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  1. Mulan the Cat

    Save File Bug

    In one of my games, none of my nichelings can breed anymore. Here is the save file, it's only in this one: Slot4.nichesave
  2. The idea for this, is that you could 'ban' certain actions. In the same way you can ban creatures. This would be through sandbox settings. You could ban; attack, gathering, inviting creatures in, taming bearena, clearing grass, breaking ice blocks, digging, destroying berry bushes/boulders and so on.
  3. More water based predators would be great. And the savanna really needs something to fill that gap.
  4. Hmm. This seems interesting. Having it just effect the body seems easier than changing every gene.
  5. Mulan the Cat

    food types

    I like it. Milk can be produced once from each female who is 'caring for her child'. Anyway the catagories could be: Berries Meat Poison berries Fish Nuts Other fruit (from stinky fruit trees and meat-eating plants) Milk Roots We might even have dried fruits and meats or some sort of decay system.
  6. There would need to be a short 'growing' phase for them as they either emerge from the ground or break out of a cliff.
  7. This ties into my previsous suggestion about replacing grass with regrowing grass if you ban grass in world settings. But, it's different enough to have its own page. So, I have always found that new islands are a lot more fun simply because they haven't been cleared out. So this will keep islands fresh in order to stop them getting, well, boring. Firstly, berry bushes/man eating plants. This would be true for all berry bushes. I have two ideas: 1. When a berry bush is destroyed, a new one grows within a tile of the last one instead of right where the old one was or the toxic berry bushes just being destoryed. Or 2: (more complicated) Every time a nicheling gathers from a berry bush, they get a (very low, think 2% chance) to plant a seed where they end their day three days later (somesort of status-based effect). If they destroy the bush, they get it automatically. Secondly, boulders: Everytime a boulder is destroyed a new one will pop up on an unoccupied tile. Third: Oak/palm/stinky fruit trees This would be the same as my second idea for berry bushes but be MUCH lower. Add to that, after a tree lives about... I don't know, 500-1000 days? It will die. Saplings would have a high chance of dying before becoming trees and would grow for 50-100 days. Fourth: Other trees Trees that are too close together will die or die if they reach 500-1000 days, every time one of these trees dies three saplings will grow with a 33% chance to make it to a tree if no trees are within a certain range. And that's it. Please tell me what needs to change.
  8. You could even have a fainter outline around creatures whose action points aren't used up.
  9. How would they be unlocked?
  10. It'd be easier if there was just a way to connect them in the family tree, that way you could keep track of it.
  11. These might make better stats: Small mane: +1 attractiveness Medium mane: +1 attractiveness Big mane: (male lions rarely hunt and use their manes more as defense) +1 defense +1 distasteful appearance -1 speed (min 1) Tuft mane: (I'm thinking Lynx or Bobcat here) +1 hearing (includes females) The balance of 'attractiveness' would need to be shifted. So that peacock tail might give +3 while some manes give +1.
  12. What if there was a rare chance for an island to have some kind of current or floating 'raft' that you have to swim to? You would board the current/raft and that would transport you to an all ocean area? Perhaps a underwater island would be better than going super deep to the midnight level of the ocean. We'd need more stuff for it though, and a few different types of 'islands'.
  13. Hmm, might be a bug then for me but bearenas go for toxic-bodied nichelings before medium bodied for me. I'll test it later. Rouges don't really need to be effected by toxic body but'd it be useful if they were. I suppose that making toxic body more poisonous would work too, as long as it effected bluebirds. I have that just to balance out the genes a bit. Since otherwise no-horns would be the worst when in real life, very few animals actually have horns. Of those that do, they all have some way to support the horns. The problem with my method is that a double clawed creature would have enough strength to have horns even though the claws wouldn't help support the horns. But, I don't want to limit diversity of the nichlings by saying that creatures with this can't have horns. I also don't want to limit flying with the smaller horns. A better solution might be to give a bonus to no-horns but it'd have to make sense and be balanced. For instance, +1 speed, swimming and flying would be over powered. So the smaller horns could also be given requirments to use their strength. Like ram horns could be used only when 'ramming' or antlers could only be used against other nichelings but that would take a lot of work to implement and would be annoying. One idea is to give some horn genes different seasons like deer have in real life. That's been suggested before, I'll see if I can find the link. But that wouldn't work for all the horn genes. Nor do I want to just give the genes always +1 strength and -1 speed because that would make hunting rabbits all that much harder and fighters all that much slower. And yet another option is just to get rid of no-horns and replace it with manes, crests, ear tufts, and so on.
  14. This is pretty straight forward. When you ban grass it should be replaced with regrowing grass unless regrowing grass is banned. Also when you ban regrowing grass it should be replaced with non-regrowing grass.
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