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  1. Parting Ways Koi said her goodbyes to the Outsiders. They thanked her for protecting them, promising to repay her, despite her insistence that she didn't need repaying. Fox Heart still looked guilty for what she did to Koi, and kept her distance. (Ignore the bones) And with that, the two groups left each other, wondering when they would reunite. Meanwhile, Ghost was confronting the group of attackers. "Why would you attack the Outsiders? They've done nothing!" "Well.." Finch glanced towards Horizon. "Well!? That's all you have to say!?" "Ghost, let it go." Horizon called out to him. "We've got to return to the camp." Ghost glared at the attackers. "Fine.." Once Ghost had walked out of earshot, Horizon walked towards the attackers. She didn't look pleased with them, but Ghost still felt uneasy about Horizon's involvement. Mind racing, he shivered, scared of the truth, and raced after Evergreen and Koi.
  2. Chapter 5 - Island's Welcoming Perspective of Common Trickery jumped away immediately, following Ambition in their pursuit into unknown grasses. Common ran out, keeping an eye on the entire group, before noticing Outrage race towards the bearyena, glaring and snarling up at it. "Outrage! Come on, you idiot!" Sanity yelled back. Common was surprised that, Sanity, of all nichelings, had yelled out. She watched as Sanity jumped back and grabbed Outrage by the leg, practically dragging them out. Outrage snapped at Sanity, then stopped as they realized the rest of the group running out. "Why don't we try to fight back?" Outrage had picked up the pace. They turned to Ambition. "We can fight it!" "You can. I'd rather stay alive, thankyouverymuch." Common was shocked that Ambition would say such a thing to their sibling, but then something in the grass caught her eye. A blind, orange male was trying to crawl up a stump to get a sight they would never see. Sanity flexed their claw, silently stalking up to the male, looking like an unstoppable thirst was pushing them forwards. "Sir! Run away!" Common called up to him. Ambition and Sanity looked at Common, confused. "There's a bearyena in those grasses." The orange male stumbled away into grasses on the opposite side of Common. Common was happy, while Ambition and Sanity were both a bit disappointed. Common climbed up onto the stump, looking around for any sign of the bearyena. "I think it's gone." She said after a moment. "We can settle here for now, I suppose." Trickery smiled. Then we can have our election. How convenient." Common was happy that her friend wasn't in any more danger, but they had gotten a taste of the Island's Welcoming. And a small bit of her she rushed into the darkness was doubting that the group would be as lucky again.
  3. Am going to be on vacation for the next week or so, and will be unable to post.
  4. Am going to be on vacation for the next week or so, and will be unable to post.
  5. they're both non-binary.
  6. Chapter 4 - First Threats Perspective of Sanity A few days had passed since the group had run into the orange nicheling. All of the group had created a sort of temporary camp to gather food at. Sanity and Trickery were getting along well enough, being the only two in the group who could eat the toxic berries. Outrage and Ambition were snacking on the regular berries, and Common was staring out into the grasses, seeming suspicious of something. "You seem worried, Common." Ambition had also noticed Common's aloof behavior. "What's happening?" "I think I heard something out there." Common responded. By now, the rest of the group was looking at her. "Nonsense! Nothing would threaten us. Look at how strong we are!" Outrage's claw flexed. "I'm sure it's not a threat." Common commented. "Maybe just another one of those purple crabs." "Well. Let's see what it is." Trickery stood up from their cozy nest, trotting right past Outrage and Common. "Can't be that dangerous." Swiping grass out of the way, Trickery turned back to Common. "See. Nothing. Just your mind playing tricks on you." "I suppose you're-" Common started. A great brown-black figure had appeared behind Trickery, its shadow looming over the entire camp. Trickery noticed everyone's change in gaze, and turned around. A low growl came from its throat; a bearyena had come to the camp, and it was hungry.
  7. My-Family-22-Aug-2021-010410372.html Sorry if I missed anyone. Some families might not appear
  8. The Secrets in the Aftermath Fox Heart stopped herself as soon as Koi folded backwards into the crowd of younger nichelings. She backed up, staring at Koi in horror at what she had done. It was like watching fire get poured in water. Koi picked herself back up, a new darkness in her eyes but wiping off her wounds. After a moment, she asked; "Are you done now?" The rest of the Frozens raced forwards and pulled Fox Heart away, of whom was staring at what she had done just a moment before. "Yes.. I believe so." "Good." Koi brushed herself off, voice lighter but still overcast with sorrow. She wrapped a patch of flowers and clover around her wound. By now, the rest of the Frozens had arrived. Evergreen watched the clearing with shock, and Horizon with a lesser dissatisfaction. "Let's head back now. I don't like rogue missions." She commented, with a strange half-heartedness in her tone. Ghost could barely process all that had happened. But he knew something; Horizon was hiding the truth behind this meaningless attack. And he needed to figure it out, before anyone else could be hurt.
  9. I was thinking for Common, a character who is solely good, including with characters representing cunning and anger and whatnot, they would be too trusting, too kind, and too forgiving. Outrage is nearly unable to be kind as they're ticked off by the smallest things, Trickery is absolutely untrustworthy and too scheming to ever think of anyone as friend or equal, Sanity will snap at any moment, making them pretty much unable to be friends or close with. Ambition is selfish and will use anyone they can to reach the top, but considering they don't have any cunning due to Trickery, they won't even leave anyone alive if they really do try and take leadership. Common is the complete opposite of all of them, making for a 'perfect' nicheling of only good and nice genes. But considering how easily manipulated and how little they really think for themselves, they're so vulnerable to every nicheling in the tribe. It'll be difficult for them to think for themselves since they're literally made to trust and forgive others with no genetic way to balance it. Seeing as they can't really settle conflict without letting both parties off to easily, and everyone else will only work for themselves and no for the sake of the entire tribe, nobody can really be a sole leader without the tribe failing to work. So we'll see how that vote Trickery suggested turns out..
  10. Chapter 3A - The Wanderer Perspective of Sanity Rain began to fall down towards the island, coating the sky in gray clouds and the ground in cold water. Outrage had dipped into the water, washing a leech wound they had obtained. Common, Trickery, and Ambition had all come down from the berry bushes, and the group began to travel again. Sanity was grabbing a few extra berries from a berry bush, when suddenly their had hit someone else's. Pulling back quickly, they looked up at the same time as Ambition to see an orange female. "A Common? In the wild?" Trickery peeked from around Sanity to see her as well. "A Common wouldn't steal berries." Ambition stared at the female suspiciously. She turned to look at Ambition. "These are my berries! I've had claim over this area for a very long time. So I suggest you move along quickly before I decide to chase you off." The orange female certainly wasn't acting like a Common. "You're not a Common, but you don't have horns either.." Ambition stared at the female in confusion, but no fear. "A non-Common without horns on this island?" Outrage had climbed onto the sand. "So just.. a normal nicheling? Nothing special?" "We can have her come with us and ask her what's up with this island!" Common suggested. "I'm not going anywhere, and certainly not with you little thieves." The orange female growled. She swiped defensively at Ambition, who swerved out of the way. Outrage surged out of the water, face twisted in anger. "Don't you touch them!" They launched past Ambition, shoving them backwards, straight at the female. She looked in fear at them as Ambition shoved her down. "Wait! Outrage!" Common raced forwards, but it was too late. Wiping blood off their snout as rain cleansed the rest of their fur, Outrage looked at the body of the female. "Why would you kill her?" Common looked down at the body in sadness, but no anger at all. "She was threatening Ambition. Surely you would understand, that was merely self-defense." Sanity pointed out. "Yeah but-" Common trailed off. The sky was darkening as he stared at the body, tears undisguisable from rain. "She proved no use to us anyways." Trickery added. "Usually once their purpose is complete, they have no use. She never had a purpose, just to sit around and attack children. No purpose, no use." Common stared at Trickery, speechless. "You.. seriously don't mean that.." "I agree with Trickery." Sanity chimed in. "If something is in our way and not with us, then they have no use and therefore are a waste of food." Common looked between the two. "You're.. insane.." Sanity shrugged. "That's what my name means." "Why would you say that!?" Trickery sounded so distraught. "You can't even consider another point of view before saying someone's insane? You're such a prejudicial hypocrite!" "Oh god. Trickery, I'm so sorry!" Common, you're so naïve and innocent. It makes me want to cry. "Could you please explain to me what you mean by that? Then I'll be able to understand it better!" "Of course!" Trickery smiled. "That'll make you a better, more open-minded person." Sanity exchanged a glance with Outrage, who just shrugged. Trickery and Common walked off, talking in their overly expressive voices that made Sanity want to snap someone's neck. Following them slowly, the sun began to set. Chapter 3B - A Selfish Lesson Perspective of Trickery Trickery stepped over the blossoming flowers, sniffing the air as they walked next to the rabbit burrow. "What did you want to show me?" Common followed Trickery's gaze. "The rabbit burrow?" Trickery shook their head. "No. The rabbits are around, and I need to find and hunt them." Common sounded shocked. "Hunt them!? What have they done?" "That's their purpose. To be hunted." Trickery began to following a scent. "Once they've completed that purpose, they've been a use. A rabbit's use is to feed us, so we can survive and thrive." Common gave no comment, gazing at Trickery in speechlessness. With a fast leap and quick grab, Trickery had the rabbit in their hands. Coiling their tail upwards, they stabbed it with the poisonous tip, although not letting out any venom. Dropping the rabbit, it took a few final steps before slipping on the sand, and dying. "There. Now, it's purpose has been fulfilled." Trickery glanced up at Common, smiling at her. "We get to eat thanks to the rabbit. A fair trade." Common looked at the rabbit. "Well.. I feel bad for it, but.. if it's to help others.. I suppose it's fine." Trickery picked up the body. "Good! You're learning." They gave Common a pat on the head before walking off, leaving the foolish nicheling on its own, staring out at the water. Once out of view from Common and anyone else, their bright smile and kind eyes faded into complete expressionlessness. You too have served your purpose. Now fade back into nothingness until I bring you back myself.
  11. Chapter 2 - Obsession Perspective of Sanity Sanity walked away from Ambition and Trickery, heading over to the shores. They looked at the water, and saw it drenched in blood with bodies floating in it for a second, before blinking and watching it turn to blue again. Rubbing their head, they looked over as Outrage was flopping around like a beached squid, screeching like a banshee. Outrage eventually got to see Sanity, watching them with their usual blank expression, somewhat amused. Outrage's face turned into fury. "HELP ME OUT, MAYBE?" They flipped around again, spraying sand into the sea. "THIS LITTLE CRAP WON'T GET OFF ME!" Sanity raised an eyebrow. "Your attitude to this sure makes me not want to help you." Outrage straightened, staring Sanity in the eyes. "If you don't fix your attitude, I'll feed you to a blue bird." Sanity was beginning to lose their patience. They saw flashes of Outrage, dead with their throat torn out, and knew they needed to calm themselves. "What do you need anyways?" "Now you're willing to cooperate." Outrage sighed, turning themselves over to reveal their back. A small yellow leech had grabbed onto them, slowly draining out their blood of which melted into their fur. "Kill this thing for me." Sanity felt a strange sensation drift over them, a feeling of murderous desire that was almost impossible to resist, mesmerizing even. Paw twitching strangely, Sanity reached out, and grabbed the leech, watching it twist in their paw trying to escape or latch onto Sanity themselves. Grabbing it with their other paw, they gave into the urge, and torn the leech in half. They then dropped the leech, watching its dying body let out a few dying twitches before lying on the grass, unmoving. "That feels.. so much better.." Outrage had also calmed themselves, rubbing their shoulder blades together happily. They used water to wipe the blood off their back. Sanity took their eyes off the dead leech for a moment, turning their hauntingly emotionless gaze to Outrage. After a second, the hybrid straightened. They turned towards Sanity. "Thanks.. I guess." Sanity felt a new sensation wash over them; a feeling of usefulness and acceptance. An urge to keep Outrage alive and make sure nobody ever hurt them; like an obsession with them. "It-it was nothing." Night fell, and Sanity spelt some time thinking of all that had happened on the island so far. Outrage and Ambition were siblings, and seemed to know what they were doing more than anyone else. Trickery was so obviously trying to impress Common, it was funny. and Common was just.. the center of everything. The eye of a hurricane. All their lives seemed to revolve around Common's.. and Sanity had no idea why they wanted to keep that cycle alive so much. It made them feel useful, but also used. Proud, but also jealous. They felt that Common was the missing link to keeping Sanity sane, but also the cause of Sanity's possible insanity. Mind hurting from all this thought, Sanity drifted asleep.
  12. Chapter 1 - Dark Beginnings Perspective of Common Common was confused. A second ago, she had been a regular nicheling, with bearyena hind legs and nimble fingers with a runner's leg, scorpion tail and ram horns with the ability to heal others. But now, she had no recollection of that at all, and even that figure with everything on it she was certain she was in seemed unreal and hazy. But now, she had drifted into a small bay, far away from all those weird memories. Pulling out of the ocean and onto the sand, Common shook herself off, looking around the small peninsula. 2 bearyena-hybrid children were looking at a red nicheling, with short, viper-like fangs, of whom was looking at the other nichelings suspiciously. Next to Common, a beautiful nicheling with a scorpion tail pulled themselves in to take up as little area as possible, soaking and shaking sand off their pelt. "Hello? Who are you all?" Common glanced around the group, all of whom turned to look at her. "I'm Outrage." Said the darker brown of the bearyena hybrids. They pointed to the lighter-colored one. "That's Ambition, my sibling." "You all couldn't have the minimum of etiquette getting out of that water?" The scorpion-tailed nicheling let out a short sigh. "I'm Trickery, by the way." "S-Sorry." Common pulled away from Trickery a bit, wiping sand and water off her fur. "IT'S NOT MY FAULT WATER IS WET AND SAND IS STICKY." Outrage yelled at Trickery. Trickery stared at Outrage condescendingly. The red nicheling sighed, and Outrage silenced out of surprise. "I'm Sanity." The red nicheling explained. Their eyes had a strange blankness and they looked ticked off. "Well... I'm glad I can get to know you all now." Common said awkwardly. "We should go in land. Our fur will dry from air, right?" Sanity nodded. "I'm ready to go." Ambition grinned. "FIRST ONE ON THE MAINLAND IS THE NEW LEADER!" Trickery sighed. "Guess being loud is genetic." . The group reached the mainland, and Common was blinded by the grasses. Sweeping it out of the way, he tore it out of the ground, letting himself and Sanity see better. "No no no! Don't do that!" Trickery peeked out from behind Sanity, pointing their paw to Common. "Oh? Why not?" Common held onto the strands of ripped grass as if they were treasures. "We're not going to stay here, are we? Bearyenas will be unable to find where we've been if the grass is still here." Trickery pointed out. "We're lucky this grass regrows." "Why do you need to be so careful all the time?" Ambition argued back. "That's a leader's job, not yours." "That's basic logic." Trickery retorted. "Would you rather get eaten or stay alive?" Ambition glared at them. "Nothing would eat me, especially a bearyena. I'm one of them!" "Stop fighting!" Common nearly climbed over Sanity. "We're still figuring out this place, it's not good to argue already." Ambition rolled their eyes, but Trickery nodded, their eyes morphing to look strangely innocent and docile. "Common's right, Ambition. We should listen to him for now, until we can think of a proper leader. Picked by everyone together, of course." They added. Ambition glared at the two. "Alright.. for now."
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