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  1. Challenge Settings.sandboxUsing the settings below, max the strength ability and have over 300 food (while never having nichelings with over 1 collecting ability) in less than 100 days. I will test this if I have time. Good luck. Challenge Settings.sandbox (To use sand box settings, click the link and move the file from downloads to Appdata>Local Low>Team Niche>SandboxSettings) (The 'appdata' folder needs to be found by typing ' %appdata% ')
  2. 3: AnaRe-Kir (providing children in order to survive) Tide and Star partner, leaving Palm with Sunlight and Shore with Sky. The females build their nests together, to provide their children with more protection. (From left to right) Palm names her daughter Oak. Shore and Sky have an albino daughter named cloud. Tide and Star have a daughter named Night. All three are Alphas.
  3. 2: NU Rela-nu (shelter or cover for the tribe) Tide has been bitten by a goldleech but Star takes care of it; Sunlight got squeamish at the sight of the blood and ran down to the shore. Shore - the nicheling - gathered berries from the tribe's only berry bush. Palm - meanwhile - pressed ahead in search for a good place for the tribe. Sky found and claimed another berry bush which Tide helped gather from. Palm presses ahead to find another berry bush. She isn't satisfied with it, and heads further inland. Shore, Tide and Star are content with gathering food for the tribe. Sunlight follows Palm while Sky makes for the nearest oak tree. "The berries here have gotten dry and wilted." Star calls, "We barely got anything from them today!" "No matter." Palm assures her friend. "Once the rain comes they'll fill out again. For now we need to clear away some of this grass..." Sure enough rain came the next day and the berries turned sweet and full again. "This will be a great camp." Palm comments, flicking her ears as a rain drop lands on it. "How big do we want the camp?" Sunlight asks, looking flattened and morose in the rain. "We'll see." "So is this our camp?" Sky asks. "Yes, it is." Palm responds, not looking up from dragging a bundle of sticks to the side of the camp. "Are you sure it's big enough?" "Yes." Palm growls, snapping one of the sticks. She sighed to herself. Their camp was perfect, what more could Sky want?
  4. 1: VANAnaRe-Ku (search for food to provide survival) The names of the nichelings are: Palm (practical), Star (a dreamer), Shore (a survivalist), Sunlight (just Sunlight), Tide (a poet (he had to blink when I took the screenshot)) and Sky (ambitious). The first three are female. Shore is the first to rise, dirt and old grass falling from her grey fur. "Come on!" She urges. "VAN KuKir." Palm stretches, her fur flat and damp. "There's a berry bush somewhere nearby." "We don't need a berry bush! We need an oak tree." "We can't eat nuts, Sky! Ko La *La* AnaKo?" Palm sneers. Sky looked away, his ears going back. Shore pushes through the thick grasses to where she can smell the berry bush. The rest - lead by Palm - hike inland.
  5. 0: Si SiRela-nu Nu-Is (From past tribes) Many young nichelings lie curled on the shore of an island. Their eyes are open yet glazed, and they breathe slowly. Their ribs are visible beneath their water-drenched fur. They are lucky to have survived, the rest of their tribes were not so fortunate. Though their appearance is very similar, they are all from different tribes. Few nichelings are left in the world, yet these young nichelings dream of rebuilding a new and better world. That is one topic that excites them, and when they were children they would talk long into the night about their dreams and ambitions. They are all intelligent nichelings, of Alpha Rank. They are bright, creative and resilient. And they are good friends... well... except for two of them. So far they don't have a leader - although with only six nichelings in their small tribe they don't yet need one.
  6. I've been wanting to start a playthrough that has a lot of 'drama' (aka murder) for a while. I haven't yet pulled it off to my satisfaction so I'm trying again. The rank system: Alpha Incarnate Incarnate Alpha Beta Common Omega I'll be using some of the niche language I'm working on. The story begins in the next post.
  7. How will Blue grey + black be different in appearance from melanism? Nice suggestion by the way!
  8. A healthy pair of alphas (two nichelings with opposite immunity genes) have been found and the tribe is ready to move on.
  9. Sunset dies. Birds plague the nursery.
  10. Population explodes as Fire and Amber plus Evergreen and Sunset have many children.
  11. Evergreen and Fire have their final child named Ash.
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