. And rain began to singe the fur of Nibshubi, making her cold. A drizzle had started up. Slate had said what he'd needed to; that every spirit of the island never rests until those it cares for will be safe in their futures. That he would never leave Nibshubi and Common, even after death. That he would help them however he could, to make sure Common didn't die for the Evils to be free from their curses. That everything would be alright. And most of all. Nibshubi had asked him what really happened to Nibluis. He finally responded truthfully; that she had left Nibshubi because Nibshubi has half rogue. That she hated the Evils. Nibshubi didn't feel sad. She never knew Nibluis. She did, however, know Trickery and Common and Slate. She knew Koreko and Zircon, Ambition and Outrage and Sanity, and she had found a family without Nibluis. Even if they were cursed to be horrible and bad, she knew that they could become good. And as the rain tore into a thunderstorm, Slate vanished into the mist, never to be seen alive again.
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