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  1. Lost! Rainstorm hissed as the rabbit's white tail flickered out of sight through the green blades of grass. I'll get them next time! She thought, digging her claws into the wet earth. She flicked an ear as a raindrop landed on it. If she couldn't catch the rabbit, she could at least bring back some berries. But gathering berries takes so long! She sighed. Maybe there's a way to gather a lot of berries at once? What if I just took the whole bush? She imagined dragging an entire berry bush back to the clearing. That might not have been as impressive as a rabbit, but it was as much food right? Then at least I will have SOMETHING to show for today.
  2. Well, this might not have a coherent plot but I'm just going to continue anyways...
  3. Right, I need an idea for where to take the plot; I'm getting stuck again.
  4. Rainstorm has grown into an adventurous young nicheling, with her father's farsightedness and her mother's directness. She somehow managed to dodge their direct, reliable natures - her younger brother was not so fortunate.
  5. The bond between Silver and Forest seems to be the weakest of all the bonded pairs. Forest is far more interested in berries than his newborn daughter and Silver is fine with a single child.
  6. Raven's second child, I see a family resemblance with Rainstorm.
  7. Fire wants to have her child outside of the clearing in the nest she found but Sky convinces her that the clearing would be safer.
  8. Raven and Hazel encourage the rest of the tribe to have children as well because they believe more nichelings will be needed to repel a bearyena attack.
  9. Raven and Hazel decide to have children, more out of a need for youth than love. This is the result: Fire and Sky find another nest while hunting.
  10. "The clearing seems about finished." Fire said to Silver as the two worked on digging up the roots of a hardy bunch of grass. "Yeah, three berry bushes will be enough to feed us." Silver murmured. "Raven wants us to risk venturing out into the wilderness." Fire glanced at Silver our of the corner of her eye, "seems an unnecessary risk." Silver didn't reply so Fire pressed on; "A good leader should care more about her followers than how much food they gather. And they should never take unnecessary risks." Silver looked up, her dark eyes cold. "What makes you think she doesn't care? She is farsighted, that is all." Silver stepped back, her grey paws turned brown trying to dig up the roots. "Just leave this grass, it's too much work to dig up."
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