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  1. A Venomous Sacrifice From perspective of Parrot Once most of the Frozens saw the approaching Burnings over the ridge, they sprung into action and raced over. Tiger's Eye was extremely vulnerable, having no natural body armor. She would need to stay beside others or stay in a hotspring if she wanted to survive. Forest: "Tiger, go back to your Mother. And be careful!" Tiger's Eye nodded and leaped past Parrot without hesitation. The Burnings approached Almond, Blood Sky, their newest child, and Tiger's Eye. Almond was mourning Sakura, wher
  2. Well, things have been.. interesting. But because of a visual bug (days went from 229 to 235 for some reason), there will no longer be a day counter at the beginning of each post. Just a heads up
  3. Currently, on the fence on how the plot will play out from here, but here's my main reasons for having the Burnings attack now; Sakura has like 2 days left on her lifespan Parrot and Forest, two very strong nichelings, owe them Almond and Blood Sky will likely be protecting Tiger's Eye (who also has lean body, so she can't really move freely across the mountain and no defense) They all have 4 strength and battle training, whereas the Frozens have minimal battle training and most have 2 strength. Because of defense, they'll do 1 damage to the Burnings, if not 0. Hurrica
  4. Collision Course (222-229 days in) From perspectives of Onion and Parrot. Forest: "What the heck-" Almond: "What kind of fangs are those?!" Sakura: "I'm certainly never seen them.." Almond: "A blessing from Thornbush!" Blood Sky squirmed awkwardly. Blood Sky: "Well, what do we name it?" Emu: "Killer? World Ender?" Hurricane: "Absolutely not." Forest: "Maybe a name like Mother's. Thorn?" Almond: "Too basic." Blood Sky: "Tiger's Eye." A brief silence. Almond: "Perfect." Forest and Parrot went off to go hunt, b
  5. A Poisonous Privilege (216-221 days in) From perspectives of Onion and Parrot. Onion had always been pressured to live up to his mother's legacy. Moose never really wanted him, even though he pretended he did. But Moose did keep the powerful nicheling around, since he was Quartz's only living child. Opal at least made it clear she didn't want him. But for now, the nichelings of the Burning Empire were preparing for battle against a balance bear. Or at least, getting away from it. Parrot did, in fact, see them. So even if they escaped the balance bear, the F
  6. Sneak peak of upcoming plot. The ability to poison others is unknown to those on the mountain, but maybe Blood Sky has more history than they think...
  7. Snowy Salvation (194-215 days in) I took very few screenshots, nothing interesting is happening Also. 5 hours on the file! Wooo The Frozen Empire continued to move throughout the island. The cold blizzard had lasted for what felt like years, but the tribe was getting used to it at this point. The Burning Empire subconsciously shifted closer to the Frozen group, Trying to find a new home to settle down in and have their children in peace. And eventual war. Another balance bear rolled up as Onion became an adult. They quietly slipped away.
  8. Another sidenote (will be doing an actual post later today), but I was thinking about making another playthrough, and played on the potential playthrough's file, and I had identical twins, again. So, there's a correlation between identical twins and making a playthrough, I guess.
  9. Backstory time wooooo This is turning into a giant Avengers level crossover between all my tribes, and I like it Another tribe I had, an older one, was called the Root Tribe. The leaders were a monarchy named the Root family. Naming systems in the tribe went like this; (Family name) (Rank) Family name was the name of your bloodline; for example, the Roots always had their name being with Root. Then, your rank, which could be; Sky-Jade-Opal-Ruby-Diamond-Root. Skies are banished or servant nichelings. They are the lowest of the low and looked down upon. Most lose or
  10. The Burning Empire (189-193 days in) Will be posting another backstory post in a minute or two. Prepare The balance bear descended on Sakura, but her thick skin allowed her to block every blow it threw at her. Almond was incredibly angry at the balance bear, too. (I love her expression) Then, Forest went in with the killing blow. Another balance bear on the island, defeated. Sakura and Forest made a good team. Forest also went, afterwards, to meet her younger brother, Emu. He was a lot like her; vicious, powerful, but deep-down, soft and loving. She
  11. Completely unrelated to everything on the playthrough, but this area of like 40 squares has 6 permanent nests, 2 dead bodies, a tree, 3 fruit bushes, 2 rocks, 1 rabbit burrow, and 1 cactus. My luck on this file that probably won't become a playthrough is like x100 but on Frozen Empire I get 3 balance bears every 20 days. What the heck
  12. A Flame in the Snows (183-188 days in) Woah! A stalling positive post? We haven't had that since.. since never! Moose had found a new nicheling to join the rebel group, and invited the beautiful red nicheling into the tribe. M: "If you help us, we'll give you everything you desire." ?: "Sounds appealing enough." M: "What's your name?" ?: "Opal. Although I used to be Fire Opal." M: "That's a.. weird name." Op: "Well, I came here to do.. a job. Once you help me finish it, I'll help you." M: "Fair enough. What's your job?" Op: "Don't tell a
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