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  1. Personally, I would really like new animals to fill the gaps in the ecosystems like large herbivores, feline carnivores, more water dwellers and some smaller creatures that can change the layout of the island a bit. But what I would like the most, as sort of a FINAL BIG update, would be a huge island that would take a very long time to explore. It would have every different biome, with savannah, grassland and jungle on the lowlands, and snow on the peaks. Then, a decent amount of ocean tiles. Maybe, every few days, a small whale, like a tiny whale island, could come and stay for a few days in the ocean, allowing you to get on its back for extra resources. Every single creature could spawn on this island, and there could be a few new ones in a new volcano or cave biome at the center of the island. Finally, there could be a true challenge mode implemented. It would not change the game a lot, but it would alter the behavior and abilities of all creatures, and make the game more of a challenge. There have been many cool ideas for a hard mode, like falling islands, invasive species that would try to take over the island, or making it so other animals can change their abilities over time and adapt to your nichelings. An update like this would be great for old players who need something to really freshen the game
  2. Why are defender bears in between?
  3. So... Whats next for this wonderful community? Is this update the final one? Or is there more coming? I heard about more insects being added in the future, But i'm not sure if it was true. And then there are the new sandbox options. Will they be expanded to other creatures? (Will fast balance bears be posible)
  4. This could become a challenge in the future. You would have to survive a long time As babies and find ways to avoid being eaten.
  5. What a throwback to sesame street!
  6. Thanks guys! Now I know that bat oracles and platypus dragones are posible!
  7. Soooooooo... It seems the devs sneaked in the best animal ever in the game. Now tell me... ARE THERE BAT WINGS TOO?
  8. Im late, But I gotta congratulate my favorite squid kid. Happy birthday goggles!!!
  11. Watching some of the posts like "share your favorite nichelings!" and things like that gave me an idea. Here, you can share the genetic codes of your nichelings, but only the genes, not the nicheling itself. Then, we would have to guess that nicheling's appearance based on the genes we can see. After the nicheling's appeaeance is guessed correctly, you can share a picture of it.
  12. By the way, heat body greatly resembles a diablo cojuelo costume
  13. Simple. All you have to do is consume the souls of your fallen children and destroy the island.
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