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  1. Starting off in this new update, it seems that Rovannu will have to fight for the secret hideout, as a bearyena was already living there! He takes a bit of damage, but with the help of Kirku, he is able to take the predator down. \ Meanwhile, this group of three has found a healing plant among the grass! This'll surely be useful if anyone gets severely hurt in the future! The next day, as he begins to create his little hideaway, Rovannu finds someone left over from the tussle with the bearyena. It appears that this young fellow belonged to the now dead mother! Out of pity, Rovannu invites the young child in. Related to the subject of finding weird animals, young princess Lais seems to have found a dodomingo in the grass! She whacks it with her paw out of curiosity, only to have it scream rather loudly and run away. She is started for a moment by this strange creature's cry, but decides to continue moving on. However, it seems that the bird is not all the young princess will find. By the shores, she can pick up on the faint shuffling of this snip-snouted creature. Not a rogue, no, but a young, patternless male by the name of Vantakir. Despite his mostly awful genes, he carries the poison fangs of the royal family, heat body, big ears, and stripes in his recessives. Is it really worth it though? Perhaps it is, as the loner stays put through the next day. Lais has a chat with him by the ocean, before deciding to invite him into the tribe. And at this point, my mom begins blasting her music really loudly. And by loudly I mean loudly because her room is right next to mine. Lais' mother, Rame, disproves of the invitation of the no pattern, snip-snouted male, but decides not to throw too much of a fit. The next day, this group of spots and no-patterns begins to create the hangout space. This first room is a place to eat some berries for themselves in secret, to chat, and for mothers to have their children away from the judgement of the higher ups. The group begins to make a narrow path leading to the shore for anyone to fish at, and will have some small branches leading to separate rooms, maybe. Dukduknu and Tapriro are exploring near a port, and when they find it, they wonder if moving the whole tribe to a new island would work out. They also find a tree stump. The two decide to see if calling out on it will attract any wanderers. On day 23, Lenraana decides to mate with the friendly bearyena. She mutates in saber tooth fangs and a claw. (All mutations are unlocked on this file. However, pattern mutations are not allowed to be used.) Rovannu is a bit confused as to why Lenraana would want to mate with a bearyena, but decides to accept her decision anyways. In the meantime, Mita and Kirku have made a path to the shore, and are going to continue expanding the hideout. The next day, it starts raining, and the entire tribe desperately fights against the rabbits to protect their food stores. While yelling on top of the tree stump, Dukduknu attracts the attention of his tribe, and a wanderer, who has the mask, big body, and poison fangs of the tribe's royal family! The young prince eagerly steps off his throne to invite her, but she is a bit reluctant, and moves away from him. This female, called Tarako, may be shortsighted, but she has recessive toxic body in her genes. Speaking of recessives however, she does have recessive hemophilia and webbed hind legs. However, she also has recessive albinism to spice things up a little. The next day, the lone masked female is invited, and Lenraana gives birth to her hybrid baby. She is a little bit freaked out by his appearance initially, but quickly accepts him. His two different claws make him unable to collect, and he only has three speed, but he has eight strength, which is perfect for defending the tribe. He would have nine if his horns decided to show up. Another friendly bearyena is found in the grasses nearby, but a mother is there to protect it. Lenraana, fearful for her newborn baby, calls upon her surrounding tribemates to keep the bearyena away from her child. Suddenly, king Tanopri calls upon the entire tribe. "I am announcing the following news: this island has served us for a quite a while, but it's time for everyone to move on. If we never move, we will never gain the experience we need to survive against all odds. I command this tribe to move to the northern ports, and to traverse to the island beyond it. The animals I want to go on this journey are Lanraana's newborn son, Kudukro, my relatives Lais and Dukduknu, and the newly invited Tarako. Anyone else can be invited, but I command those selected four to go. That will be all." Everyone is a bit shocked to hear that they are being evicted from their home, yet they quickly adjust, as it is the king's orders. Everyone begins to talk to each other. "I want you to come, uncle Tapriro!" Dukduknu immediatley shouts. "You're close to the port, so you have no excuse not to come!" Tapriro is a bit surprised to hear this (especially the being called uncle part), but gleefully obliges, not bringing up his old age of 32 days. (My animals live 55 days on this file before dying.) "I'm not letting my baby go up there without even getting to know his mother first," Lenraana comments. "Well, good for you, wanting to protect that... thing," Rovannu responds. He still isn't fully supportive of the hybrid child. "I'll be coming to if I don't die to this bearyena first." Neither one of the spotted creatures show any sign of wanting to come. Danvan chuckles to himself. "I'm too old to go, and besides, who wants a spit-snout anyways?" "And we're too big and heavy to go," Rame comments to Tapriro. "Everyone will die of old age before we get there." "Well, I'm bringing Lenny and Vanny!" Lais shouts. "But why would you want to bring that thing when it doesn't even have any strength to hunt with?" her mother objects. "And besides, Lenlenla is rather old. 32 days, to be exact." "I don't care!" Lais shouts. "Just because he doesn't have any strength doesn't mean he's useless! He could become the best berry picker in the world! And Lenny isn't that old! She can make it!" the young child objects. Her parents sigh, but decide not to interfere. They're not going anyways, so they have no reign over the kingdom anymore. With the talking out of the way, the creatures that are going will be: Tapriro, Dukduknu, Tarako, Lenraana, Kudukro, Rovannu, Lenlenla, Lais, and Vantakir. The only concern of this group is that neither of the spotted creatures will be going. Who will take their role on the new island? Find out (possibly) in the next update, which I am working on immediately after this one.
  2. Immediately upon reaching this huge island of grass, the striped, spotted, and paternless creatures immediately get to work clearing a path through the grass and to a conjunction of two trees where their masked overlord will take their spots on the throne. While first thinking they have the island all to themselves, they quickly discover that they are not all alone. In fact, someone seems to be lurking in the grass! The tribe sends the two paternless creatures to deal with the enemy, but they soon find out that this wretched-looking wanderer is no threat at all! In fact, luckily enough, he has a mask, just like the king and queen do! He is gratefully accepted, the look of his snout quickly shoved aside. His patterns are faint, but his royalty is clear. Although his mask is not visible to most, those who look close enough can see it. (Actually, you can't. His pattern and fur are both the same color combination.) The newcomer, named Danvan, is a bit overwhelmed at the responsibility he is suddenly given. However, he gratefully accepts his lucky spot in the kingdom, and sits down by the trees of the king and queen. As he does, his gem colors change from the lowly green to a royal blue. While he does look a bit dopey next to the majesty of the king and queen, he is still royalty nontheless. While the king and queen only have 1 speed and would prefer to stay put instead of heaving their massive bodies around, the much more mobile Danvan decides to explore and expand the throne room. The rains come on day 7, as well as a surprise bearyena attack. The striped Lenlenla moves out of the way so that Rame can come over and quickly knock the inferior predator out in just two hits with the help of her 11 strength. Lenlenla collects the meat, and activities resume as normal. On day eight, while exploring near the river, Rovannu and Kirku find a spiky rogue male. They are both reluctant to attack it, but decide to hit it at least once to scare it off. Meanwhile, back at home, Rame decides to mate with Danvan to expand the royal line. Tanopri is fine with this, as he knows mating with someone with nearly the exact same genes as him will only produce inferior, useless babies. The next day, a small masked nicheling by the name of Dukduknu is born. He is much more mobile than his mother, and does not carry the snout of his father. He is somewhat strange however, as his body is not that of what the tribe has seen before. In fact, this young child has lean body instead of big or normal, due to his father having it in his recessive! Combined with the big ears, again from his father, this young child has been granted with a total of five heat resistance! Upon receiving the report of the rogue male, Tanopri lumbers over to help deal with it. He is able to greatly damage it without even getting hurt himself. Meanwhile, Rovannu and Kirku block the rogue's only exits. Day 11, the rain comes back, and with it, another threat, this being of the bluebird. Fortunatley, this young masked child is well protected by his mother and the striped civilian. And meanwhile, as they explore the territory, Tapriro and Lenraana decide to move away from a swarm of bugs. And at the end of the day, King Tanopri slays the foul rogue male, freeing the kingdom from its evil, threatening, crippled clutches. Rovannu kindly asks the king for another favor, to break the rock blocking the rest of the path along the river so that he may continue exploring, and with some help with the spotted Kirku, they convince the reluctant king to help them out. A few days later, the king breaks the rock, and Rame and Danvan give birth to a sibling for Dukduknu (who is currently off playing), who is a female this time. They decide to name the young female Lais. Lais shares the big ears and lean body, but has nimble fingers to help with cracking nuts instead of the bearyena claw Dukduknu has. The next day, Dukduknu is all grown up! Lenraana, Mila, and Tapriro, who are all nearby, are facing a bunny problem. Dukduknu, deciding the activity of hunting the small white creatures will be fun, decides to come over and help. Together, they hunt five rabbits before tiring out for the day. Meanwhile at the river, with the rock cleared away, Kirku finds a very healthy berry bush by the water's edge, plentiful in ripe berries. The next day, the group of four that includes Dukduknu collects the rest of the rabbit meat, and the meat of a freshly killed bearyena. The hunt is highly successful, raising the food amount by quite a bit. On day 15, Rovannu seems to have found a nice secluded space by the water, a little ways away from the rest of the territory. He wonders if this place could be turned into a secret hideaway for anyone feeling pressured by the responsibilities of their pattern-determined role. Update ends here! Will update again some other time.
  3. Hello there! Long time no see, Niche forums! Anyways, I'm back, and with an actually bought copy of the game this time! That I bought with my own money! And immediately after downloading it, all my computer space went and crab raved and disappeared afterwards! Anyways, here are our starters that I spent an hour editing to be perfect! Here are their names as well! Red and black mask: Rame White and Red mask: Tanopri Brown and beige-white stripes: Tapriro Chestnut brown and beige stripes: Lenlenla Moss brown and white spots: Kirku Yellow and chestnut brown spots: Mita Yellow and white no-pattern: Rovannu Moss brown+red no pattern: Lenraana My playthrough has slightly edited rules, btw! Patternless creatures are injured first, then invited. Masked creatures are more active, and can+WILL investigate/explore if they are suspicious of anything. Creatures that are above no patterned creatures may do everything patternless creatures do if they so wish. Creatures may breed with others of a different pattern, but nobody will breed with a patternless creature unless they want to, which is rather uncommon. Breeding with a paternless creature gets you demoted to the rank below you, however. Masked creatures cannot under ANY circumstance breed with paternless creatures UNLESS the tribe is at risk of dying. Any masked creature who does is either demoted to the rank of a patternless creature, or permanently exiled. And that will be all for the introduction! I will post updates below.
  4. Some wasps got into my house once a built a small nest on my bunk bed
  5. hug it but choke it to death while hugging it
  6. A person on discord I know is currently working on a fangame. They have the following programs: RPG maker 2003 and RPG maker MV. They basically just need sprites they can use for the game as well as titlesets. If you have any experience in either of those fields, please contact me via dm! Thank you! Also, if you have any experience in music, we'd be happy to have you too!
  7. and ya'll think you've got it bad.
  8. tbh bearyena ears look cute when mixed with big nose
  9. hi sorry for the super late reply but E💕!!!!!! I love him!!!!!
  10. when I pick up cattails again im going for either Krampy or Jag.
  11. Am I the only one that remembers how to spell megaloceros horns
  12. ye! I played cattails once (albeit pirated) on my laptop and im planning on buying it on the switch!
  13. Imagine he's actually a really cool polite person and that's the good influence part. Nobody knows about his secret murder plan. You think im gonna have an ugly tribe just to drive away some bears you piece of crust IN THIS TRIBE, WE FIGHT
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