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  1. Chapter 18 - Slate's Last Travel Perspective of Nibshubi The rain beat down by the time the entire tribe had regrouped. Nibshubi was on the brink of adulthood, and she felt hopeful that the tribe would work out well.. Ambition even had one of those black gems now, like Common! That must be good, right? The tribe was awkwardly silent, but Slate tapped Common. "talk to me and Nibshubi for a moment?" Common nodded, glancing back and saying something to Trickery before jumped down to the shore. Slate led them away from the rest of the tribe, and Nibshubi felt a bit uneasy. "I'm an old man, you both know." Slate frowned. "And it seems my days are running low." Nibshubi blinked, surprised. She'd forgotten how old Slate really was. "You're going to.. leave us..?" "I will never leave, no. I will always watch you both." Slate rubbed Nibshubi's head, and Common was frozen in shock. "Just one more journey. One final travel. And then I will rest forever, and keep you safe." Nibshubi folded her head into Slate. "Really?" "Really. Would I lie to my favorite nichelings?" Slate smiled a sad grin. His eyes were wet. "Let's go tell the rest of the tribe, 'kay?" Common nodded sadly. It was the first time his demeanor was so quietly melancholy. But was there anything really happy in this situation? The tribe had said their goodbyes. And rain began to singe the fur of Nibshubi, making her cold. A drizzle had started up. Slate had said what he'd needed to; that every spirit of the island never rests until those it cares for will be safe in their futures. That he would never leave Nibshubi and Common, even after death. That he would help them however he could, to make sure Common didn't die for the Evils to be free from their curses. That everything would be alright. And most of all. Nibshubi had asked him what really happened to Nibluis. He finally responded truthfully; that she had left Nibshubi because Nibshubi has half rogue. That she hated the Evils. Nibshubi didn't feel sad. She never knew Nibluis. She did, however, know Trickery and Common and Slate. She knew Koreko and Zircon, Ambition and Outrage and Sanity, and she had found a family without Nibluis. Even if they were cursed to be horrible and bad, she knew that they could become good. And as the rain tore into a thunderstorm, Slate vanished into the mist, never to be seen alive again.
  2. Shards of the Past WELL its been a while since ive actually done a story post on here, and funnily enough I ended right before an important event and finale of something so let's have a quick recap before the suffering (at least from where my notes started and I actually planned events) Horizon is going a bit mad and Ghost has started to notice. Alecto and Finch attack Koi and Arctic. Koi is blinded and left in a hotsprings, Arctic is dead. Fox Heart is also killed by the remaining Outsiders. Alecto and Finch lie about an attack, but Ghost is doubtful and goes to investigate. Turns out, Koi has joined a group of outsiders called the Storm Alliance, who all know about Horizon's secrets. Ghost finds out about Alecto and Finch's attack and brings a bunch of the Storms to help defeat Horizon, and that's where the story left off at an important climax. So lets see whats happening today >:))) "Ghost? Koi?" Horizon stepped forwards. Her face was hidden in a fake relief. "You're alive! And with these- Others- do they want to join us?" "You know why we're here!" Bloom snapped, gesturing to Koi's face. It wasn't a bright happy or a cheerful bliss, it was an unnerving emptiness, scarred and frozen in foggy, unseeing change. "You and your silly little helpers tried to kill Koi, and actually killed Arctic!" Evergreen looked at Horizon, with a slightly surprised but angry face. Horizon didn't see Evergreen, and let out a gasp. "I would never! I was right here this entire time!" Ghost snorted. "Yeah right. Did you hear a single thing Bloom said? You had your disciples attack them, idiot." Horizon looked around for Alecto and Finch, but neither was around. "I'll have them punished. They don't work for me anymore." Bloom had a 'yeah right' expression, but then Horizon was picked up by the twisted horn from behind. Warm water splattered the rocky peak as Ghost watched an ancient hero and villain emerge from smoke. "You did what to Koi and Arctic?" Evergreen snarled. Horizon had fear flash in her eyes. "I didn't do a thing!" Horizon held her paws up. Evergreen dropped Horizon, and immediately pinned her throat with her claw. "How many times do you fight without necessity? You're not a ruler, Horizon. You push others away, a ruler would attract and make someone thrive. You throw them to the wind to die. First Tiger's Eye. Then Fox Heart and the Outsiders. Now Arctic and Koi. When will you ever learn?" Horizon's eyes shut, but Evergreen seemed emotionless. She stepped forwards, until Horizon was completely under her. Evergreen's mouth hinged like a snake, to spray a horrid ruler like from long ago. But then, Horizon spoke up. "Would Tiger's Eye do this?" Horizon cried out. Evergreen's eyes faded into glimpses of warmth, lost to the frigid land of the mountain. "Would Koi or Arctic have done this? Would the Outsiders? Evergreen, don't you think they would choose mercy? To let me run from here? To let me die somewhere far away where my memories would haunt no one?" Koi muttered something under her breath, but Evergreen was still hesitating. Her mouth shut a little. She stared off. Ghost went to step forwards, but neither noticed. Horizon continued. "Think about it! Killing me would defeat the point of everything you've done! You killed rulers before, what would change now? Tiger's Eye would become nothing if you still were a killer. Or allowed killing, or fought. You both agreed to never fight again after we defeated Onion, right?" Evergreen's claws ever so slowly pulled in, just a little. But the warm, bright and innocent eyes on Horizon faded in an instant. Two pale horns struck through Evergreen's chest in an instant, and red ooze escaped the wound. Bloom gasped and stepped back. Koi flinched. Ghost couldn't tear his eyes away. Black liquid dripped from Evergreen's mouth, mixed with deep red, and some dripped onto Horizon's horn. It began to melt, smoking a single fire on the mountain. Horizon's gaze turned to the Storms, and a new expression crossed her face as Evergreen simmered into a lump of bones. "Mercy is granted by the fool, and death is granted by the smart." Horizon took a step forwards as the party stepped back. Ghost felt like he was going to pass out. Koi gagged at darkness. Bloom cried. "Get out of my mountain, or death will be yours, too!" Ghost didn't remember anything else, but the distant sound of paws and racing down a mountain as he remembered the stories of Evergreen, as that was all that was left from the broken shards of the Frozen Empire.
  3. Chapter 17 - Yesterday Perspectives of Koreko Ambition hesitated, staring at Koreko with an expressionless face but eyes that had a glitter of something within telling Ambition to stop attacking. It was strange to Koreko, as she remembered none of that herself. But she took the opportunity to lift Ambition away with the help of Zircon, as Slate helped Common out of the water. Koreko grabbed Ambition's paw and practically dragged them along with her. Ambition let her, staring down into nothingness with wide, shocked eyes, but with a set jaw and no particular expression. Trickery's voiced concerns over Common faded out in the background, and Outrage was still nowhere to be found. But Koreko didn't care. "Calm down. It's not a very big deal, that silly election." Koreko looked back at the tribe, Sanity gazing in her direction with icy interest. Koreko shuddered, remembering Fossil, and her mind reminded her Yesterday's screams of pain and the river stained in scarlet blood. Koreko shoved memories back, and focused on her task. I have a second chance to stop it now. "I know. But why did I.." Ambition looked down at their claw, seemingly confused by the blood, or lack thereof. ".. why did I stop? I could shred you! I could destroy everyone here and Outrage would just sit by and do nothing. I did mean to kill Common, I'm supposed to. But why didn't I.." "You're an Ambition. Like I was." Koreko glared into the distance. "I wanted everything. You want everything. You attack and you shred your Evils groups in your own selfishness, and you forget to save the thing that made you." She choked on the words, seeing Fossil's dangerous eyes and Zircon running, and the entire world slowing as everything changed. She remembered the feeling of wonder, of fear, of the sudden lack of selfish desire. The sky falling and her gems fading into darkness. Her horns unraveling and opening her heart. At the cost of Yesterday's life. And then she remembered running, running from her group, from her crimes, from her past, running from herself and all she'd done, but most of all, running for redemption. And the redemption was right here. Right in front of her eyes. "You need to find a way out of your Ambition. Out of your horrible thoughts. Out of your desires. I was always stopped myself before I did anything horrible, especially to Yesterday. But when Fossil killed Yesterday, I was freed." Koreko admitted. "But Yesterday didn't deserve to die. Yesterday was amazing, and brilliant, and was everything great.. everything we aren't." Ambition stared at Koreko in wondering, anger, confusion, but most of all, a pleading want to reach this impossible future. Koreko sudden noticed a flicker on their chest, and watched as a gemstone fought against fading into black and staying that lively orange Koreko was so familiar with. "I don't know what stopped me." Ambition admitted. "But I saw someone. A black nicheling, with no features, but gleaming eyes, and broken gemstones. Bubbles leaked from their mouth, and they rose from the water. I heard their memories." Koreko remembered that invisible face. A great, beautifully simple laugh. A build of nothing special, but a heart of gold. A pair of bright, blue eyes, and fur darker than the night sky. A common look, but a legendary personality. Yesterday. Koreko grabbed Ambition, and dragged them into the grasses on the other side of the river. "Tell me about him. I want to hear about Yesterday once again." Koreko's voice was raw and pleading. Ambition stared at Koreko in temporary disbelief, but then grinned. "Sure." Tomorrow is on the horizon. Yesterday is a memory. The present is a Common thing, but it's so sacred and valuable, we never appreciate it until we lose it and we're in someone else's yesterday. Ambition is in their yesterday, I am their tomorrow, and the present is the gift they will receive once the night passes. Neither nicheling noticed the black spot of light on Ambition's chest in the dim light, except for a memory that Koreko began to relive.
  4. family is coming over today so no post (sorry for lack of posts) also ever since I logged onto the forums on the new pc I can't log into the forums on my old laptop. The new pc can't really run niche so to make a post I have to do the game on the laptop and then send them to the pc, it's a long process. It keeps displaying the 'you can log in at 14 minutes your account has been locked' security screen and won't work after the wait time.. anyone got a solution to it? I don't want to log out of the account on the pc until I know I won't just lose my account to the security message.
  5. "Steroids, steroids, does whatever a spider can!"
  6. haven't been on this forum in a year, wow
  7. No post tomorrow, it's new years and friends are coming over.
  8. Chapter 16A - Election Perspective of Common (ignore gemstone colors) "Alright! Let's get this thing started!" Ambition grinned widely as they leaped onto the stump. "Who else wants to run?" Common was about to settle into the crowd, when Trickery grabbed her arm. "Let's run! It'll be fun." "You uh-" Common tried to smile. "You sure this is a good idea?" "Of course! It'll be fine." Trickery jumped next to Ambition, who gazed down at them with cold eyes. Common was spooked. "We'll split into three different groups." Ambition continued. "Stand by whoever you vote for. Or nobody at all." Koreko shuffled beside Ambition, patting the ground warily. Zircon glanced around briefly before settling beside her aswell; Outrage looked at Ambition for a moment before sitting beside Trickery and Sanity, not looking at anyone in particular; Nibshubi and Slate instantly went to Common, who murmured her thanks. It was a 3-way tie between all the parties. Ambition looked at their followers in disbelief, before snarling and stepping towards the Trickery followers. Sanity and Outrage backed up as Trickery stared at Ambition in confusion. Then, Ambition leaped forwards towards Trickery. Trickery leaped back, blood trickling down their cheek. Their tail swung forwards and struck Ambition in the chest. Ambition gagged and tore the stinger out, a dark substance leaking from the wound. Common gasped and jumped forwards to stand between the two. "Ambition! Calm down!" Common looked desperate as Ambition gazed down at Common as if she were an ant defending her ant mound, in Ambition's way. "I deserve to be the leader!" Ambition snapped their jaws around Common's shoulder, and threw her towards the beach. Common rolled over the sand, blood soaking it into her fur and making her gag. Suddenly, something grabbed her off the ground and dragged her up, holding her off her feet. Chapter 16B - Battle for the Throne "I don't need you! I don't want you and I don't like you. You're just in my way." Ambition's arm trembled as their face was morphed in expressionless horror. Darkness crept at the sides of Common's vision, and her throat hurt as though it was sucked out of her body. Trickery and Slate were shouting muted things, Outrage and Sanity were somewhere.. and Niblu-Nibshubi was running away, into the waters. Her mind stung and her memory flared dangerously blank. Suddenly, a thud was heard and a flash of coral fur sent Common flying backwards, and she fell into the waters below. Water filled Common's lungs and eyes as she coughed hoarsely, seeing the light return to her world. Slate helped lift her up and brushed sand off her coat, as salty water sent stings of pain through her body. She cried out at a lash of pain, and tried to pull onto the shore, when her paw hit something- or someone. "Ambition! Quit it." An unlikely voice called. Her savior was none other than Koreko; an invisible refugee of her own crimes.
  9. Sorry about not posting today, was pretty busy (watched 2 movies, shopping, etc.) I'll post tomorrow.
  10. Merry (late) Christmas! Sorry for not posting yesterday (it was Christmas) and I had a bunch of stuff to set up (I got a desk and a pc! great haul) and didn't have time to post. I might do it later this week.
  11. andd thats the last of them (King by Lauren Aquilina for quote) pretty simple but I like it a lot : D the muzzle was a bit hard to do but I think it worked out! I might do one of these things again in the future, who knows.
  12. Chapter 15 - Inner Troubles Perspectives of Trickery and Ambition (sorry about the late post) Trickery went over to the south edge of the camp, hearing a flurry of shouts of anger coming from that direction. Zircon was trying to stay calm as he sent a bombardment of insults at Outrage, while Outrage was matching them perfectly if not better. Trickery sighed. "Just give me your berries! You don't need them anyways, your gems barely glow!" Outrage bristled. "Absolutely not. I got them myself, you can get yours. You do have that paw for a reason." Zircon's eyes were cold. Trickery went beside the middle of the duo, but they barely noticed. "Hey there guys. Let's just calm down and sort this out peacefully, before I go get Common." "What's he gonna do?" Outrage tore up grass, dirt ripping free. "Zircon should just give me the berries, and that'll be a peaceful solution." Zircon groaned. "Your berries will be back by tomorrow anyway. So get away from me, mudcoat." Outrage jumped forwards in a flash of dark brown fur. Their claws tore into Zircon, aiming for the face, but Zircon reacted quickly as if experienced in dealing with anger outbursts. Zircon poised his horns downward and speared Outrage's claw on the end. The horn tore through a portion of Outrage's pad, impaling just on the edge of a toe, before ripping fully through to cause a tear. Outrage shrieked, their claws slicing down and hitting Zircon's upper head and, with a quick turn, sent Zircon reeling away. Trickery snapped their jaws at Outrage's ear, and as Outrage turned to slice back, Trickery poised their scorpion tail at Outrage's neck. Outrage let out a startled squeak. Trickery weaved between the two nichelings. "I said; peacefully. You deaf warthogs." Trickery's teeth clenched. Wait until I tell Common about this; he'll love me for keeping the peace! But all the commotion had caused Common and Ambition to come over and see what was happening. "What happened over here?" Common sounded spooked as Zircon and Outrage glared at each other, Trickery purring and leaping away. "Outrage tried to mug me." Zircon stepped backwards, eyes locked with Outrage, and grabbed a berry off of a bush, grinning smugly. "Zircon doesn't think sharing is caring." Outrage tried to do the same, but almost ate a toxic berry. They still forced a smug grin. Common looked on the edge of facepalming, but Ambition's eyes gleamed with curious interest. They slithered closer to hear what would happen next, casually eating berries and being grateful nobody could read minds. "Alright, tell me exactly what happened." Common wiped blood off a rock, gagging and looking away while doing so. So weak. "Well you see. I was minding my own business." Zircon popped another berry into his mouth. "And Outrage came over, asking for my berries. I, of course, reasoned that there were many other berry bushes Outrage could pick from-" "- they had not berries." Outrage interrupted. "And you just snarled at me and said 'piss off mudcoat'." Sounds like Outrage. "Nonono, they had berries, you just didn't look-" Outrage opened their mouth. "-Shut up and let me finish. Outrage then threatened me for the berries, and I then responded with the 'mudcoat' comment. Because you look like you rolled in mud a lot." Outrage growled. "And then Zircon attacked me. The end." "Nonono. You attacked me! Trickery saw it, right Tricke-" Zircon looked around, but the beige nicheling was nowhere to be seen. Threatening stealth.. need to keep an eye on them. "Alright. Next time, Outrage, take no for an answer, and Zircon, don't be so rude and don't insult anyone." Common sounded a bit uncertain and a bit too optimistic after 2 tribe-members literally tried to maul each other over a few berries. Ambition itched, and a plan formed in their head. With a fast leap, Ambition reached the stump, and called out, "Let's hold our election, everyone! We've put it off for way too long!" Danger glinted in their eyes and Ambition felt their gems pulse with light and power. It's time to live up to my name. . . . Bonus screenshot; Slate being a good adopted father. Nibshubi can't move on land that well (1 tile per movement) so Slate moved to the berry bush by the bay so Nibshubi can move around freely and still be near her to keep her company. Common also visits when not stopping the tribe from falling apart every 2 minutes. Parents of the year everyone
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