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  1. Kepa-Shanyang

    New bears?

    I've seen an image of that before and g o d
  2. yknow you couldve just done addstatuseffect temporarywaterbreathing
  3. Kepa-Shanyang

    Miss Niche reindeer edition

    but I like Sira!
  4. Kepa-Shanyang

    New bears?

    this guy's gonna damn me to starvation! how am I supposed to protect my berries now!
  5. Kepa-Shanyang

    Miss Niche reindeer edition

    Spliti was a close second for me, but Tigerfang just blew me away to be honest.
  6. Kepa-Shanyang

    New bears?

    ooh I'm comin. I'm gonna getchya im comin closer what're you gonna do when I reach you, huh? what;re ya gonna do ya little bitch you'd better fight back
  7. Kepa-Shanyang

    Immortal Light Playthrough, Returning Home

    nibble,, is such a bab y , ,
  8. Kepa-Shanyang

    Take a question, leave a question.

    Rooster, virgo. Both my grandma and mom are rats. A rooster being raised by rats, its madness!
  9. Kepa-Shanyang

    Divine pack

    look at all those derp snouts... absolutely disgusting! other than that, I'm enjoying the story as well!
  10. Kepa-Shanyang

    Take a question, leave a question.

    Probably when my parents actually clean up after themselves in the kitchen! Other than that, the house not smelling like dog crap all the time and the floors being nice and clean instead of sticky because one dog couldn't hold it and left an everlasting gift even after cleanup. Question: How many pets do you have, if any? I have 7. Four dogs, three cats. I have to feed six of them every night.
  11. Kepa-Shanyang

    Clans Divided - Warrior Cats Challenge

    alternate timeline: DarkClan fails to handle fire responsibly and burn their own camp and selves instead. Cue BrightClan celebrating and singing Rich set a fire
  12. Kepa-Shanyang

    Clans Divided - Warrior Cats Challenge

    so here's how the story was gonna go: Amberpelt was gonna manipulate and scare Mallowbird into doing what she wanted her to do for her, Rainfur and Brightclouds were gonna become mates and have kits, and Dustnose and Copperstride were gonna find Amberpelt's supposedly dead kit washed up on the shore one day and take it in as an adopted child. Amberpelt's hunger for power would eventually grow, and she would set up a trap to kill both the deputy and leader somehow. She would then take control as leader over the clan, and then begin changing everything to the way she wanted. The clan would be extremely judgmental and some would even verbally fight her about the changes, but Amberpelt would simply execute them to shut them up. The only cat that would listen to and actively support and obey the newly-crowned Amberstar would be Slipthorn. Everyone else would just begrudgingly obey, but the few cats who would leave the clan would be Lionspots and Meadowfin. (BrightClan is rather small.) Meadowfin and Lionspots would come across Dustnose and Copperstride, who would be currently raising Shellsight and Amberpelt's abandoned daughter. There would be some surprise as to seeing the abandoned kit alive, but the two ex-clan cats would inform the loners about what was currently happening. The group of six cats, four adults and two children, would flee BrightClan territory to DarkClan's. They would stumble across Rainfur patrolling the border, and explain the situation to him. The group would go to DarkClan's camp, and join the clan as refugees. In the time that they're gone, Amberstar was leading the clan to DarkClan. In the middle of the night, BrightClan attacks DarkClan's camp and many cats are seriously injured, and some of the big-nosed cats even killed. BrightClan would run off, successful in causing havoc, but with a lasting poison running through their wounds. Continuing through the moons, Amberstar would draft random cats she found into BrightClan as fresh slabs of meat to waste in battle. DarkClan would eventually be brought to their last leg. The DarkClan cats and refugee BrightClan cats that ran away in the middle of the night would all gather together one night and come up with a plan. They couldn't win against BrightClan just by fighting, oh no. They had to cause something awful. The answer to what they would cause was fire. The cats waited and waited for StarClan to send them fire, and on the third day of waiting, it was sent. A burning blade of grass was found. The DarkClan cats would grab a bunch of thick sticks and light them ablaze, marching towards BrightClan's camp. When DarkClan got there, they set BrightClan's camp on fire, trapping the cats inside. The fire crept up the tree in BrightClan's camp, and eventually burned it so that it toppled over straight onto Amberstar, crushing the cat's spine and ribcage. Amberstar faced judgement by StarClan in the losing of this life, and instead of healing her, they damned her to the dark forest for eternity, stripping away her remaining eight lives themselves. StarClan could not, and would not, send this cat back to the living world. Amberstar's loyal supporters would run off as rain came down and drowned out the fire. The cats who Amberstar had forcefully recruited to the clan and any cats who didn't support Amberstar and were even deathly afraid of her would be eternally grateful to DarkClan, and the original refugees from BrightClan, now old and gray in the muzzle, would help the remaining cats rebuild the clan they had once so fondly loved. In the coming moons, peace would be restored to the island. Amberstar would be sent to the dark forest, and the souls of cats trapped in Amberstar's camp, not even allowed to leave in the afterlife, would finally return home to the stars to see their families and friends. There might be further adventures in the future, but for now, everything was calm. And with that, I'm off to create a new file!
  13. Kepa-Shanyang

    Clans Divided - Warrior Cats Challenge

    Edit: HOWDY SO GUESS WHO'S FILE FINALLY DECIDED TO BREAK DOWN AND STOP LOADING RENDERING IT UNPLAYABLE RIGHT WHEN I WAS ACTUALLY FEELING GOOD ABOUT IT? GODDAMNIT guess I'll just create a new story! Might not be warrior cats tho I dunno I'll look for challenges first
  14. Kepa-Shanyang

    Clans Divided - Warrior Cats Challenge

    howdy im working on an update today owo
  15. Kepa-Shanyang

    Clans Divided - Warrior Cats Challenge

    We return to the story with Dustnose and Copperstride. They seem to be chilling by the shore, and Dustnose has recently given birth to a new kit of which she has named Shellkit, later to be called Shellsight. The two are relatively close to BrightClan's camp, but they don't mind. Waspstar is watching them from afar, and while he does not mind the two very much, he wishes they had not left the clan for what he sees as no reason. Speaking of BrightClan, one if its cats is sneaking off to hunt with a cat from DarkClan. More importantly, that cat specifically is DarkClan's deputy himself, Rainfur. Whilst the two have only one strength, they hope they can combine it to take down whatever they come across. Let's just hope the stagmoles dont hide away before they can both land a hit. In the distance, Patchstar and her patrol are returning to camp at last. Minnowear, a DarkClan warrior, is helping the shy young cat, who has graduated from Softkit to Softpaw, build up courage to face her clanmates. (Look mom! I got the gender right!) Softpaw takes comfort knowing she's not the only one with a form of horns growing out of her head, although hers are antlers while Minnowear's are rams. Back at BrightClan, Mallowbird has returned to camp and is shocked to hear about the death of his mentor. He's also a bit annoyed that he's going to have to spend full time being a medicine cat from now on. He begrudgingly makes his way over to the collection of plants his mentor had found an announced the "StarClan Contact Place or Whatever," quote Mallowbird, and lays down to meditate at the end of the day. Meanwhile, the rest of BrightClan seperates to go off and do mundane tasks. Kepa reduces everyone's ages and potentially messes up some stuff with the console in the meantime. Wonder why everyone's not dead yet? Age reduction babey! -x- The next day, a predator is found in the thicket surrounding BrightClan's camp. Waspstar and his deputy, Beefang, are able to take it out in three hits with their double claws. Meadowfin collects the meat. In the middle of the previous night, Mallowbird is visited in a dream by his mentor, Robinflight. "Congratulations on becoming the clan's second medicine cat, Mallowbird," Robinflight announces with a warm smile. Mallowbird scoffs. "I never wanted to be a medicine cat, but thanks I guess." Robinflight's tail flicked. "You have a lot of responsibility now, young one. You will have to train an apprentice of your own to succeed you one day, and the weight of the entire clan's health rests on your shoulders. Perhaps even the entire island's." Mallowbird narrowed her (look, another gender fixed!) eyes in annoyance. "Yeah, no need to remind me of my impending doom." Robinflight's face darkened. "Mallowbird, from now on you need to take your job seriously. Being a medicine cat is no joke whether you wanted to be one or not." Mallowbird was about to tune out her mentor's rambling, when a spark of light captured her attention. It was her mentor, but she was being whisked away by a strong wind. Before she completley disappeared, her voice echoed towards her direction. "Beware the one who's crimes cannot be undone." -x- Sorry for the EXTREMLEY FUCKING SHORT UPDATE, but my parents put time limits on my computer ever since I got it, so I only have fifteen minutes left, and I can't create an entire fucking update within fifteen minutes. Nah, that takes around one or two hours. I'll extend the update tomorrow in this same post. Sorry.