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  1. The small group of half-strangers look around. Save for Lupa & Luna, no one recognizes each other. Which is not suprising. They came from a big tribe and this was a last minute decision. The rest of the tribe were no doubt bickering and yelling complaining... wherever they where. Sun raises a paw and swipes sand off his head, his white fur remarkably bright and clean. Luna stares at him, her ear twitching as the sand blows into her face. *I have plot writing to do*
  2. I don't have a plan... And I don't need one! There are the pair of twins (Lupa & Luna). There are the two males (Oak & Sun). And two other females (Raven & Navy).
  3. ... I'm not feeling creative today. ... Rules: No more than 12 food per adult and 4 food per teen. No more than 6 children per adult Mates for life Follow all guidelines No inbreeding! Guidelines: A nicheling must earn a gene in order to mutate it. In addition, they must have the directly previous gene to mutate it (see below). 1st, 2nd and 3rd names (see below). Gene mutation tree: Deformed paw Runner's leg Orange Eyes Digging Paw Claw
  4. Personally, I've been playing wolvden but right now there's not a lot to do other than breed wolves. It takes a while for the wolves to be breedable as well, and all my wolves are starving so I can't breed them. I'm working on getting their stats up but that's a very passive process. I'm looking forward to updates! And I still have too many puppies, I've been selling them in batches.
  5. I've got wayyy too many puppies. Some Tier II, some decent stats but also a lot of useless puppies...
  6. Sounds good to me! If this was paired with being able to adjust how many of each animal spawns at a time, my bearyena army would be unstoppable!
  7. I feel like my entire existence on this forum has been wanting to steal/contribute to other people's ideas. Eh... that's how most communities are formed right? Anyway, I haven't played Niche in a while. My computer is going to be moved upstairs soon so I think that will make me play Niche more. And... I have depression! Like literally every teen on the face of the earth right now. First time I've been part of a majority in a long time. What else... I'm a writer with writers block (again like half writer on the face of the earth). I'm really active on
  8. I WANT A FREE COOKIE I mean... um... please?
  9. I like the new decor so far!
  10. I had to vote this down because of my phobia... sorry!
  11. Oooo... yes! ... That's all I have to say.
  12. Yes! I would like to add that this should only happen to omega infants, to avoid tragic mistakes.
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