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  1. Setup Age Settings and Multipliers Baby, 4; Child, 6; Teen, 10; Adult, 30; Pregnancy, 7. Enemy, 8; Hunger, 2; Environment, 6; Healing, 2. Gene Settings 2 starters; Male will have yellow gems and alpha rank, Female will have pink gems and beta rank. Your starters will have 3+ strength, at least 1 gathering, and whatever you consider to be 'pretty'. Gameplay Settings Food, 250; Nesting Material, 250. Tribe size limit of 20. Blind Genes Mode Enabled; Unlock All Genes Enabled. World Settings Disable Defender Bears and Dodmingos Ranks Yellow Gems, Alpha Rank; This is the King of the tribe. They can only be a male and related to the previous leader. They are the only creatures that are allowed to have multiple mates. They make all the decisions and rule with an iron fist. Pink Gems, Beta Rank; These are the King's mates. They must only be mates with the King. Their only purpose is to have children; if they refuse or don't produce good offspring, they will be banished or executed. Blue Gems, Beta Rank; These are the King's children. They must only be mates with one other creature. See Rules for more info. Orange Gems, Omega Rank; These are any creature unrelated to the King. They must only be mates with one other creature. See Rules for more info. Green Gems, Omega Rank; These are Babies and Children. They will not have mates at all. Rules - The King rules the tribe; nobody is allowed to challenge his authority. - The King's children will be married off by the King. He may choose someone to become mates with his children, or have other creatures fight for them. * These fights will not always end in death. If creatures who want to become the child's mate all have 2+ in strength, they will fight until all but one back out or die. If they all have gathering skills 3+, they will see who can gather 20 food the quickest. If they don't have good genes like this, the 'prettier' creature will be selected by default. - If you don't become the mate of the King's children, you cannot mate at all. This results in the tribe every so often hitting very low numbers. - The King can marry off his children as soon as they become a teen, and any age older. - The children can only be married off to creatures in their age group (ex. both are teens) at the time. This isn't mandatory, just to make the challenge a little less weird. - Inbreeding is not allowed in any way, even if the tribe will die off. - Creatures are lead by the desire for breeding rights, and will do everything in their power to get that. This is story-based, so creatures should be given traits and personalities that will influence their actions. * Ex. Female A is getting married off soon. Word has gotten around, and possible suitors are practicing in anticipation. In the end, there's two creatures left; Male A, a strong and controlling male, and Male B, a compassionate a caring male. The King marries his daughter to Male A. But Female A doesn't like Male A, and breeds with Male B in secrecy. Her child doesn't look like Male A, and instead is very clearly Male B's child. Before she can be punished by her father, she runs away with Male B and her child. Good Luck!
  2. if you have it unlocked, try a jungle island! Black fur, spikey body, cracker jaw and nimble fingers are great, and the faster you can get purr snout the better!
  3. uh oh, the birb is out for blood
  4. Setup Age Settings and Multipliers Baby, 3; Child, 7; Teen, 10; Adult, 50; Pregnancy, 5. Enemy, 12; Hunger, 3; Environment, 8; Healing, 2. Gene Settings 2 Starters, 1 female and 1 male Must have 3< in strength Get yellow gems and alpha rank Gameplay Settings 50 food 50 nesting material Tribe size limit of 20 Blind genes mode enabled World Settings Disable: - Defender Bears - Dodomingos - Berry Bushes (Normal and Toxic) - Stinky Fruit Tree - Harmless Termite Hills Win Conditions Survive 300 Days Ranking System Main Breeding Pair: Receive yellow gems and alpha rank. Earn this position by killing the last breeding pair or becoming their successor (only heir; having the other siblings back down or kill them), and picking a mate. 1 male and 1 female. Leaders of the tribe. Their ranks cannot advance. Champions: Receive pink gems and beta rank. Earn this position by achieving a great feat; killing a bearyena all by yourself, fighting off a pack of ramfoxes, etc. Second-in command and the only ones allowed to challenge to become the Main Breeding Pair. Their mates are also given this rank. Ranks can advance to Main Breeding Pair, and go down to Survivors. Survivors: Receive blue gems and omega rank. Earn this position by surviving an execution day (see below). Basic tribe members. Ranks can advance to Champions or go down to In-Dangers. In-Dangers: Receive orange gems and omega rank. All creatures are In-Dangers at one point. They have 20 days to kill another creature before they are executed on execution days. Ranks can advance to Survivors or die. Every 20 days: Over the course of 20 days, all creatures minus Champions and the Main Breeding Pair must kill another creature to prove their worth. Once they do so they must survive the others. Any who don't are killed on execution days; day 20, day 40, day 60 and so on. The creature they kill does not have to be in the tribe, but must be a teen or older and can fight back. Every 50 days: Champions are made back into Survivors. They can do another great stunt to regain this rank. Every 70 days: You must leave the island and go to a new one. Good Luck!
  5. thanks~ let's hope I can finally find a rogue male now after my 420th attempt
  6. I tried using activatestatuseffect pregnant to survive and ended up summoning Satan
  7. agreed! You need tons of luck to survive, lol.
  8. I remember I wasn't even trying to get to 1000 till around 200 days in when I realized I had 300-ish food and began grinding like crazy, lol.
  9. Setup Don't edit anything in the settings menu except for the Win Conditions, start on Tiny Green. Win Conditions Get 1000 food. I want to see how quickly people can get 1000 food! I did this a while back, before wings were added and I think it took around 400 days? Update:
  10. finally, my murderous nature can be released
  11. Setup Age Settings and Multipliers Baby, 3; Child, 7; Teen, 20; Adult, 50; Pregnancy, 25. Enemy, 15; Hunger, 5; Environment, 8; Healing, 2. Gene Settings Create 6 creatures, all with completely randomized genes, genders, ages (between 3 days and 20) and names. Remember to remove forbidden genes. Gameplay Settings roll a random number between 5 and 100 twice. whatever it lands on, is your food/ nesting material. ex. if I land on 30 and 85, I have 30 food and 85 nesting material. roll another random number between 10 and 30. whatever it lands on, is your tribe size limit. turn on blind genes mode. World Settings Turn off the following: Friendly Bears, Wild Creatures, Rogue Males, Home Animal, Water Healing Plant, Harmless Termite Hill, and Hotsprings. Win Conditions Survive 500-1000 days, depending on how hard you want it to be. Starting Island Start on Deadly Hills. Rules - The only commands you can use are 'takedamage xx' for fights, and 'activatestatuseffect healing' for the winner of fights - Use blue gems for your 'favorites' and set them to betas; Use orange gems for your 'lowers' and set them to omegas. - Favorites are decided based on how pretty they are, not on skills. - The tribe is ruled by your King/ Queen, who has alpha and pink gems. Favorites are allowed to challenge the King/ Queen if they so please. - Lowers are constantly put at risk and must protect your favorites at all cost. - No matter how big your tribe is, only 20% of them are favorites (2 in a tribe of 10, for example.) - Lowers are allowed to fight to become a favorite, but will have -1 strength automatically due to undernourishment unless you say otherwise. You don't have to have creatures kill each other either, it can also be like 'who can get the most food in x days' etc. Good luck! May add more rules in the future.
  12. This challenge is super hard but super simple. This takes tons of patience, dedication and luck. Setup Age Settings and Multipliers Baby, 2; Child, 3; Teen, 5; Adult, 20; Pregnancy, 5. Enemy, 100; Hunger, 100; Environment, 100; Healing, 0. Gene Settings *Some things to note; This is just an example. Basically: - No attack - No defense - Must be female (to survive the easiest) - No wings or antenna Name, Gem colors, age, etc. is free real estate! Gameplay Settings Food, 5; Nesting Material, 10. Tribe Size Limit of 4. Blind Genes Mode Enabled. World Settings Win Conditions Survive 500 days. * when you start, I recommend using commands to increase the spawn of rogue males. Challenge is near impossible otherwise Start on Deadly Hills. You are only allowed to travel to the ports to the right or the top.
  13. Setup Start with 1 creature; this is your Starter. Make them after a certain type, such as Water or Fire. Start with 0 food and 50 nesting material Disable Friendly Bears, Defender Bears, Rogue Males, and Harmless Termite Hills. Tribe Limit of 6 (this is your Team) and Blind Genes Mode enabled. Start on any island of your choosing. Multipliers Baby, 1; Child, 4; Teen, 5; Adult, 50; Pregnancy, 10. Enemy, 5; Hunger, 0; Environment, 7; Healing, 2. (Multipliers can be adjusted, and if you want to make it easier, adults can't die from old age, only from enemies etc.) Rules Creatures must be of the same type (ex. Water and Water, Poison and Poison) to breed. Any Creature that is unable to do any moves (out of action points when you begin the day) is fainted, and must be banished, then killed. You must name your baby creatures to be more attached to them. You can only invite 1 creature per island; islands are considered Routes. (This does not apply to icebergs) You must change island every 20 days. You're not allowed to run from enemies you encounter until they are all killed. You win once you've survived 500-1000 days (based on how difficult you want it to be) Types On how Niche works, you can only have certain 'types'. Classify your creatures accordingly; (also, you can use commands for the color themes) Fire High Heat and Cold Resistances Red color theme Water Water Breathing High Heat Resistance Gray or Blue or Coral-y color theme Some level of swimming skill above 2 (optional) Some level of fishing skill above 2 Poison Poison Resistance Very bright color theme MUST have Stinky Tail (you can use commands to put it on) Bug Some level of insect collecting Earth-y color theme MUST have Digging Paw (you can use commands to put it on) Psychic Weather Prediction skill Some level of healing Space-y color theme (optional) MUST have some level of flying Fighting High fighting skill (4 or higher, preferably) Some level of defense Black/ Dusty color theme (optional) MUST have a 1 or lower in berry collecting skill Gem Colors: Fire, Orange; Water, Blue; Bug, Green; Poison, Pink; Psychic, Yellow/ Pink; Fighting, Yellow/ Orange (optional; create custom gem colors) Extras - Add more Nuzlocke-themed rules, I may add them to the challenge rules - Create more types - Create Playthroughs Also: while setting this up, the creature randomly generated was named 'Ratata'
  14. Setup Baby, 3; Child, 5; Teen, 12; Adult, 30; Pregnancy, 1. Enemy, 8; Hunger, 3; Environment, 3; Healing, 1. Start with 6 creatures with the following gene requirements: - main fur should be orange, red, beige, gray or white - have a white mask - 3 females and 3 males, all different ages - at least 1 paw should stay on the ground (running, velvet, bear claw, for example.) - no platypus snout, gills, sabertooth fangs, bat face, cracker jaw, sticky tongue, bird beak or digging trunk - sticky tails Blind gene mode Start on a large island; this can be any island you'd like, but it must be a hard or extreme island. Start with as much food and nesting material you'd like. Rules - your creatures cannot live in a group! females stay with children until they're 4 days old. * Otherwise, two or three creatures can have a shared territory, but they still might fight, and this is typically so then they can mate later or the fact they are siblings. - if two creatures can hear, see or smell each other, they can either fight or mate. * fighting can be any creature. Use the strength and defense to see how much damage they cause. * mating can only happen if a female has left her children or if its a female and male. - when two creatures mate, they may mate 2-3 times, so a female can have a litter of up to 3 children to maximize their survival chance. - disabled babies are killed - foxes can have 'truces', where they may work together to get rid of an evil fox. * wars are allowed between truces - if you want to, you can make a small pack of wolves (3-4 creatures). These wolves will attack the foxes, and the foxes must run from the wolves. * if you don't make a pack, this can be arctic ramfoxes or bearyenas.
  15. Setup Baby, 2; Child, 3; Teen, 5; Adult, 30; Pregnancy, 10. Enemy, 6; Hunger, 3; Environment, 6; Healing, 3. Start with 2 nichelings, a female and a male the female gets blue gems (see ranks) and the male gets orange gems (see ranks) the female should be very strong, while the male can only have 3 strength or lower Start on any island you like Important Setup Stuff disable the following; To Win: survive 500 days or get 1000 food Start with: 100 food, 50 nesting material, tribe limit of 25 or 30. Ranks Lead Huntress: Gets Pink Gems (Ones with very high skill are considered 'legend' Huntresses, give them Yellow Gems), ranked Alpha - Organizes hunts - Leads group - Usually a female, but can be a male if she has no daughters - The next Huntress must be the strongest (if two have the same strength do digging and fishing skill) of the old one's daughters Huntress's Mate: Gets Blue Gems, ranked Beta - Is the mate to the Lead Huntress - Advises her High-Tier Hunters/ Huntresses: Gets Orange Gems, ranked Beta. - Higher skill hunting than Low-Tiers Low-Tier Hunters/ Huntresses: Gets Green Gems, ranked Omega. - Lower skill than rest of tribe - Usually 3 of these ranked creatures Idea: Disable all ways to get food without strength or fishing skill, and see if you can survive Tips to make this easier: Start on Summer Mountain, or a different Snowy Mountain island, since there's so many rabbits and arctic foxes. Start with purr snout (since the stinky fruit trees are disabled, it's harder to unlock). Try to get as many tribe mates as possible in your first few days. Use fishing and digging skills to your advantage! These skills are super important! Don't travel to any savanna islands, since there are no Acacias to cool you down
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