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  1. Some cool ideas, I absolutely love the idea of an RGB scale for gem colours too.
  2. You're welcome. I'm kinda sad the suggestions are over, but that just means we'll hopefully start seeing which ones get to move on to voting.
  3. This would be a cool little addition.
  4. This could be an interesting touch. I'm sure there's a way to find the naming list as is, buggered if I know what it is, but a proper way to access the naming patterns would be handy for those who want a more personal touch without going through each name.
  5. I'm just going to put this out, too late to have an impact now, but you could have fit all this into two threads, just a heads up for the, hopefully, next community suggestion run. I can say the only times I've lost baby nichelings is when a bluebird's showed up and I didn't notice, I have a tendency to kill bearyena's on sight, but being able to puck up and move younger nichelings would be handy and nice to have. The bluebird would make sense, since they wouldn't always get a good grip. Maybe chances could be increased by fangs and claws? The idea of a breeding season with positives and
  6. Another cool, last minute idea. I like the thought of stocking up in spring, summer and autumn, then having to survive the scarce winter. Maybe even allow to select starting season on sandboxes and start story mode in Spring?
  7. Love this idea. Perhaps a gene which decides if the nicheling is oviparous or viviparous? (Egg laying or live birthing, for anyone wondering.) And I like Topaz's idea of a female rogue male trying to steal the eggs instead of a regular one. And I agree that the reptile genes should add heat resistance, but no cold resistance, maybe even negative?
  8. Cool idea, would make you wary of going near the stagmole holes. One thing I feel the need to mention though, snakes aren't poisonous to eat, unless your a psycho like the honeybadger and decide to eat the head and venom sacks.
  9. That sounds horrible, yet possible. People can turn just about anything adorable with the right edits. The worst thing would be having a young nicheling trapped, and just sitting there, watching it die over the next few days...
  10. Maybe have them displayed them as Very Dominant(VD), Dominant(D), Neutral(N), RecessiveĀ®, or Very Recessive(VR), just so we know what's going to take effort to either breed in or keep in. I think all immunity genes have a 50/50 chance of being chosen. Even if RNG sometimes hates us.
  11. Nice finale on this suggestion. I like the look of the orcolf, and it's amazing how happy the headshot's of it look, compared to the quite threatening full body pic. The rinocereal (probably not part of a good breakfast, but who knows?) could pass on one of the brown colours, since a lot of seals are brown. And one extra on my part as well. Rabat: Rat/Bat, found in swamp/jungle Rabat Fangs, sharp fanged mouth based on vampire bat, causes bleeding, +2 strength Rabat Tail, long, thin tail, uses pattern colour, +1 speed Rabat wings, bat arms, +1 picking, +1 speed, (If/when added
  12. My thoughts on this are a new gene slot for a shader. Have ten or so grades from Very Dark to Very Pale, and have them interact like other cosmetic genes (aka both active and effect each other).
  13. So just to clarify for me, would this be a new paw, or a new gene slot? Sounds handy either way.
  14. Gotta say, love the amount of detail you've put into this. Got a few suggestions. As for the cave entrance, there could be a different port for it, instead of being stepping stones it could be a hole that caves in when you go down, and progressing through you've either go through different caves, having them cave in behind you, or go up onto another island. It could branch into a whole set of biomes this way. The other thing I'm thinking of is your predator. From what you've said I think something like a molebat, with vampire bat-like fangs and ears, and a moles snout and claws. Fang
  15. I understand the love of cuddly fluffballs all too well.
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